Tips how to protect valuable and fragile items

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Moving is hard, but you must protect valuable and fragile items if you want to do it properly. It actually is the worst thing you need to do, so be prepared for that. Many people actually forget about the valuable items. They believe that putting them in a truck is enough for safe moving. Well, we have bad news for you! Moving companies cannot know which of those boxes have blankets or wardrobe and which are the plates that your grandmother gave you. They also cannot be sure what will happen during their transportation. That is why it is important to protect valuable and fragile things on your own.

Preparation – consult and hire professionals

You are surely convinced in your packaging system and believe that it is perfect, but you still need more things to do before even starting with packaging. First of all, you need to choose the best moving company, so your valuable things will be packed and protected properly. Only professionals will know how to protect valuable and fragile items in the best way. After that, you can start the packing process.

ceramic home with figurines
There are always those fragile collectibles that you need to take special care of

Make a detailed plan of how to protect valuable and fragile items

Prepare your packaging and moving in advance. Make a plan of moving. That means making a list of most sensitive items, most fragile etc. Make sure that you know how to pack them and what will protect those most. Ask people who are already moved or consult professional packing services Miami.

Prepare the packing material

You may think that you will only need a few boxes. Well, we have news for you. That is not even close enough if you want to protect valuable and fragile items! Even the number of boxes is never enough for this project. People usually prepare a few large boxes and then pack everything in there. This is not practical and surely could be bad for your fragile items. Remember, whatever you think that is enough, it is not enough yet. Do not overstuff boxes!

Books are one of the most valuable and fragile items in a household

You can use different materials as well

You are surely prepared for the high costs of your moving. However, you do not need to use expensive and professional materials that you can buy in stores. There is a lot of things that you already have in your house. So, besides air-filled wrap, tapes and plastic, you surely have blankets, pillows, or used plastic bags. Especially in order to protect valuable and fragile items prepare every blanket and pillow to put on the bottom of the box.

Use a variety of boxes

As we said, do not put a lot of things in your boxes and never make them heavy. That will make the moving company’s job harder. It also can be difficult for carriers to protect your fragile items. Prepare different sizes of boxes instead.

Make sure that small boxes are for small, especially fragile things. You will know how to find them after moving and maybe put in the special place when moving. That will help moving company, too. They love to pack boxes like in-game Tetris. In that way, they can put a lot of different boxes in one place.

Pack so you can protect valuable and fragile items

Finally, the packaging day is here! You need to protect valuable and fragile items first. You should also be sure that other things will find the destination on time and untouched. There are a few things that you can do in order to pack properly.

  • Protect valuable and fragile items with protective wrap, newspapers or even sheets;
  • Do not allow jingling of the glasses! Make sure that they are not contacting during moving;
  • Pack plates vertically, but put something between them – paper or newspapers;
  • Lamp put separately from lampshades, and with a wider part down;
  • Pictures put in one box but separate with paper, but not newspapers – it can paint them.
  • Put a pillow or blanket on the bottom of the box, you can also put on the top of it when finished.

Label your boxes

This is one more important thing when packing valuable and fragile items. When finish packaging, mark every box. It is not harmful to write what is in the box, or which room you packed inside. Use words like “FRAGILE” or “THIS SIDE UP”, so moving company will know how to carry them and where to put in the truck. You will also know which to unpack first when you finally arrive. Make sure that valuable and fragile things are together, and mark it properly. When pack boxes in the truck, workers in moving company will know how to pack them.

Make sure that everything is safe and secure in the truck before you start the journey

Packing specialty items

When it comes to the special items, they need special care. Special items usually refer to expensive and valuable small things. You can freely pack them as advised above, but if they are very expensive and valuable belongings, you might want to ask an expert local moving company Miami for advice.

Packing antiques

If you have very valuable chairs, tables or dressers you should know how to transport them properly. Moving companies have materials for wrapping it, but that is not enough to protect valuable and fragile items. Sometimes, they will need to use guards for corners, or materials that will not remove polish and paint. You can also protect them using the thing you have in your house. For example, put a sponge or wrinkled paper on the corners.

Wrap the item with special thin foil and then with paper. When moving, make sure that those things will be marked properly. You can put a paper on the top and write on it that they must take care of it. After all, you can ask a museum or auction companies for advice. They surely know how they move valuable things and antiques. As you can see, it should not be so difficult to protect valuable and fragile items. You should know what to do and how to pack it and cooperate with the moving company.

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