Best places in Florida for young couples

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Choosing where to move is never truly a simple task. The fact that you are not doing it alone does, however, make it easier. Moving with your special someone is usually quite an adventure, even more so if you are moving while you are young. As it seems, you have already chosen Florida as your destination state. If you have, we have good news for you – the Sunshine State can offer an abundance of towns and cities you can move to and never regret your call. So, what are the best places in Florida for young couples? And how can you choose only one and hire movers Pompano Beach without having any second thoughts? Hopefully, you are about to find out exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Living in Florida offers incredible opportunities to young couples, all you need to do is decide what place suits your needs the best.

How to pick one of the places in Florida for young couples to move to?

You must be eager to start packing and dialing Miami Beach movers as soon as possible. But hold the phone, because you still have a decision-making process in front of you. Actually, both of you do. So, how will you pick the just one of the many places in Florida for young couples? What sort of features should you be searching for? And what sort of qualities are you supposed to avoid? These are just some of the questions that might have been troubling you lately. Try to relax, though. After all, no one should be tense when moving to Florida! Let’s see what are the things you should pay attention to when choosing a place to live:

  • Housing market. You need to be able to find a place to live easily. This means that, regardless of whether you plan to rent or by, properties should be affordable for you and your better half.
  • Employment opportunities. It’s no use moving somewhere you can’t find a job. And you both most likely need to find suitable careers in or close to the place you choose to live in. So before you decide where to move, check whether you can find a job there.
  • Crime rates. No one wants to live in a crime-ridden city. Whether you plan to have children or not – this is something every couple should check before moving.
  • Entertainment. You are young, which means you probably need to live somewhere the streets are vibrant and restaurants are aplenty.
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You probably need a place where you can find good restaurants and other quality options for your free time.

What are the places to consider?

Here you’ll find a short list of places for your couples in Florida you might want to check out. Most of them will offer great livability options and everything a young couple might need for a high-quality lifestyle. If you find any of them interesting, you can do some further research before you start searching for someone to help you with packing your belongings.

Winter Springs

Around 34,000 people live in this Seminole County city, which stands around a 20-minute ride north of Orlando. Almost 22% of those people are between the age of 20 to 34, which means the city is perfect for young couples such as yourselves. You’ll also be glad to hear that the crime rate here is 1.4 per 1,000 residents. which means that the city is rather safe to live in. Actually, it is one of the safest places for young couples in Florida. Entertainment options are numerous since here you can find both restaurants, amusement parks, and resorts. And since Orlando has one of the strongest economies in Florida, you’ll probably have no problems finding a job.


Doral is also one of Florida’s places where more than one in five residents are considered to be young people. Even though it is a Miami suburb, it offers low crime rates and excellent employment opportunities. If you dislike the idea of living in a big city, but still don’t quite enjoy isolation, Doral is the perfect choice for you. You’ll be living close to Miami, but still have a chance to experience a suburban way of life.

Coral Gables

If you decide to hire movers Coral Gables and choose this as your moving destination, you will be pleased with your choice. Many young couples have already chosen this particular place just south of downtown Miami to be their home. You’ll find low crime rates and the most glamorous municipal pool here in Coral Gables, FL. According to the 2010 census, there are around 46,780 living here currently. You can easily become one of them very soon!

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Good employment options are one of the most important features when it comes to choosing where to live when you are a young person.


After you choose one of the places for young couples in Florida

After making the final call, all that is left for you to do is to start getting ready to move. It’s really never too early to begin with the planning process. You both need to make to-do lists and cross-reference them. Make sure nothing gets left out. Also, hire the best moving company you can find. It’s easier to move once you find experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. This way, you’ll have more time to prepare for relocation. And more time to think of all the ways you’ll spend time in Florida after your move has been completed.

You just need to make sure you are on the same page with your partner throughout the entire process. This includes both choosing where to live, choosing the right movers and picking the perfect accommodation. As long as you agree on almost everything, you’ll have no problems after deciding which of the best places in Florida for young couples suits your lifestyle the most.

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