5 useful tips for moving bulky furniture

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Bulky furniture can be a nightmare to move if you don’t have enough experience! It’s not just the size and the weight that’s the issue. It’s also the shape of the furniture that can often make it really inconvenient to move around. If you don’t have the necessary tools or knowledge, you will definitely have a hard time moving it anywhere. You can always hire the services of the best professional movers Miami has to offer, but if you are adamant about doing it on your own, we will share with you 5 useful tips for moving bulky furniture.

Use a hand truck to move bulky furniture

A hand truck is a very convenient tool for relocating bulky furniture. It’s an L-shaped carrier with wheels and all you have to do is place your furniture on the holder. Due to its shape, your line of sight is clear so you can see where are you going. It’s easy to go back and forward with it. They are practical and don’t take up a lot of space. What’s also great about it is that it lasts for years. Once you buy one, you won’t need to buy another for a very long period of time. If ever! You can also use it to move around heavy boxes, not just furniture. It can help you load whatever you need to your storage Miami. They vary in size and load they are able to carry, which translates to their price. The heavier the load it can carry, the more expensive it is.

Person moving a handtruck, great tool for bulky furniture
Getting a hand truck is a great investment, it’s useful for more things other than moving bulky furniture

Disassemble your furniture before moving it

Heavy and bulky furniture should be disassembled before moving. Take it apart and carefully load each piece in your truck or car. Taking it apart will help you greatly, not only when loading it somewhere but also bringing it inside a storage unit or another home. It’s much better to carry multiple lighter pieces than one bulky and heavy one. It is also time-saving because you can move around more freely that way while handle bulky furniture requires multiple people to hold it at the same time and maneuver it around the house. Once it’s taken apart, make sure all the small things like screws are in a zipper bag. You don’t want to lose those, as you may have trouble assembling them later. If you are moving to Florida, we recommend you use the help of professional movers for this.

Person disassembling before moving bulky furniture item
It’s much easier to move bulky furniture if you take it apart first

Get some furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are a great resource when you are moving bulky furniture. They don’t only make it easier to actually move it, but also prevent scratches on wooden floors. We all know how difficult it is to make those scratches disappear. They are plastic disks with soft cushions. You place these sliders under the legs of your bulky furniture with the plastic side touching the floor. The plastic makes it easy for heavy objects to glide on the floor. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they usually come in packs. We recommend buying them on Amazon or other similar websites, as you can always find a good deal. You should first check how big they are and gauge if they are the right fit for the furniture you are trying to move. 

Know exactly where you will be placing your bulky furniture

Before you start disassembling and packing, make sure you are 100% sure where will that furniture be sitting in your new home. By planning ahead, you avoid getting stressed out of that particular piece of furniture can fit in the place you want it to be. Make sure you measure your furniture first and then use those measurements to see if you can place it where you want it. If you can’t, you should rethink it. Maybe there’s another spot where it would fit. Maybe you should sell it and buy a smaller one. Or maybe it should go into a storage unit until you figure out what to do with it. If the third option is what you decide to go for, use the best packing services Miami has to offer. This way you will ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged.

Orange couch
Take measurements of your bulky furniture before moving to make sure it will fit in its designated place

Lift furniture with your legs, not your back

Heavy and bulky furniture can cause back injuries if you don’t lift it correctly! Using your legs for lifting is a necessary step to ensure the health of your spine. leg muscles are simply stronger than back muscles, so rely on them instead. Bend your knees going down to pick up the bottom, do not hunch your back. If you hunch your back and then lift, you can seriously injure yourself. That heavy load will place a big strain on your spine and can damage one of the disks. Once picked up, keep the item close to your body. Your hands should be in line with your torso, as that’s where they are the strongest. If you are going to the gym, picking the item up should look similar to a deadlift. If not, simply follow these steps and you’ll be okay.

Moving bulky furniture is no easy feat. We’ve listed 5 of the most useful tips for this task, but there of course more details. That’s why it’s always best to leave these things in the hands of trained professionals. They have all the knowledge, tools, and experience to move large things around with ease. Not only that, but they also know the best ways to load and unload them, to prevent any potential damage during transport. If you are moving from a different state to Florida, all the more reason to hire some help. We are one of the most highly-rated interstate moving companies Miami has to offer, so make sure to give us a call! 

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