Choosing the best date for a relocation

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Knowing when is the best date for a relocation is really important. Sometimes, obligations from life can prevent you from having a successful relocation. Thus, it is really important to plan your moving date well in advance. Moreover, you might find out that some weather conditions might not be the best on your moving day. For this reason, you should either postpone your move or organize and plan well. In any case, you need to know that relocation is not always easy. Therefore, it might be a good idea to choose the best date in order to make it slightly easier for you. Miami moving and storage has prepared a short guide to help you out when this is concerned. We sincerely hope that you will use it in the future.

Why is choosing the best date for a relocation really important?

Knowing exactly when to relocate might save you precious hours of preparation time. Also, choosing your moving date might even save you a lot of money. If you are moving to Fort Lauderdale, for example, you should relocate in mid-September. The prices then are not too steep. However, keep in mind the following:

  • Spring relocation. It might be a good idea to relocate with the passing of winter. The weather is going to be nicer and there will be less snow and ice to worry about. March and April are some of the best months for relocation, so keep that in mind. Also, feel free to contact the most reliable Coral Springs movers for your spring relocation.
  • Summer relocation. Most people want to purchase a home in summer. However, then the prices should be the highest. Unless you are selling a house, then you might want to wait until fall for relocation. If you are in the hurry, early July might be your best bet.
  • Fall relocation. This is one of the best time periods for relocation. Most people finish their relocation in the summer. Thus, you might want to relocate once the prices become slightly lower. Besides, you will have more moving and storage Florida options to choose from.
  • Winter relocation. Surprisingly, it is not bad to relocate during the winter. The demand is the lowest and your companies might have slightly more flexible schedules. Also, unless the weather is too harsh, you could organize for a winter move. Find some online moving reviews and schedule your relocation.

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    Monday might be the best day of the week for your move

What time of the month is the best for relocation?

Usually, most people think that relocating in the first week of a new month is the best. This is why most people will schedule their relocation for the first day of the month. This might provide some competition for your relocation as well. Moreover, chances are that you will have a hard time finding a moving company on short notice then. It does not matter if you are relocating to Los Angeles, Seattle, or to Miami – you should call your movers well in advance. This being said, you should also keep in mind that it might be for the best to avoid the early days of new months when relocation is concerned.

If you relocate in late September and even late October, you might save a lot of money for your relocation. The relocation demand in that period is not as high as it usually is during the summer months. So, if you are in no rush to relocate your home, you might want to wait until late September. Also, relocating throughout the winter might be a really good idea as well. December, January, and February are the three months in which people do not relocate often. Thus, more moving companies will be available and the prices will be more affordable.

A snowflake choosing the best date for a relocation
Winter might be the best time to relocate for several reasons

Choosing the best date for relocation in terms of weeks

When you are choosing an exact day of the week for your relocation, you should keep some things on your mind. This is especially true if you are planning a DIY relocation. Here are some of the best dates when it comes to relocation:

  • Monday and Tuesday. Surprisingly, relocating either on a Monday or Tuesday morning might be the best time for your relocation. Monday is the start of the workweek. So, you should keep in mind that most people will be working early in the morning on Mondays. Thus, they might not be relocating at the same time as you are. This being said, your moving company might have a more flexible schedule for your move. If you can get a free Monday, make sure to use it for your relocation.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are good as well. The same can be said for Wednesday and Thursday. If you are relocating mid-workweek, you might have a more flexible schedule for your relocation. Keep this on your mind at all times.
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are not that good. Most people are “free” during the weekends, so they might complete their relocation then. This will mean more competition when it comes to a moving company. In other words, you might not get a moving company with a flexible schedule during those days of the week.

Time of the day is also very important

When you schedule your relocation, keep in mind that most moving companies would like to start as early as possible with your relocation. Usually, you should expect your movers to be there at around 8 AM, or at 10 AM at the latest. If you are not an early bird, then it might be a bit problematic to relocate with their help. However, you do not relocate on a daily basis – so make sure that you wake up in time for your move.

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Weather conditions for relocation are the best in April

Choosing the best date for a relocation – final thoughts

Overall, when you are choosing the best date for a relocation, you should keep the following on your mind. Relocating somewhere between late September and mid-April might be your best option. Also, make sure not to relocate in the first week of a new month. Relocating on a Monday morning might be the best idea for you as well. We hope that you will find the best date for your move now that you know several things. Good luck!

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