Should you hire packers when moving locally?

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Now that the moving day is close, you’ve started thinking about packing and all the errands you need to run. Do not panic, many people have done it before and they have all survived. So will you. Eventually, you are getting to the fundamental question. To pack or not to pack yourself? Should you hire packers when moving locally? You maybe think that since you are not leaving Miami, packing will be a piece of cake. Do not be so sure about that. As short as the distance is, you will still need to pack all your possessions and transport them. Here are some pros and cons that will help you make a decision.

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Pros for hiring packers

Time is money

For many of us nowadays, time is a deciding factor. First thing on your to-do list is decluttering your home.  You need to collect, classify and protect all your belongings, construct your moving boxes and carefully load them. This is a tedious process that can last for weeks, even months. If you are working around the clock, you will probably not have enough time for all these tasks. Also, if you need to move quickly, a decision to hire packers when moving locally will save your life. Professionals will wrap this up in a few days top. And not to mention all the time you will have for yourself.

Did someone say moving supplies?

Be aware that you will need a whole bunch of moving supplies. Great news about hiring professionals is that they will bring quality packing materials of the required amount, sizes and type. Also, you will not be in risk to run out of some of them in the middle of the packing. Here are some of the supplies necessary for a proper packing.

Box with a key hanging out.
Pack smart and do not forget all the moving supplies.
  • The proper amount of moving boxes of the right size is something you do not need to think about if you hire packers when moving locally.
  • Bubble wrap, peanuts and packing paper will protect your valuable and fragile items.
  • The tape will keep the boxes closed.
  • Markers will help in classification, do not forget this step.


The fact is that if you are hiring professional movers for your upcoming move, you will most likely end up without any broken or damaged items. Professional packers are trained for this mission and they know all the hacks and tricks to get your goods relocated safely. We all get attached to some of our stuff, that has emotional value for us. This will give you a piece of mind. It brings us to our next matter.

Calm down and get insurance

Professional packers from reputable moving companies are insured. That means that they accept the liability for some possibly broken or damaged belongings. Keep in mind that having less responsibility will significantly reduce levels of stress.

Stress-free moving

Sounds like a fairy tale? To be honest, it probably is. Such a big change can hardly pass without any stress whatsoever. But leaving the packing to others will take a lot of that stress of your shoulders. This is probably the most important reason to hire packers when moving locally. It will also leave you time for things that really matter. Whether that is preparing your children for moving, getting things done at work or just dealing with your emotions, there are better ways to spend your free time than packing.

A girl holding her head above laptop and notebooks. Hire packers when moving locally and avoid stress.
If you want to avoid stress, hire packers when moving locally.

No heavy lifting for you

This is last but least benefit you can count on. You will not need to lift a finger when it comes to heavy items. Furniture, devices, and artwork could be a real nightmare for transport, but that will be someone else’s worry.

Cons for hiring professionals

How much does it cost to hire packers?

This is a question you should ask, for sure. The cost of hiring professionals depend on the number of belongings you are moving, their size, nature of the items to be packed, overall packing time, the complexity of the move, etc. The fact is that full packing service costs can be anywhere between several hundred to several thousand dollars. Since you are moving locally, the price should be lower too. But make sure you find reliable Miami Movers for Less and avoid the unpleasant surprises.

Control alert

For the ones that like to have control over everything in their life, this will be a challenge. If you hand over the packing duties to someone else, you are losing control over the big part of the process. There is a chance you will not like their way of wrapping your fragile items or what they are putting in which box. If you think you will have a problem with that, you should reconsider your decision to hire packers when moving locally. On the other hand, if you provide them with detailed instructions and guidelines, the things might go your way after all.

It’s personal

When it comes to packing your sentimental items, memories or valuable possessions, be careful. Having a stranger going through your personal items can be a bit uncomfortable. For this reason, many people decide to pack their special belongings by themselves. Before you open your door to the packers, make sure you have packed all the things you do not want to be seen or put with the others. Also, try to find a company you can trust and rely on.

Camera, photos and album placed on the desk.
Pack your sentimental items yourself, or prepare it for packers.

Should you hire packers when moving locally is your decision

Taking advise from a friend can be productive but let the decision be absolutely yours. Every person has different habits and needs so you should pick what suits you best in this situation. The perfect solution for someone else could be a wrong one for you.

Information is a difference that makes a difference

Whatever you decide, make sure you have all the information you need. When hiring movers, make a good research and try to find a licensed and insured company. Recommendations and reviews can help you with that. On the other hand, if you are packing by yourself, make sure you have all the supplies and a transportation plan figure out.

Hopefully, this will help you decide whether to hire packers when moving locally. Try to relax as much as you can during the process and think about all the new and exciting things future is bringing. Keep your eye on the goal. Think positive. Your new home is waiting for you.



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