Best attractions for kids in Miami

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When you are planning a move to someplace that suits you and your better half, you cannot but wonder will your kids like it there. However, if you are moving to Miami, you’ll have nothing to worry about. This city is made for kids. There are so many activities you can find. The best part of it is that parents have fun in these places too. So, if you have planned your move here and you have hired the best moving companies in Miami, you can search for the best attractions for kids in Miami as well. We assure you, you’ll have as much fun as your kids.

Reasons you should move to Miami in the first place

Moving here will only benefit you. There are so many job opportunities. People who have relocated here because of the job offers have finished in some positions they have never thought is possible. That is why Miami is growing as we speak. Not to mention the nicest weather on the planet. On top of all of that, since you will be relocating with our kids, the schools, both private and public are above average. Your kids will have some of the best education possible and you can be proud of yourself because you are the one who managed to make it all happen. So do not hesitate anymore, hire local movers Miami has and prepare for the move.

Miami shore
Miami is a great place for living.

Best attractions for kids in Miami

Speaking of kids, school is not something they will ask about when you tell them about the relocation. The things they want to know are where and what kind of fun they can have. You can be prepared and give them this list of attractions for kids in Miami. And all of that they can explore and read about while you move to Miami.

1. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

This is actually a place for a whole family. You will enjoy looking at some of the most famous experiments. And some of the programs are even bilingual. So if you have hired some of the best packing services Miami has, you can book a ticket for this museum and not worry about unpacking. These professionals have packed all of our items in the proper way. Which makes the unpacking process faster. Therefore, you do not have to focus on getting everything placed in your home. You can go to this museum the moment you enter your new home.

Kids and parents love it because they can touch, smell, and see their way to understanding science. And while kids are learning, parents can relax on some cozy sofas and watch their kids learn.

2. Miami Children’s Museum

This place is designed to inspire your kids to play, explore and learn while they are having fun. There are even mommy and me classes, where single parents will really find some fun. Kids love it because there are little people-sized replicas of stores, banks, and shopping malls, where ey can feel like an adult. Parents love this place because kids will learn some basic stuff while playing around. Plus, they would have a lot of fun too seeing their kids being little adults.

You can find cheap tickets that you can buy online even before you hire moving companies Miami Beach has. You will be able to promise your kids they will have fun the moment you relocate. This information will make your kids happy about the relocation and it might help them cope with the change.

3. Venetian Pool is one of the best attractions for kids in Miami

Kids love this place because there is a shallow pool and cool grotto that will give them hours of entertainment. There are also places to buy ice cream, fries, and any other fast food kids love. The reason parents love to take their kids here is that here you can find everything you need for your kids. The great showers, free parking and not thinking about preparing some meals for kids. One thing that might bother you is that this lace gets very busy and crowded. Everyone wants to cool during the hot summer days in Miami.

In order to be ready for this attraction, you might think about it before the packing process. You can take the moving boxes Miami has and separate the pool clothes and things you need for swimming. Label that box and once you are done relocating, it will be easier to find these clothes and get ready for swimming and having fun in the pool.

kid playing in some of the best attractions for kids in Miami
Take your kids to the pool and enjoy some sun while your kids have the best time ever,

4. Fun Dimension

The reason this place is so cool is that it is an old warehouse turned into the biggest playground for kids. There are laser tags, number cars, and a 7-D theater. There is nothing more that we can tell about this place to make you understand why kids love this place. But when it comes to parents, they love it because you will have free WiFi, wine, beer, and some of the most tasteful coffee. 

Planning your relocation here can be done before the move. There are no special tickets for this. You can buy some for rides when you get there. However, you might not let your kids know about this attraction. The reason for this is that you will never go to another place for them to visit. They will love it so much, that you might end up spending your free days here, almost every year. So, as much as it is great to help your kids cope with the relocation and tell them the things they are supposed to expect, you should not mention this place. You will not get to see your long  distance movers Miami you have hired, because the kids will want to go there immediately.

Parent and son driving bump car
Parents will also have so much fun in these places

5. Tidal Cove

There is no single kid don’t his planet that will not enjoy his time here. There are sprawling attractions such as a lazy river, kids’ largest pool, splash pad, etc.

