How to increase the value of your beach home?

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When you eventually decide to part with it, you need to know how to increase the value of your beach home and get the highest possible price. It always includes investing some money in renovation and necessary repairs, but the results are rewarding. If somebody wants to enjoy living in your beach beauty, possibly at some of the best beaches in South Florida, they will have to pay for it accordingly. Here are a few useful tips on how to increase the value of your beach home. Hopefully, you will sell it eventually at a satisfying price.

Planning a renovation aimed at increasing the value of your beach home

You can’t just start renovating without a suitable plan. If you do, you risk spending too much money and yet not being satisfied with the final result. That’s why think carefully about your goal. We offer you some hints on where to begin.

To increase the value of your beach home you need a good plan.
If you start renovating your home without a suitable plan, you risk spending too much money and yet not being satisfied with the final result.

Research to know the numbers

The biggest threat when you want to increase the value of your beach home is to over-renovate it. You risk investing too much money without any chances to see a return on this investment. To avoid this, research to calculate the after-repair-value of your beach home. Eventually, you’ll know the exact amount of money worth investing into a renovation.

Careful inspection of hidden areas

To increase the value of your beach home it is necessary to pay attention to those areas you don’t use on regular basis. These will be inspected by a potential buyer too. So, look for hidden water leaks, mold, termites in your home, problems with electrical systems, your roof, etc. Do all you can to solve these problems immediately.

Ask professionals for help

If you don’t mind spending about $100 for an hour with an interior designer, do that by all means. A professional can give you various ideas on renovating your beach home. These ideas vary from low to moderate and high-cost ones and it’s up to choose what you like.

Outdoor improvements to increase the value of your beach home

To all those who are moving to Florida, finding a nice beach home is very appealing. So, use this smartly to find a potential buyer. You should start from the outdoors. The garden and the exterior of the house will influence the first impression significantly. Understandably, you have to do your best to make it positive.

Here is what to pay attention to:

  • Your hedges and the lawn. – These are the first things your potential buyer will see. They need to look neat and nice. Shape you hedges and trim the lawn. You can do it yourself or if you can afford it, hire a professional company to deal with it. The results will be amazing.
  • Your home entrance. – Your front door is old and unfashionable? Do something about it! You can paint it or even change it completely. Wooden doors with glass panels can be found at affordable prices. Besides, if you decide to add a new matching mailbox, you’ll be surprised by the change.
  • Your driveway.Wouldn’t a new cobblestone finish look nice on your driveway? Consider this as an option which is cheap and yet effective.

Indoor improvements to increase the value of your beach home

The simple formula for a perfect home to live, buy or sell is to make it clean, bright and spacious. What’s even better, we know how to accomplish these three.

Set down to some cleaning

You don’t want to create the impression of negligence to anyone who enters your house for the first time. Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves in your home. If you don’t meet their tidiness level, they will probably start negotiating the price and try to decrease it. So, to make your home shine, consider hiring a cleaning service to clean it thoroughly. Otherwise, DIY is the alternative.

Make your beach home bright

There are several different ways to do this. Firstly, you need adequate lighting. Space will seem much larger and cleaner when well-lit. What’s more, it will seem more expensive, too.  Secondly, you should replace heavy draperies with something that lets more light into your rooms. Vertical shutters or blinds would be just beautiful. Finally, if you can afford to install skylights, they are magical. They will brighten up your rooms significantly.

Make your beach home bright to increase its value.
Space seems much larger and cleaner when well-lit.

Make your beach home seem more spacious

Square footage is not the only thing that matters when it comes to space. Although the size affects the price, it is crucial how the person feels inside your home. To make your home seem more spacious you can:

  • Visually increase your rooms. – If you brighten up your rooms, this is the effect you will get.
  • Add simple mirrors in some rooms. – They are decorative, fashionable and they visually double the space.
  • Get yourself involved in decluttering home. – Get rid of the things you don’t need anymore or organize your storage areas better. Too many things make space seem much smaller.

Can simple decorations increase the value of your beach home?

The answer is yes. They give the final touch to the atmosphere and they make your home seem warm and cozy. Isn’t it just what everybody wants? Since your home is at the beach, try with some decorations on the subject. There are lots of DIY projects that include a few shells, some stand or tiny stones. Let the beach spirit into your home. A few scented candles, a sunset, water, and sand. The whole idea will be irresistible to your potential buyers. They will be willing to pay the stated amount and will start looking for reliable North Miami movers to help them with the move.

Simple beach decorations can increase the value of your beach home.
Simple beach decorations give the final touch to the atmosphere at your beach home and they make it warm and cozy.

Final words on how to increase the value of your beach home

Before you offer it to potential buyers, you should do your best to increase the value of your beach home. It usually means getting yourself involved in some repairs and a bit of renovation. The extent to which you want to improve your beach home is thoroughly upon you. Although the improvements range from low to high-cost, always bear in mind not to make a mistake of over-renovating. Since decluttering is one of the things you need to go through to make the home appealing, search for tips for the best garage sale and get rid of unnecessary things. You can even earn some extra money as well.

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