Tips for moving your office long distance

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The economy is more vibrant and dynamic today than it ever was. The situation is such that customers are moving, markets are relocating and business follows them. We do not mean to say that this is bleak by any measure. This is great! But it means you have to stay on your feet. And, if you are running a company, no matter how small or how big, what it does or is it run from atop of a skyscraper or a garage – you need to always be ready to be moving your office. Sometimes, its a simple relocation to a new district, neighborhood. But other times, it requires bigger moves such as to other states or countries. And, if you are contemplating such a move, you ought to find out what are our tips on moving your office long distance.

We made five distinct topics that we want to talk about in our guide, so be sure to read to the very end to find out all you can in moving a business office a long distance. 

Pick the right time to act

In the world of business, timing is everything. There is always the right time to act. Many successful companies have failed just because that failed to keep up with the times and changes in the market, and many others with no obvious chances of great success have found just that by simply being in the right place at the right time!

Just think about how the great Ford failed to change and innovate, or how Facebook overtook Myspace simply by the inability of Myspace to change. These examples might be more oriented on innovation rather than relocation, but the two are quite intertwined. You have to know the market and see where you have to be. And, after you know the optimal location, you ought to hire commercial movers Miami, NYC or LA or any other and move there. Following the flow of customers will mean you will stay on favorable winds of profit! 

Pick the right time to act
Be sure to pick the right time to move your offices

But, the same thing is true in vice versa. You can also pick the wrong time to move and relocate. You can also miss the “sweet spot” and move to a totally wrong spot. To avoid this you need good analytics. If you follow the clues and figure out where the customers will be focused next, you can stay ahead of the curve and always be at the right place at the right time!

And now, if you already have done this and decided that the time to move is nay, you might want to know what exactly you should do on the practical side of things.

Notify your employes and clients

If you are planning on a move to a sunshine state via long distance movers Florida and you are somewhere out-state, you ought to make sure that your employees and clients know what you are up to. In the case of the clients/customers, the situation is clear. Depending on your work, your move might have been forced and you don’t want to lose loyal customers. Furthermore, you might have “regulars” who you want to warn of you leaving.

You could also do the kind of work where it takes months for a product/service to be made, and it is also ordered a long time beforehand. In those cases, there is simply a need to warn your customers that you will be unavailable for a certain amount of time (or even if remote work is not possible9. Always remember that the good care of clients can result in great review scores, leading to more business in the future!

Notify your employes and clients
Be sure to tell your employees in time so they can prepare

Furthermore, think of your employees! You have to tell them way ahead. Some may move with you, following your business, but others might not have that as a possibility. For them, you leaving and them not having a job is literary the same thing. Therefore, you ought to tell your employees of the companies plans at your earliest convenience.

Prepare the items for moving your office long distance

Before the interstate moving companies, Miami and the big day can start, you have to pack everything. Now, commercial (business) moving services will often offer packing as well, but you have a bigger problem then packing furniture (though that ought to be prepared as well). While movers may pack your things into appropriate boxes and cushioning material, you have different concerns.

moving your office long distance
Prepare the furniture, archives and other office items for transport

You need to make sure that the archives and essential company items are organized and packed accordingly. Setting up archives again can be a pain, but it has to be done. So be sure to be part of the process!

Pick out your new office space

After you helped with the packing services Miami you now have to relocate to new offices. Where do you picture them to be? Well, by this point you have surely made this decision, but what will that decision be? You have to carefully analyze your business and see what kind of things it needs. Does it need more room for employes? In the age of Millenials and work/life merging this might be a possibility. Perhaps you need bigger personal offices, or better internet, a downtown location, or parking…

All of these factors will go in when you pick up your real estate broker (or do the picking yourself) and select your new office spaces. And, don’t forget about the budget as well, of course…

Find a storage

And, if the said budget is low, why not move your small(ish) business to a storage facility? You would be amazed just how many business functionalities there can be in storage space… IT is a low-cost version, but if you have a small business with only need for a single room, storage might be the best option for you…

Know yourself (and your company)

It all comes back to your own circumstances. You have to know your business inside and out to be able to make decisions such as these. Therefore, before committing to moving your office long distance, be sure to carefully analyze your company. Good luck!


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