Are businesses moving to Miami?

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Florida is seeing more and more people flowing in, whether it’s tourists or new residents. What naturally follows, is the draw of various companies looking for new opportunities, especially in Miami. A large market and growing opportunities are the main reason why are businesses moving to Miami. Unless you don’t want to take on the competition, Miami can offer everything you need for your business to grow. Moving your business to Miami however, can be a difficult task. The nature of the move poses a great logistical challenge, so you’ll need some help from Miami Movers for Less. Here’s all you need to know about moving your business to Miami and what to expect.

What to expect from moving to Miami?

Businesses looking to move to Miami better prepare for intense competition. However, there are many things to take care of before that moment. Unlike when moving a household, commercial relocations are much more complex. While any office relocation falls under the same category, many things make each move different. That’s why it’s best to focus on your case specifically and hire the required moving services Miami companies can offer. While movers traditionally take care of transport, you can also hire help for packing. Additionally, if you decide to discard some of your old items, you can consider storing them. Some things can find their use after being in reserve, such as extra chairs and other office equipment.

aerial view of miami coast
Moving to Miami can launch any business into one of the most intense markets in the country.

Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables is less than 10 miles away from downtown Miami and offers great opportunities for businesses looking to relocate. Make sure you start looking for moving companies Coral Gables has in advance, so you have enough time for everything. 

The city is the home of the University of Miami and is famous for its strict zoning regulations. While this may sound like a type of restriction, it allowed the city to keep developing in a planned manner. The city began as a planned community which, makes navigating Coral Gables much easier. That’s one of the reasons why the city is so approachable for heavy logistical moves, such as commercial relocations.

Sunny Isles Beach, FL

The City of Sunny Isles Beach lies on a barrier island, best known for its luxury resorts featuring high-rise buildings. Many businesses see this as a great opportunity and prefer being close to such concentrated luxury. Look up movers Sunny Isles Beach a few months before the move, so you can get all the details. You shouldn’t expect a cheap move to Sunny Isles Beach, but you can still get good deals. It may take a while to search for the best company, but it will pay off if you take your time. Try getting a few quotes before making the final choice, as the estimation process can lead to valuable insights. The insights can consider both the nature of your move and the level of professionalism of your movers. You can’t know for sure if they are the right ones unless you have some kind of interaction with them.

Note that shady companies often can’t provide precise price estimates, which is the first indicator something might be off. Try to consider only transparent companies who can engage in conversation with you and provide smart solutions. Inexperienced and self-trained movers are also something to avoid, especially because they may not handle your items with proper care.

luxury resorts in sunny isles beach
Concentrated luxury in Sunny Isles Beach is one of the reasons why are businesses moving to Miami.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The attractive City of For Lauderdale is widely known as Venice of America. That’s because the city features over a hundred of miles of waterways throughout the city. If you’re looking to move your business here, movers in Fort Lauderdale should be your first choice. They know the terrain locally and how to best navigate the city. Make sure you only hire reliable movers when moving to Fort Lauderdale. Many things can go wrong if you hire unreliable movers, such as having to delay your relocation. Unlike when delaying a household move, commercial relocations require punctuality. While any company that doesn’t appreciate your time, household moves included shouldn’t be worth your money. That’s especially true for commercial relocations as delays can create great financial losses for your business.

Challenges of commercial relocations

Commercial relocations are defined mainly by the scale of the required work and the lack of flexibility. The sheer amount of items, let alone their weight, poses a great challenge, logistically speaking. Businesses spanning several floors of offices can’t be moved with a single truck. That’s why you need the help of some of the commercial movers Miami offers.

Additionally, depending on the type of your business, you may require specialized equipment. Flammable or fragile items might require special packing or insurance, so don’t forget to check if everything clears out before the move.

Unfortunately, it’s best not to move plants when moving your business. While it surely adds up to the atmosphere of your workspace, you should consider buying new ones for your new office. Unless you’re moving locally, plants can wither in transport, because they won’t have access to sunlight or fresh water.

woman searching why are businesses moving to Miami
You should start preparing by making a list of everything you need to move, which is why are businesses moving to Miami usually hire professional help.

When to start preparing for moving your business to Miami?

You need as much time as possible. Additionally, you need to set up a date with your movers and stick to it by all means. Businesses can greatly suffer from delays, so make sure you adapt for the transition period. Stay in contact with your movers from the moment of scheduling the date, so you’re always on the same page. Don’t forget to inform all of your employees of the company’s plans and make sure everyone is on board with the plan. Moving your business can sometimes create different reactions in your company. Clear communication is your best tool to make sure everyone understands what’s ahead of you, and how to best prepare for it.

