What should you know before moving to Florida?

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Florida, also known as Sunshine State has a lot to offer to its residents. It is a very popular destination for people who want to live and work in a warm climate state. From millennials, families to retirees, everyone loves Florida. But, living in Florida requires a knowledge about this country. Like every relocation, moving to Florida should be planned and prepared properly in advance. If you want to settle down in the Sunshine State, you should learn more about it.

Florida is home to Mickey Mouse

Few basic facts about Florida

  • It is a home to sunshine, Mickey Mouse and beautiful beaches
  • Popular cities in Florida: Miami, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Orlando, etc.
  • Walt Disney World is Florida’s biggest employer
  • Florida is a top tourist destination
  • Most of Florida has a sub-tropical climate.

Other things you should know before moving to Florida

Besides its great climate and world-famous beaches, Florida has so much to offer. We want you to get to know Florida better. So, let’s start with things you should know before you start packing your bags for Florida relocation.

Florida isn’t just placed for retires

Yes, Florida every year attracts retirees to come and live here. The weather is warm, and it has great places for retirees to enjoy. But, this doesn’t mean it has no young people. Many millennials are moving to Florida to become homeowners and families to grow up children.

It has a big party scene

Florida is famous for great parties and nightlife. Especially if you are thinking to make a move to Miami, you can expect an exciting and rich social life. But, also, for those who don’t want to party all day and night, Florida has great cities and communities for families and people who like more quiet and safe neighborhoods.

There is a big difference between South Florida and North Florida

Even they are in the same state, sometimes South Florida and North Florida seem like completely different states. For example, South Florida is more diverse and it has a big presence of Latin American and Caribbean culture. It has a rich and exciting nightlife, and the best beaches are in South Florida. On the other side, North Florida is home to the state’s capital and it had a different climate. But, if you are thinking to buy a home, we must mention that South Florida has the problem with rising sea levels.  North Florida doesn’t have so many problems with climate change.

Beach in Florida
Enjoy the beauty of Florida’s beaches

Learn about the hurricanes

If you are moving to Florida, especially if you are moving to South Florida, you should be well prepared and informed about the hurricanes. You have to learn about the hurricane safety and keep an eye on weather alerts during hurricane season.

Tourists love Florida

Because of its great entertainment scene which includes the Disney World, the Everglades or the Art Deco architecture in Miami Beach, Florida attracts many tourists each year. Everybody feels welcome in Florida, someone because of the sunshine and friendly residents and someone because of the free things you can do in Miami. Also, many people come to see the Disney World even it can be pricey. But, this is the experience worth of every penny.

If you are a baseball lover – Florida is the place for you

Florida is a great place who likes baseball. Every year in the spring Florida becomes a training place for the Grapefruit League. So you can enjoy watching minor and major league players.

Florida is a favorite place for baseball lovers.

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Florida

Maybe it may not seem to you as possible – but after a while, the beach can get you bored. But, there are other more outdoor options in Florida. You can hike, walk, take yoga classes, zip line or boat. You can take your children to great playgrounds and parks.

Florida is a golf state

Residents in Florida love golf! If you are a golf lover too, in the state there are many golf courses with many tournaments you can attend.

There are beautiful parks in Florida. This state offers you a lot of outdoor activities.

We have good news: Florida taxes are low. 

Florida is one of the USA states with no income tax. Also, the cost of living isn’t expensive, so we can say this country is the top one for an affordable way of living.

If you are moving to Florida, it is a good idea to understand this beautiful country and to hire a reliable moving company. Miami Movers For Less are here to help you understand this country better and to settle down with ease. It is really important to you to understand how the move to Florida can be a big change and how will impact your budget and lifestyle. Miami Movers For Less is here to give you all the answers you need for the successful moving process. With moving services that suit your needs it is easy to relocate to any city you want to live in Florida.


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