How to Avoid Moving Scams

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When you finally have decided to move, you should know how to avoid moving scams. Many people had been lucky and never faced with scams and frauds. Unfortunately, some of them had not that lucky. However, do not worry, there are ways to avoid those possible problems. Thanks to the internet, but many other tips and tricks, you can be able to recognize possible fraud.

Choosing a proper and reliable company

This is the very first step, and maybe the most important in order to avoid moving scams. Recognizing of scams starts even before you have chosen the right company. This also should be on your list of things to know along with other conditions you check in every company.

Make a plan of moving in advance

Every person, whatever the reason for his moving is, should prepare his moving long before moving starts. The reason is obvious. You will be able to check companies on time, without hurry. In order to avoid moving scams, you should be able to spend some time researching.

Protect yourself and avoid moving scams
Avoid moving scams in order to protect yourself

Choose an experienced company

This could sound logical, but sometimes people rarely choose a company that is cheaper and still builds the trust. It is not always money the reason for that. Sometimes people simply do not check a company before they hire them.

Avoid cheap companies

When we say the cheap company, we usually think of the companies that offer incredibly small prices. Many times, however, things are not so easy when you want to avoid moving scams. Those prices could be averagely high, but with small frauds. For example, you should ask how they calculate the price. Trustworthy companies like many of residential movers Miami know that the final price depends on mileage, but also height and dissemblance time.

Speaking about the extra fees…

Among the extra fees are surely packing costs. Many people choose to pack their stuff my own. That is not always a good nor cheap option. When moving company pack your things, they will not damage it, or they will include insurance in their service. It could save your time and money at the end. You can always choose one of the affordable but reliable Miami company. 

Avoid moving scams and save money
If you avoid moving scams you will save money


Every company must have a proper moving insurance. It includes many things and potential problem. Having some of them help you to avoid moving scams. There are several types of insurances:

  • Full replacement – the company will pay you for every damage or loss during moving;
  • Partial replacement – you will pay less money for insurance, but they will pay only part of the full detriment price for damage or loss;
  • Reparation – this is usually taken for the furniture, in case that moving company damaged your furniture during moving;
  • Alternative level of liability – one of the most used insurance, but that does not mean that you could avoid moving scams like this – includes paying per pound of lost or damaged stuff (usually 60 cents per pound).

Get references in order to avoid moving scams

This is also one of the most important steps for those who want to avoid moving scams. It includes having a good testimonial, and experiences of the people that used their services. There are several ways to check other people experience.

Use the site and internet

Company’s site is a good source of users’ experience. However, they will put in front of you only good experiences and testimonials on their site, so do not rely on them. Check forums, Facebook groups and other sources for this. The looking of the site and professionalism in making it also shows what company you are dealing with.

Ask reliable sources

In order to avoid moving scams, you can use advice from professionals. That includes real estate agent or Better Business Bureau. Also, check if the name of the company has been changed recently. It could indicate moving scams. Try to find out how the situation with their trucks is. Check if they are new and often controlled.

Estimate the company based on their questions

You should not rely on written testimonials and experiences. You can take in mind questions and information that the company asked you. For example, a professional company will ask you what have you planned to do with old furniture or the food from the refrigerator. They know that it is very important, based on the experience.

Do final check during the engagement

Even you finally have checked and chosen the company, the job is not done yet. You should be careful if you want to avoid moving scams long after the moving starts. So, do not relax until they have not finished everything from the contract and agreement.

Complete contract

Everything that you have an agreement with the company they must write on the paper. That includes small costs, additional and just-in-case services. Ask from the moving company to write down everything they offered and promised. Especially about things that are not common or do not belong to the standard service. Make sure that moving company knows that you will not pay any extra fee on the top of the final price they wrote in the contract. Finally, do never write blanco contract!

Avoid moving scams before you finished the contract
Make sure that you will avoid moving scams before you have signed the contract

Avoid large deposit

The best thing you can do in order to avoid moving scams is to not pay a deposit at all. Moving companies should be prepared for that and use some other type of insurance. However, if they still ask for it, pay the just small amount of money. Avoid large deposit in any case.

Ensure time of insurance after moving

Moving process takes a lot of time sometimes. You will not be able to control every part of that process. Sometimes your boxes will be in some storage for months after moving. That is why is important to make sure how long after moving you will be able to ask for insurance from the moving company. If they do not offer insurance at least three months after moving, avoid this moving scams. This should be precisely noted in the contract, too.

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