How to prepare your kids for long distance move

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Preparing for a move can be not only tiresome but also stressful. You need to start planning in advance, to make a moving checklist, to find a mover, etc. However, it is not only the adults get stressed- this can also be a traumatic experience for our kids. This largely depends on their age and you should prepare yourself accordingly. For this reason, we have thought of some pieces of advice that may help you prepare your kids for a long distance move.

Answer all of their questions honestly

Since your kids are used to their school, friends and environment in general, the move will have a great impact on this part. Of course, this will not be a problem in case they are preschool kids, babies or toddlers. If they are already going to school and are teenagers, it will be harder. When they are at that age, it is hard for them to accept that they will have to change their environment and adjust to a new one. Because of this, it is of great importance to give your kids some information about the move.

When talking with your child about the move, be honest

You can start by giving them some general information. After that, make them feel free to ask you anything they want. Some of the questions may be tricky but do your best to be completely honest. Also, if you are going to see your new home, bring the kids with you. This will probably help them and they will accept the state of affairs much easily.

When you need to prepare your kids for long distance move, be positive

If it happens that you are also not happy about the move, try to hide this from your kids. This can happen if you are moving for work, the death in the family, a divorce or something else. Do your best to hide your negative attitude in front of your kids and be more positive. This will be helpful in preparing your kids for long distance move. There is one more thing you can do to help them accept the fact that you are moving. If possible, try to postpone your relocation. This will give your kids some more time to adjust to the change. Also, try to spend more time with them during the process. What can be of great help for this is hiring movers Pompano Beach FL. You can ask them to pack your belongings- this will help you spend more time with your kids.

What to do when you have little children

In case you have a preschool kid, a toddler or a baby, you will not have a hard time preparing for the move. This means that you will not have to explain to them why you are moving and you will not have to prepare your kids for long distance move. However, this does not mean that you are not going to need help for everything else.

Feel free to ask for help when moving if your child is little

Since they are little, they are quite active and they need your full attention. For this reason, you should ask your friends or relatives to come and help you. Plus, make sure you hire moving companies Hollywood FL. They will give you some pieces of advice should you need any. In addition to this, you can ask them to help you pack or to store some of your belongings there.

Tips for moving with school-age kids

The situation is somewhat different in comparison to moving with preschool kids. School kids will be able to understand you better. First of all, you will have to bear in mind that they are used to their school friends, teachers and the whole environment. For this reason, you will have to do your best to be as positive as possible and explain them in a nice way why you are moving. Remember to point out all the good things the move can bring. This is something that can be quite helpful when you need to prepare your kids for a long distance move. In addition to this, do not forget to search for a new school before the move. Once you find it, find out what kind of information they will need to process the transfer for your kid.

How to prepare teens?

This is probably the most challenging work for you. Most of them have probably accepted their environment and they would not like for it to change. They are familiar with the town and, what is more important, their friends live there. A long distance move will probably scare them- they will probably protest and be against the move. However, in order not to make the situation even worse, you need to be careful.

Two girls
If your children are teens, be careful with how you prepare your kids for long distance move

You will have to talk to them and answer all of their questions. Be patient and try to make them realize why this is a good choice. Once they accept the current state of affairs, help them pack their room. Give them some pieces of advice about how to fold their clothes or how to pack sports equipment.

When you need to prepare your kids for a long distance move, you need to be patient. This is probably not something they will be fascinated about if they are somewhat older. Do your best to understand them and to see things from their point of view. It is not easy, but once they accept the relocation, everything will be much simpler. Try to be positive– tell them that they will be able to meet new people, for example. Also, if you are moving to a larger city, point out that they will have more places to visit. Just give them enough time to adjust to the new state of affairs- after that, everything will be easier.

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