Label your moving boxes like a pro

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There are several ways to prepare for a good relocation, and one of them is to label your moving boxes like a pro! Labeling is a good way to keep track of items you are packing before you relocate to Miami anytime soon. Here in this article, we will tell you more about the importance of labeling, as well as how to do it properly! Continue reading to learn more about it!

Before you label your moving boxes like a pro get everything you need

Before you can even begin labeling, you need to gather all the materials you will need. And by that, we mean things such as:

  • High-quality markers – not those who can easily get erased or smudged
  • Labels and sticky notes – you can put them on the moving boxes
  • Colored tape – to further better label your items

All these items will serve you well in labeling your moving boxes. But, to make absolutely sure you will do a good job, get a couple of permanent markers. They should also be waterproof. From local bookstore, get some fresh supplies of labels. You could possibly get them from your movers as well. On the labels, you can write down every room you are packing in those boxes. That is a sure way you will pack your items in their designated boxes, and know what the boxes contain.

Colored tape you can use to label your moving boxes like a pro
Label your moving boxes like a pro by using a colored tape

Label your moving boxes like a pro to make your move to Miami easier. This way you will know what to pay attention to when loading those boxes into the moving truck. And the movers will have an easier job to do as well. You will also avoid accidents that may happen during transportation. Such as putting heavy items on top of fragile ones.

Figure out a color coding way to categorize your packing

One other way to label your moving boxes like a pro is to include a color coding system. This system is very simple to master! All you have to do is choose a color and dedicate it to a specific room. Let’s start with the basic one. Chose your bedroom to be, for example, red. In that case, you can use a red marker and label all the moving boxes containing items from the bedroom. Don’t forget to write down what’s exactly in the box so you won’t get confused. To further simplify the labeling, here you can use colored tape. It can be hard to spot on what’s written on the boxes, so it is ok to put colored tapes on the side. This will allow you to see the color and know where to put the moving box. Do the same thing with other rooms but don’t use the same color.

Colored sticky notes
Dedicate a certain color to a specific room

But, you have to be careful! IT can end up more complicated if you do not follow the system. Because, you, of course, know what the colors mean. But, when the moving company arrives, do the movers know? You need to inform them about your system if you want them to safely load and unload them. A good way is to just leave the boxes in the rooms you packed. That way you will let them know what goes where. Labeling your moving boxes like a pro is simple if you follow our guide. Make your relocation easier for both yourself and your local movers Florida!

Be careful when packing breakable items

No matter where they came from, you need to be extra careful with them. Just because you label the boxes with fragile it doesn’t mean they are safe. You need to get some good wrapping materials you can use to protect your fragile items for transportation. Most of the times, you can use whatever household items you have in your house. Blankets, towels, old newspapers, etc are perfect as wrapping materials. They will provide you with that extra protection when packing breakable items. Make sure you know all the tips on packing fragile items before you start to label your moving boxes like a pro!

A sign that says handle with care fragile
Pack fragile items carefully

Make sure your movers can read it

Now, we are not getting into details about the items you are putting in the moving boxes. We are just saying that you don’t have to have that kind of handwriting our doctors have. Simply, make sure you write it down clear and nice so they will know what they are dealing with. Also, it would be of great help if you have some friends helping you. They may read your handwriting, but what about those who can’t? Just to be sure, make it simple!

A notebook, pencil, and a marker
Make sure your handwriting is clear so movers can read it

Also, this is one of the things you and your friends and family can actually enjoy. Labeling your moving boxes like a pro can be turned into a family game! It is just one of the ways you can include your kids in the relocation process as well. Which is very important, since they can get anxious about relocation! This will surely put their little minds at ease! Learn about other ways to help your kids accept you are moving before you head out to relocate.


Label your moving boxes like a pro the easiest way possible! All you have to do is follow our simple guide and you will be on your way! Remember, always use thick, bright and permanent markers. Color coding is a great plus that you can use as your advantage! If you think we missed something in this article, feel free to mention it by leaving a comment in the comment section! We are happy to hear from you anytime soon!

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