Why should you move to Miami – and how to do it with ease?

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If you’re wondering about starting your life elsewhere, there are many things to consider before making the firm decision. Depending on the reasons for your move, you might be envisioning different kinds of places to start anew. If Miami has ever crossed your mind as a potential place to move to, rest assured that there are many reasons to actually go ahead with the idea. The gorgeous weather, beaches, nature, entertainment, diverse culture… You name it! But, to move to Miami also means making sure the transition goes smoothly. Here are a few reasons and tips to know before you move to Miami!

Palm trees and a beach
There are a great many reasons to move to Miami. One of them is the gorgeous weather!

Amazing all-year-round weather

Miami has a great climate throughout the year. It’s close to the Caribbean, so you can expect it to resemble a life in a tropical paradise. The average low is 60 F, and the average high is around 80 F. The favorite retirement state in the US is favorite for a reason. After decades of hard work in sometimes harsh climate, people really enjoy moving to the milder temperatures of Florida.

Wonderful beach life

Blue water and sandy beach
There are many popular and secluded beaches in the Miami area.

Miami is a crazy fun city. But one of the greatest features Miami offers is that when you need to, you can completely change the pace and go to a variety of secluded beaches on the south Florida coast. Driving to Keys will give you the peaceful paradise vibe, but you can also find a great beach much closer if you drive a short distance to Virginia Key.

Cuban cuisine and more

A fruit salad
An abundance of affordable tropical fruits all-year-round in Miami.

The proximity of Cuba makes Miami a great culinary resort. You get to choose from a variety of restaurants – from international cuisine to all kinds of Latin food (with an accent on Cuban). The tropical fruits sold at the local markets are also super affordable, so you will get to enjoy them all-year-round. Rest assured, in Miami your appetite will never go unsatiated!

Diverse culture

Miami is a hot spot for many international communities. People seem to be relaxed and they seem to know how to differentiate their work from personal life. You will get to enjoy galleries with local and Latin artists, as well as the fine art museums and opera nights. Immersing in the culture gets quite easy in Miami!

Wild entertainment

There is so much to see and do in Miami, that you will practically expel the word ‘boredom’ from your dictionary. From the hot nightclubs to a variety of cafes and restaurants, to the daily activities in the natural resorts, Miami offers some great entertainment for people of all ages and walks of life.

No Income, Inheritance, and Estate Taxes in Florida

The state of Florida has no income, inheritance, and estate taxes policy. If you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor to the maximum of their value, move to Florida and you will never look back.

Speaking of finances, once you decide to move, you should strive to move with the best possible results, and the least possible expenses. Depending on the distance and the size of your move, you might ask friends, relatives, or most reliably – a good moving company. Whichever you choose, when you move to Miami you should do it with ease, and here are the tips on how to do it.

Packing to move to Miami – how?

A house with a green lawn and a driveway.
Choosing the right moving company can be a trouble-saver when you move to Miami

Before you start boxing everything you ever owned, it’s wise to do some decluttering first. While you’re on it, ask yourself frequently if you really need the item, or when was the last time you used it. Once you sort out your belongings to keeps and non-keeps, have a garage sale or list the more valuable items you won’t need anymore on Craigslist. Then, continue to arm yourself with all the packing supplies needed.

Packing supplies to prepare

  • lots of medium and large boxes
  • packing paper or newspaper
  • bubble wrap
  • packing or duct tape
  • a marker for labeling the boxes
  • old linen and clothes to secure fragile items

Make a good plan and to-do lists

Moving can be an overwhelming job. It’s wise to make a good plan and stick to it, otherwise, you might end up frantically packing whatever’s around you and then having a nightmare unpacking it later. Make a to-do list with important tasks and remember to break it within a span of at least 2 to 3 weeks!

Pack room by room

When you pack room by room, to keep the order you have to label your boxes properly. You can even try color-coding – get a different-color marker for each room and save some time writing the room name over and over. Pay extra attention to your kitchen, as it has the most fragile items. Make sure to wrap them properly with the bubble wrap or old linen and clothes.

Choose a moving company

Hiring moving company services especially make sense if you’re moving to Miami from another state. It can save you a lot of trouble, as moving companies are experts in organizing relocation. If you choose to hire a moving company for your move to Miami, make sure you pick a reputable one. It’s important that you communicate all the important details to them, such as having fragile items, date of move, preferred time of the day etc.

Prepare your new place

Finally, try to visit your new place a few days before moving. Clean the bathroom and the kitchen, and if possible, another room to spend time freely immediately upon arrival on your moving date. Pre-cleaning will especially pay off if you have children and want them to stay entertained without worrying how to wash them afterward.

If you give enough time to research and prepare well, your move to Miami will be a positive change in your life. Just let yourself enjoy it!

Clear sea-water and rocks, a frequent site when you move to Miami
Miami is a city you can really enjoy!


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