Free moving boxes – yes or no?

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It is always great to get something for free, especially when you are moving and you have a lot of expenses. Free moving boxes are a great way to cut your moving costs. But, getting something for free isn’t always the best decision because there is a question of quality. That’s why we bring you all the good and bad sides of getting free moving boxes.

Why should you pay for something when you can find it for free?

When it comes to cardboard boxes and other packing supplies it is known it is the biggest packing expense. You need to buy a lot of boxes, wrapping materials, tapes, etc. But, if you want to reduce the moving expenses, you should start from getting cardboard boxes for free. The question is, why to pay for something when you can get it for free? Well, there are many pros and cons to getting free moving boxes. The biggest advantage is that you will save the money, but the biggest con is that you are not sure how quality is the boxes.

Free moving boxes
When you are looking for free moving boxes, make sure they are good quality.

What should you know about free moving boxes?

When you find something that you don’t have to pay for, you take that as an opportunity. But, you should be very careful when looking for free moving boxes. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Good overall condition

Yes, your goal is to save some money but it is also to save your belongings from unnecessary damages. You don’t want to risk crashes of your belongings because of the poor condition of the boxes. When picking free cardboard boxes you should always think about the safety of your items. Make sure all boxes are in good condition.

  • Strength.

Your boxes should look sturdy. Make sure they don’t have holes or ripped pieces. So, before you start packing, take a closer look to be sure they can handle all your items.

  • Cleanliness and Dryness

The biggest con of using free moving boxes is the cleanliness. Usually, used cardboard boxes are dirtier than new boxes. Used boxes are usually used for transportation of vegetables, fruits, drinks, so they usually have some wet and dirty spots. Be careful when inspecting cardboard boxes, make sure they are clean and dry to serve you well. Don’t risk damages of your belongings and the big financial loss. If the boxes are not in good condition, you should think about buying it from reliable moving companies in Florida.

Cardboard boxes
Make sure your cardboard boxes are in good condition. Clean, dry and sturdy boxes are what you need for safe transportation of your belongings.

Risks of getting free cardboard boxes

When you want to get free cardboard boxes you should be aware of major risks:

  • If your boxes are not strong, clean or dry enough you are risking serious damages and loss
  • You will lose the time to find the good quality free cardboard boxes. Sometimes it can take a few days to find the perfect boxes
  • You are risking extra expenses. In case your boxes are not good for transportation it can lead to disasters and extra expenses.

Best places to get free moving boxes

Now when you know what to pay attention when looking for free cardboard boxes, we want to give you an idea where to get it. Don’t be afraid, it is not so complicated to find affordable high-quality moving boxes in Miami, you just need to be careful and well informed.

Friends and neighbors

If somebody in your neighborhood has moved recently, you should ask for cardboard boxes they don’t need anymore. Probably your neighbors will be thrilled to get rid of cluttered boxes in the garage.


The Internet is a good place to find anything, including free moving boxes. You can ask your friends on Facebook or you can simply search for boxes on different sites and Craigslist.

Local stores

Local businesses and grocery stores are great places to find cardboard boxes. They have them in different shapes and sizes. So, go to the near grocery store and talk to the manager and see if they have extra boxes and make a deal for the pickup time. You should also check shopping centers, bookstores, liquor stores, recycling centers (this is the place where most cardboard boxes end up).

Bananas in grocery store
Go to the near grocery store and talk to the manager and see if they have extra boxes and make a deal for the pickup time

To summarize, be careful when you want to get something for free!

As we mentioned above, getting something for free is great, but it is not always the best decision you can make. In this case, free moving boxes that are not in good condition can lead to serious damages and loss. Instead of risking many complications, maybe you should think about hiring professional packers who will bring all the needed supplies on your address.


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