Best beaches in South Florida

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If there’s a paradise on earth, it’s on the beaches in South Florida. It’s the only part of the continental US with a tropical climate, where the warm clear waters and white sand beaches are just stunning to see. We’ve compiled some of the well-known, as well as some of the more hidden, unspoiled gems you have to visit while you are here.

a beach, clear sea waters and blue sky
Gorgeous sandy beaches and palm trees, it’s the iconic scenery of the beaches in South Florida.

South Beach

South Beach is one of the best-known beaches in South Florida. As its name indicates, its located in the south of Miami, and it is one of the most frequently visited beaches of the area. You can do so many things here, but you can also just lay back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful sand and waves. You can also have your favorite cocktail in one of the many beach bars. If you like paddling, you will have plenty of opportunity for it, as it is one of South Florida’s favorite hobbies.

Captiva Island

Shells and rocks laying on a beach
With the great natural escapes and secluded beaches, South Florida is a paradise for beach-lovers!

One of the most remote places in the country, this small island off of the coast of Florida makes a wonderful natural escape. You can reach it only via a causeway, which makes the whole experience exciting and gives the special, intimate feeling. Captiva Island is famous for its shell beaches, so it makes for a really joyful trip if you happen to bring kids there!

Key West

Boats on the sea in the sunset
Warm, clear waters and mild weather throughout the year. Welcome to Key West!

Key West beaches are the home of the warmest water in North America. During the winter, water temperature doesn’t drop lower than 75 F. It’s the most south point of Florida and it’s only 90 miles away from Cuba. Key West offers so much to see and do. You can bask in the fantastic sand, swim in the clear waters, and you can even visit the islands’ historical sites and nature preserves. Water sports are thriving here, including some of the best fishing in the world! Also, don’t forget to look for the dolphins as they are inhabiting the waters around the island.

Fort Lauderdale

If you’re a family person, Fort Lauderdale makes for one of the nicest beaches in South Florida to spend time on. Just as beautiful as the most popular beaches in Miami, it offers a more relaxed atmosphere – ideal for families! You can spend the whole days walking along the gorgeous shores while the children play in the sand. If you’re a more active family, you can rent a catamaran and enjoy a beautiful adventure. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from, offering some great fresh food.

Siesta Key Beach

Every year, this tiny island is home to the Crystal Classic Master Sand Sculpting Competition – an opportunity to see some of the best sand sculptings in the world. The powder white sands of the beach are 99% quartz. Siesta Key Beach is also surrounded by the crystal clear blue water, so it’s an absolute must-see beach in the West part of South Florida. It is also perfect for families with children – extremely shallow water and lifeguards around the clock make the Siesta Key Beach some of the safest in the world.

Hidden beaches in South Florida worth exploring

In the year 2018, there is hardly a place undiscovered among tourists. Well, at least in North America. However, there are certain unspoiled beaches in South Florida, which are still relatively vacant. Usually, it’s because they are not so easy to reach, but they are definitely worth all the trouble. We’ll present you with some of them.

Cayo Costa State Park

To reach the Cayo Costa State Park, you need to take an hour-long boat trip. But once you get there, you will want to cry out loud – far away from snack bars and beach souvenirs shop, it will be just nature and you. You can spend a day there, or even spend the night camping. There are also tiny cabins in a rustic fashion with no running water or electricity. The starry nights at the Cayo Costa are just unforgettable! If you decide to spend the night, do bring some repellent with you if you are there in the summer. The park is located west of Pine Island and south of Boca Grande. It is in high demand from November to April, so make sure to book well in advance!

Tigertail Beach

Located on Marco Island, the Tigertail is one of the beaches that locals love. The lagoon has two sides. There’s the developed side where you can park, get a bite at some great snack bars, visit a playground or rent kayaks and paddleboards. But there’s also the other side, with a wild sand shore which extends a few miles to the north. The beach there has soft white sand, dolphins are swimming around, and birds can be spotted on the Great Florida Birding Trail.

If you cross the whole lagoon, you will find yourself in a 50 yards stretch of water which you need to cross on foot – overcoming the tickling of the grassy sand you will be stepping on. Once you get out of that you will be amazed by the long white beach and a sense of absolute privacy – definitely worth checking out!

Lovers Key State Park

The Lovers Key State Park got its name because of how secluded it is, so much so, that once only the lovers would reach it to spend some time in privacy there. It’s located just south of Fort Myers Beach and is nowadays easy to reach. It has a 2.5 miles long beach with natural vegetation – perfect for beachcombing!

Many more beaches in South Florida to explore

One of the beaches in South Florida
South Florida has an abundance of gorgeous beaches!

In conclusion, there are so many beaches in South Florida that it’s impossible to put them all in one article. However, there’s a list of other secluded beaches you should definitely go visit!

  • The Hobe Sound beach
  • Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park
  • Clam Pass Park
  • St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park

You might find that spending a holiday in South Florida is not enough to soak in all the natural beauties of the beaches. In case you get so inspired by it that you want to move here, you will have so much more time to explore all the best beaches in South Florida!

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