Packing tips for a last minute move

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A last minute move is differentiated by the situation you are in. It can be a week before your moving date, but you have a small house and very little to pack. Maybe you can make it. But on the other hand, if you have a huge home and a big family, a month won’t be enough to cover everything. Although, some aspects of the move you should cover on time, regardless of the situation. Some processes require more time regardless of the time you have on your hands. Therefore, let us share with you some packing tips for a last minute move. After all, it is the most time consuming and most delicate part of each move. Let us begin.

The essential packing tips for a last minute move

One of the essential packing tips for a last minute move is to obtain the proper packing materials. Options are vast, but since you have little to no time on your hands, you’ll determine what is best for your situation. We will start with the moving boxes Miami, as the inevitable part of any relocation. You should fetch at least a dozen at your local hardware store. You can also use plastic bins and similar containers if you have them. Use padding to strengthen the boxes from the outside. And to make a nest inside and provide a cushion for your belongings, use old cloth, sheets, blankets, and crumpled paper.

Other packing materials that are required for the packing process are scissors, cutters, packing tapes, labels, wrapping paper, and blister pack. You can purchase all those items at the same store and avoid driving around the city and waste valuable time.

Let us pack your kitchen

As soon as you figured out that you’ll move in a week, start with decluttering and plan where to start packing. Our advice would be to start with the kitchen. Kitchen is the room in your home with the most delicate, fragile, and small items. It will eat away your time and you might not make it if you save it for last. So, start with all the appliances. Remove liquids, batteries, electric cords, and all other small items like blades, cups, and lids. Pack your appliances in their original boxes if you still have them. Next would be to cover the fragile items.

One of the most useful packing tips for a last minute move is to pack the kitchen as soon as possible.
Kitchen has the most fragile and delicate items. Pack it on time.

You should secure the boxes with the extra cushion if you intend to place your china and glassware inside. Fill in the gaps with extra paper or cloth to prevent breaking. You shouldn’t overstuff those boxes, and never stack anything on top. Keep a separate area for fragile items. Also, you should pay special attention to sharp objects. Use cardboard sheath or a towel to wrap your knives and blades. Lastly, use paper or plastic bags to transport leftover food, drinks, and cooking ingredients. Pack your kitchen like a pro, and on time!

And what about your clothes?

This is the easiest part. You cant make a wrong move while packing your clothes. Although, if you have some expensive pieces, use the movable coat hangers to avoid damaging the fabric. Also, you can use the vacuum bags for your pillows and huge covers, blankets, and sheets. For everything else, use plastic bags, suitcases, boxes, etc. One more brilliant idea is to take a huge tarp or a sheet, place a bulk of your clothes at the center, and tie each end in the middle with a knot. This way you have a nice bundle that you can easily move around. You won’t transport too far, and your clothes won’t stay in that condition for a long time. Just remember to unpack them in the first couple of days at your new home.

Secure your cargo and seal those boxes tight

One among the packing tips for a last minute move is to take special care on how you close and seal your boxes. While you pack in a hurry, there is a chance that you can neglect this part. You do not want anyone stealing your belongings, or to lose something while moving. Therefore, close your moving box nice and tight. Apply several layers of packing tape and inspect from all sides to be sure that box is in a good shape and ready to go.

Use packing tape to seal your moving boxes
Use the packing tape to prevent boxes from opening in the middle of the relocation.

It is never enough labeling

A final touch to each moving box is the label. You should label your moving boxes for many reasons, For example, boxes containing fragile items should have the warning to raise awareness and to be handled with care. Also, you use labels to mark the content of each box to match a room that it should go to. Labeling makes the whole moving process much easier. You will unpack in no time if you know where your things are.

But did we mention that you can skip the whole packing process? That would be amazing, especially when you have little time to spend on your relocation. Then it is time to start thinking about packing services Miami. A reliable moving company might be exactly what you need. Movers will pack, move, and unpack your home, professionally and carefully. Furthermore, this kind of service is affordable and to anyone willing to try. Negotiate with your movers and browse your options, you might be surprised how easy it is.

One of the most valuable packing tips for a last minute move is to pack lightly!

Do not make a mistake and overstuff your box. We can’t stress enough how important this is. If your box collapses and breaks, not only that you’ll damage your items, but you will have to replace it. Spending more time and money mid-process is the last thing you need. Not to mention that someone can get hurt if the box is too heavy. Keep your boxes under 50lbs just to be on a safe side. It is better to have a few boxes more than to keep your fingers crossed the whole time after each box is carried away and loaded. It is too much stress to think about it. Pack your boxes for moving the right way, and do not think twice.

How to handle big items and furniture?

Nest to the furniture, you have big items that include larger appliances such as a TV or a fridge. Also, it includes mattresses, chandeliers, and special items like an aquarium or a piano. Basically, the items you can’t pack. Those can be tricky to move if you do not know how, or if you are lacking help. Not to mention that you can easily damage and ruin them beyond repair. Therefore, consider hiring professional help. We will recommend Miami beach movers as the most reliable choice. An affordable moving company that is taking care of their customers for decades. Give them a call today and they will take care of your last minute move.

Movers will help you with the big pieces of furniture
Hire a professional moving company to take care of your big pieces of furniture

Also, another option is to store some of your items. Consider renting one of the storage units Miami to cover all your needs. If you are in a situation where your calendar is packed tight, or you are moving into a smaller place, think about it carefully. You have the option to gather all your excess furniture and items you do not use often and place them in a storage facility. Later you can come back and figure out what to do with it. It will save you time, money, and space.

These were the basic packing tips for a last minute move. It is important to take the little time you have and invest in the proper packing. Make your belongings safe and sound before your moving day is here. Hopefully, you’ll be able to do it all on time. Good luck.



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