  • Reason kids love this place – There are several waterslides and a Flow River, where they can practice their surfing skills.
  • Reason parents love this place – There is one restaurant with a kids’ menu, which is quite tasteful. The lifeguard is on every corner and you can drink some of the fanciest cocktails. You can have your relaxing drink and watch your kids have fun while being safe and protected.

6. Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Here you will be able to find animals rescued from large zoos or donated ones. The reason why this is one of the best attractions for kids in Miami is the fact that the guests can feed different animals. The food you are allowed to give them is provided by the zoo foundation. This is also the only zoo in Miami that will let you hold the primates and interact with animals. But you should have worried. There are guards and people who take care of the animals. They will constantly check the kids and make sure nothing bad happens.

This is also a great chance for your kids to call some of their friends from the new school. We all know how difficult it will be to make new friends. This will be a perfect opportunity for your kid to make new friends. So, let your partner take a few of them, along with other parents, while you deal with unpacking and preparing everything after the move.

You might even consider using Miami storage services. Here you can out all the items you have no place for or you do not know what to do with. You can even place the things you have no time to put in their place and just go with your kids and have fun together. Either way, these storage facilities will make your post-relocation period a lot easier.  

7. Miami Theater Center can also be considered one of the best attractions for kids in Miami

The theater is for kids of all ages and has kid-friendly performances, drama camo, and workshops your kid will enjoy. Kids love it because they all get a chance to try to perform. And parents love it because they might get a start someday playing in these shows. It is located in Miami Shores. So while your kids watch the show, you can have a coffee in some of the most famous bars outside of the theater.

8. Miami Seaquarium

If your kids love splashing and love to spend time around the water, Miami Seaquarium might be the perfect attraction for them. There are designed splash zones around the marine and kids will love it. You will be able to watch the dolphins. Dolphins are trains to do tricks you will all enjoy. Other attractions are the sea lions. For parents, this place is great because there is free parking, shaded areas, and some refreshments that will make hot Miami days much easier.

If you are still not sure water you will find these shows before the relocation, you should plan your relocation on time. Choose the time of the year when you will have tons of attractions. You can set the moving day by contacting the moving company. Once you set the period, season, and day of the relocation, you can plan attractions and free time for your kids.

dolphins waiting for food
Feeding dolphins is one of the best attractions for kids in Miami

9. Everglades Alligator Farm is one of the best attractions for kids in Miami

People here like to oke that employees in Everglades Alligator Farm can compete with Bear Grylls. They are fierce, and brave and make sure you see alligators all trained. You can witness feeding them, and playing with them. There is also a snake show. And the best part of this is that after the shows you have been watching, your kid can hold some of these animals. You should not worry about safety, even though alligators might seem scary and dangerous. That is why parents love this. The security level is high so your kids can enjoy the shows without you being worried all the time. 

10. Miccosukee Indian Village

If you are looking for visiting something different, this place is the right for you. You and your kids will learn so much about the history and the culture you are surrounded by. There are authentic crafts and patchwork. You will be able to taste some of the best cuisine competing in these times. There is even a museum where you can upgrade your knowledge.

Besides the history, your kid will enjoy airboat rides and see typical hammock-style camps. And parents love it because it is really close to Downtown. So this trip can be planned even on a work day. You will not have to take the day off or plan the entire weekend or this attraction in Miami.

11. Flying Squirrel

It is really not as scary as it sounds. This is actually a 40000 sq. ft. of pure fun. From trampoline to the biggest arcades basketball court, fun places for toddlers and etc. Kids will jump the whole day and they will sleep like a baby. So Saturday might be the perfect day for this. After the kids are asleep you can have quite a peaceful night, not worrying about them waking up.

kids jumping
Take your kids to the trampoline and watch them get sleepy from having fun.

Finding some of the best attractions for kids in Miami has a lot of benefits. You will make your kids forget about all the sadness after the relocation. They will love Miami because this city is made for them. Among these listed, you will be able to find plenty o more. There will be no bring weekends, no sending time laying around. Your kids will love living here more than you do. Plan your day, month, or even a year and spend some of the most quality time with your entire family.

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