Difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate

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Perhaps you used to think that moving is a simple task. All you need to do is take all of your possessions, pack them well and transfer them to a new location. Naturally, Miami Beach movers will be there to help you throughout the entire process. However, as it turned out – moving is more than simply relocating your items. You have many other things to think and worry about. One of the moving-related issues you might not have been aware of is the difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate. But try not to be too concerned – you are about to find out all there is to know about these terms. And once you do, you’ll have no problems moving with ease.

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Don’t let the paperwork that moving brings scare you away – estimates are an essential part of the moving process nowadays.

How to choose the most reliable moving company

Before you find out all the details about binding and non-binding moving estimate, you should first try to hire the best of the moving companies Hollywood FL out there. Choosing professional and experienced movers will give you a chance to avoid any unnecessary stress during your moving process. And let’s face it – stress and anxiety during a relocation are nearly inevitable. Nevertheless, if you take the time and find the most reliable moving company, you’ll be less likely to experience any difficulties or unpleasant situations. So, how can you be absolutely certain you’ll be dealing with movers you can trust?

  • Ask around. The most reputable movers are usually reliable ones. Perhaps you know someone who has been moving recently. A friend or a family member perhaps? They’ll be able to provide vital movers info you can use. Also, try looking for online customers’ reviews. This is always a very useful way to find out more about a company you’re thinking of hiring.
  • Try planning ahead. Most reliable and experienced companies that will offer you moving estimates will be taken sometimes even months in advance. So as soon as you decide on your moving day – search for the suitable movers to help you out.
  • Ask the movers about their moving quotes. See if they offer both binding and non-binding moving estimate.
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Moving can seem complicated at times, but if you get the right information, you should have no issues

What is a binding estimate?

Once you start talking to movers, you’ll hear the expression “binding estimate”. This is used to describe that the price quoted in the estimate will be the amount you will pay. Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? Of course, this will happen even if the shipment you are having transferred weighs more than the estimated amount. Consequently, the price will remain the same even if the shipment weighs less than the estimated amount. Unlike a non-binding estimate, the moving company may charge you for this service.

A binding estimate accurately describes the shipment and any other moving company services that it will provide to its customer. So, this can be an excellent way to set your moving budget, because the price you pay to the movers will remain the same. But do be wary when you decide to sign such a contract. You need to be certain that all the belongings you want to transfer are on the list. Why? Simply because the moving company has a right to refuse to move those items that are not on the list.

What is a non-binding estimate?

Basically, a non-binding estimate is simply not a binding contract. Unlike in the case of binding estimates, it gives you an estimated cost of your relocation. Most importantly, it does not bind your moving company to the price in the estimate. Normally, your mover will give you a maximum price quote and the company will note that you will not be charged more than the price quoted. The exception for this would be if the move circumstances were to change (adding items to your shipment that would significantly change its weight). You should check with your local movers whether the estimate you are given is the top-end of the quote.

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It’ll be easier to plan out your moving budget once you get a moving estimate for your relocation

How to choose between binding and non-binding moving estimate?

If you are not sure how exactly you are supposed to choose between these two options – just try to sit down and do the moving math. If you are 100% sure about the weight and the size of your shipment, then perhaps you can agree to sign a binding estimate. But think twice before you do, because, as we’ve mentioned, any extra items may end up increasing the final cost of moving.

If you are not sure how much stuff you are going to end up moving, then maybe a non-binding estimate is the way to go. You’ll be able to get a free moving quote from any reliable moving company, but that won’t be your final price. As the expression clearly says – it is merely an estimate. It will give you a chance to plan out your moving budget, though. So regardless of the fact that it doesn’t state the actual price of your movers’ services, a non-binding estimate will help you understand how much money moving requires you to have.

As you can see, there is a subtle, but significant difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate. Your job is to think about how certain you are about the possessions you will have shipped by a moving company. And most importantly, you must do your best to find reliable and experienced movers who will help you decide between these two types of estimates. A piece of useful advice from professionals can always be appreciated.

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