Best places to raise a family in Florida

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You only want what is best for your family. When searching for a place to settle with your loved ones you have to think about a lot. Also, thinking long term would probably be the best idea. Whether you already have a family or you are planning on staring one long-term planning is crucial. To ease this transition we managed to categorize places you should raise a family in Florida.

What to take into consideration

When searching for a place to raise a family in Florida, there are some things you should consider beforehand. Raising a family is considered the most joyful thing you can do. But it is also hard at the same time. Move to Miami will be a blast for you and your family. But first, you need to think about the little things that will make your life easier.

So if you are going to raise a family in Florida you must think about:

  1. Price when buying or renting a home
  2. Commute time
  3. Education for your children
  4. Types of households


Money representing a cheap place to raise a family in Florida
It is a good idea to raise a family in Florida in a cheap home

Miami Lakes

Your family will enjoy Miami Lakes if you’re a suburban type of family. Miami Lakes is located outside of Miami so it is pretty close. A lot of fun activities await you in Miami during the day. And when you’re done with city life just crawl under the blankets of your suburban home during the night. Over 90% of residents have a high school degree and the average commute time is pretty low about half an hour. Notify your moving company Aventura about your moving plans on time. What is special about Miami Lakes is that people after finishing school like to stick around. That is what makes this place so alive. Kids will have a lot of friends in Miami Lakes and chances are that so will you.

A water gaiser in Miami
Miami Lakes is a nice suburban place

Maitland is ranked as the best place to raise a family in Florida

If you are interested in what the best looks like it is Maitland. It is safe to say your family will love it here. Maitland is located close to Disney World and that speaks volumes if you want to raise a family in Florida. The kids will lose their minds! Small city life with only about 17,000 residents will benefit a lot. And if you enjoy museums and parks you are in luck. Maitland has four enormous parks and five museums so you will always have fun activities with your loved ones.

An old church
There are a lot of historical monuments in Maitland

Parkland is full of children

Around half of the households in Parkland have children. No need to worry about your kids finding new friends after you move to raise a family in Florida. It is almost twice the size of Maitland but not less safe. For you, there are plenty of high paying jobs. A lot of schools in Parkland and public ones are above average. There is no need to worry about your kid’s education. Families in Parkland are very active and social. Everywhere you go there is a family playing tennis, going for a walk playing golf, etc.

Port Orange

Cheap housing is one of the best things in Port Orange. Not to mention commute time around 20 minutes. This little town has around 60 000 residents and it feels very suburban. Location is perfect as it is just around the corner of Daytona Beach. Being close to the ocean is a blessing if you are to raise a family in Florida. The state also rated the schooling system here with a high mark. Your kids will have a good education and amazing recreation time around the ocean. What more do you need?

A beach
Port Orange lies just around the corner of Daytona Beach

Winter Springs

When speaking of affordable housing Winter springs, the same as Port Orange is going to amaze you. Also, there is a high percentage of residents with high school, around 93%. What is also great, Winter Springs is close to Disney World, the same as Maitland. If eagles and alligators fascinate you and your kids, make sure you visit Lake Jessup. And if you’re not that into enormous animals learn how to pet-proof your house for some smaller species. The average commute time in Winter Springs is 26 minutes, so you will have plenty of time during the day.

Tampa for the lovers of big city life

Tampa is for families who love living in a big city. By moving to Tampa you will provide great parks, amazing beaches, and tasty food to your family. Living in Tampa means to teach your kids about diversity. This town gains around 90 000 residents per year. You have a variety of neighborhoods to choose from according to your family’s wishes.

Image of Tampa
There are a lot of nice parks in Tampa


If you enjoy suburbs Oviedo is your choice if you want to raise a family in Florida. Orlando’s suburbs consist of 13 neighborhoods. This is a white-collar neighborhood with amazing job opportunities for you so you can provide for your family. Schools here are amazing and the education of your children won’t be a problem. Outdoors activity for families here is blooming. Hiking, canoeing, concerts or just walking around the parks all are options available to your family in Oviedo. Be sure to learn the basics of canoeing just to be safe. Tradition is nourished here as this place has festival commemorating its agricultural origins, chickens roaming free, farmer’s markets, etc. Keeping some southern charm is Oviedo’s secret as being one of the best places to raise a family in Florida.



Only wanting what is best for your family is something we have in common. The places we listed here are ranked high and are best to raise a family in Florida. By composing this list we hope we have helped ease your struggle about choosing what is most suitable. All of these places have amazing schools for kids and a lot of activities for everyone’s taste. The only thing left is for you to consult your family about their wishes and decide where you are headed.


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