DIY moving mistakes you should avoid

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Home relocation is a tiresome and stressful event. Even if you have all the time, money, and help you can get, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. You must be aware of and knowledgeable, especially if you are doing everything yourself. Therefore, proper planning is in order. We will help you by providing key things on DIY moving mistakes you can avoid. Let us show you how!

Be aware of DIY moving mistakes and plan upfront.

The moving process begins with a proper organization, followed by a moving and inventory checklist. You should start early. As soon as you get your moving date, start planning and gathering all the documentation you need. Ideally, you’ll have at least a month to figure it out. Then check out your friends and family schedule. You want to make sure that your helpers are free and able to help on your moving day. After you realize what options you have, set aside a moving budget. Keep in mind that you must cover the labor and pay for the moving services. Although, with a bit of research you can easily find an affordable moving team to assist you. Check out the movers Boca Raton as one of the best local moving companies. By comparing the quality to the price, you’ll be amazed at what you end up with. Give it a try.

Avoid DIY moving mistakes by making a proper plan
Make all the calculations upfront. Spend your time, money, and energy wisely.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget to inform everyone about your move. Take a few days off from work, to relocate peacefully. Also, check the weather on your moving day. If it is snowing or raining, you should know about and prepare adequately. List all the steps on your moving checklist and let it serve you as a guide. There is no better way to avoid DIY moving mistakes.

Careful packing will help you avoid most of the DIY moving mistakes.

One of the stages on your journey that is prone to DIY moving mistakes is the packing process. It is a tiresome time-spender that will bring even more headaches if not done right. Therefore, you need to do this one right. Start by visiting your local grocery or hardware store. Check out if they have any cardboard boxes you can take/buy. While you are at the store, fetch some of the mandatory packing materials. You’ll need packing tape, packing paper, and labels. Along with the moving boxes we already mentioned, it is a bare minimum required for proper packing. Although, if you do not want to go through the packing process yourself, you can always utilize moving services Miami. Let someone else pack and unpack you.

If you gathered all the materials and dozen different sized moving boxes, it is time to pack. Begin by securing the box. Use old blankets, towels, rags, or any other cloth you have, to make a foundation. Then place your items and fill the gaps with packing paper or more cloth. Seal the box tight and label it to raise awareness of the content. You must label boxes with fragile items, to make them safer. Although, the highest level of safety is achieved by enlisting local movers Florida. Check out the best movers in the area and think about the packing services you can purchase. Most of the moving mistakes are avoided if you let professional movers handle the process.

Hire movers you can rely on.

If you decided to hire a moving company, make sure that you are aware of a few things. To find the movers you can trust, you’ll have to conduct simple research. It will take an hour of your time, but this way you’ll be sure that you are placing your business is safe hands. Browse your options online. In this day and age, this all you need. Check out a few websites and narrow your search down to a couple of highly-rated moving companies. The next step is to take a closer look at the ones you picked. Check the services they provide and compare prices. Be sure that they have a physical address, contact info and a logo of the company. More importantly, they should possess all the permits and licenses to work.

Shaking hands
Find a reliable moving company that you can trust!

Once you read some moving reviews and previous customer experience, give them a call. Be sure to ask your moving company all the questions you need answers to. Make sure that you write it all down so you can evaluate later and make a final decision. This is the best approach to avoid fraudulent moving teams.

Safety always comes first!

Cover everything you can to at least have the peace of mind:

  • Packing – Keep in mind that no matter how you pack, there is always a game of chance. Due to unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions, traffic, or injuries. You can’t do much about it. Be sure to pack the best way you can and hope for the positive outcome.
  • Damage and theft – You want to be sure that your items are all delivered, and in one place. Therefore, make a physical and digital copy of your inventory list. Inspect everything upon delivery. Especially your highly valuable items.
  • Service – Browse through the relocation services your movers offer. Some of them are quite useful. In case you have big and robust pieces that require special handling, or antiquities, moving service can be a problem solver.
  • Insurance – You can always take an extra step and purchase the moving insurance. It is an inexpensive proactive step to provide an additional layer of protection to your cargo.
  • Moving contractRead your moving contract at least twice before signing. Ask your movers what the difference between binding and non-binding estimate. Be sure that you know what you are buying and take a closer look at the fine print on the bottom.

Think about your health and safety.

We are sure that you will cover all the steps and organize your move like a pro. But while in the middle of it, remember that your health and safety shouldn’t be neglected. You must take enough sleep at least a few days before the move. Eat better, drink enough fluids, sleep more. Those are key things to keep you on track.

Alarm clock
Give yourself some time to rest and catch a good night’s sleep.

Moving is not an easy thing and it requires mental and physical health. You do not want to organize a perfect move than to be unable to participate. Also, while on the move, take special care on how you handle the heavy lifting. You should learn how to lift heavy objects since it is no joke and it can lead to back strain or even more serious back injuries. Do not lift more than you can handle and use your legs instead of your back.

Those were the basics, and now you know more about how to avoid DIY moving mistakes. As long as you plan accordingly and list all the steps ahead, you won’t have to worry. Hopefully, we provided enough help so you can do it like a pro. Good luck with your moving endeavors!


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