How to pack your business for a move to Miami?

You can choose different options when it comes to packing your business. Depending on the scale of work, you might even consider hiring movers and their packing services. While it’s going to be much easier hiring professionals, here’s what you need to know if you’re packing without them.

You should ask your employees if anyone wants to volunteer for packing your offices. While you should have a designated group to do the most of the work, everyone can contribute. Ask employees to gather personal items, such as little lightweight items that they keep on their desks. Usually, these items can fit into a single carton box per desk. Make sure everyone labels their box to make it easier when unpacking, while also protecting your employees’ privacy.

The designated group can focus on the shared space and heavier items, such as office furniture or any heavy appliances. Make sure you declutter and remove all documents and items from office desks and cabinets. Put all the items in carton boxes and label them accordingly. Don’t forget to clean all your furniture before loading it for transport, as it will help everything stay in good condition.

man packing office before moving business to Miami
Each employee can contribute by packing personal belongings they usually keep on their desk.

Why are businesses moving to Miami?

Miami offers many opportunities, both for its residents and the businesses looking to grow here. The city consists of many parts offering anything from a suburban small-town feel to commercial zones surrounded by skyscrapers. This makes many businesses across different industries move to Miami. Additionally, the planned development of most of its areas makes Miami accessible to businesses. Great logistical tasks are easier to undergo in Miami than in most other places.

Another reason why are businesses moving to Miami, as well as people with their families is the low tax. While there’s no income tax in Florida, corporate tax and sales tax remain very low. This can often stimulate new businesses to grow more easily while being close to one of the high-value markets, such as Miami.

Finally, the city’s infrastructure is amazing. You can find traffic jams in Miami, but there are designated spots and commercial zones where you can easily set up your business. Despite the popular belief that it’s hard to move through urban areas, Miami is rather easy to navigate. However, it can be hard for newcomers, which is why you should always consider hiring professional movers. This way, you can relax and enjoy while they do most of the work. Additionally, you can rest assured everything will be dealt with professional care, more than you could achieve just by yourself.

man consider if low tax is the reason why are businesses moving to miami
Low taxes in Florida is another reason why are businesses moving to Miami.

Why are businesses moving to Miami looking for reliable storage?

Miami offers many reliable storage facilities across the city. Different companies may get you different deals, but you should only hire those who inspire trust and handle themselves professionally. Without using storage Miami relocation can be more complicated than necessary. For example, relocating your business often requires tweaking the layout a bit. New solutions sometimes require disposing of certain furniture pieces, especially if they don’t fit into the new space. While you could discard them or donate them, you should consider storing those extra items instead. If something gets broken, it’s always best to have a replacement until you sort it out.

Many companies like to store their office material. While not all offices have enough extra space for these things, using an external storage unit may be the solution. You can always get your items easily from the storage or by contacting the company you hired. Miami offers many locations where you can store your office equipment

An additional benefit of using storage facilities to assist with your commercial relocation is that you can move in gradually. If you’re only setting up your business and don’t need to hurry, you might use some more time. Moving furniture in gradually can allow you to envision your office space before defining it. Consider any potential changes and try to make it a stimulative work environment.

office equipment storage
Make sure the storage unit is adapted to your needs, such as when storing office material.

Insurance options for commercial relocations in Miami

The final thing to consider when moving a business to Miami is the type of insurance. Basic insurance usually covers items while being handled by professional movers, while additional options add up to the price. Consider how fragile are the items you need to move, and try to weigh the cost against value. If your designated team of employees packed everything with proper care, things should remain safe. However, extra fragile items are sometimes a different story. Even the slightest motion can sometimes break them, especially if they weren’t packed with proper care. Make sure you know how to pack this type of item.

You can both make sure to protect extra fragile items physically and purchase extra insurance. Get the right materials before packing anything fragile, which usually includes bubble wrap in addition to standard packing supplies. Don’t hesitate to use as much of the bubble wrap or other soft materials to make sure nothing breaks during transport.

Additionally, the extra insurance will cover the unexpected damage if something odd happens. You’ll easily regret not purchasing extra insurance if your items break. That’s because you’ll have to spend even more money repairing or replacing the said items. That’s why it’s best to prepare in advance and invest a bit so you can relax and enjoy the relocation. Having all services available with top quality is yet another reason why are businesses moving to Miami. Don’t miss the train, and consider moving your business here as well. Different parts of the city can soon become a new home for your business, which both your and your employees will appreciate.

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