Moving to another state – what’s to know?

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Moving to another state? How to prepare for this big step? From packing, transporting to finding a most affordable way to move, making a transition to a new state is no easy task. But, reliable Miami movers are here to help. We ensure your smooth and safe move to your new home by bringing you a few useful tips on how to make it.

road you should follow when moving to another state
Moving to another state? Let’s start with preparation!

Moving to another state requires a big budget: Start saving!

When moving to another state, make sure to include all necessary costs in your budget. Different costs such as shipping, gas, hotel, transportation, insurance can pile easily. Relocating to a new country requires also upfront expenses. Make a plan to start saving money for the relocation. Make sure your budget covers all costs of the transition and you should add some money in case of unexpected costs.

Planning your moving budget doesn’t stop when you get to your new home. You should also think about the cost of living in a new state. Make sure you can afford a few months living costs after the move. Determine how much money you can spend in your new city with your current salary.

Money in jar
Start saving money for your long distance move

Decide what to do with your old items: To sell or not to sell?

When you are preparing for the long distance move, you have to pay attention to the size of your baggage. You don’t want to pay a fortune for the move because of your old and forgotten items in the garage. It makes more sense to sell or donate old items you won’t use in your new home. In this way, you will save time, money and energy. Think if it is cheaper to buy new furniture for your new home or to pay shipping costs for transporting your old furniture pieces.

Research educational options

Do you have school-age children? Then, searching for a new school is the major part of moving to another state. Find the top rated schools in the area you want to live and compare their programs, classes, ratings, etc. Make sure the new school is the perfect fit for your child.

Next step: Finding a new home

The ideal thing you can do is to find a new home before you move. Unless you know the area, make sure to do a complete check of a community and neighborhood. Find a safe and budget-friendly place where you or your family can be happy. It is a good idea to ask for professional help and to hire a real estate agent to help you find a new home in the new city. For example, if Miami is your next destination, make sure to check their best neighborhoods for families to find a perfect place where your loved ones can fit in.

Finding a new home is an important step when moving to another state

Moving to another state requires a reliable moving company

To make sure your move is smooth and easy, our suggestion is to hire competent movers. Your reliable relocation partner should be a moving company that you can trust with your belongings. So, to find the best, make sure to compare moving companies, their ratings, reviews, services, and prices.  Contact at least three moving companies to ask for a moving quote. Compare all moving quotes you get to make a decision which moving company is the perfect fit for your budget. If the moving company doesn’t provide onsite moving estimate consider this as a red flag to not to hire movers.

To hire reliable interstate movers Miami to handle your move make sure they have license and insurance, then you can be sure your move is in good and safe hands.

Make a strategic packing plan

Before you start packing your items, make sure to buy packing supplies and to plan how to pack efficiently. Our suggestion is to pack your non-essentials first, such as home décor, books, furniture, electronics, etc. Then, save the essentials for the last box. Essentials box should include kitchen items, toiletries, etc. The items you don’t want to move, sell or donate. Make sure to pack all important items including documents. Everything should be protected and safely packed in clearly labeled boxes.

People handling boxes
Make sure to get quality moving boxes and packing supplies

Transfer your utilities to a new address

Before making a move make sure to contact your utility company to notify them about the relocation. Utilities include cable and internet, gas, electricity, water and sewer and security system. If you already know your new address, schedule a transfer date.

Last, but not least: How to get a job in another state?

The best thing you can do is to search for a job before a move. There are many ways to do it. Start with an online job search. For example, a LinkedIn profile is a good start. When you create a profile you can connect with people who can help you browse job all over the world. When you apply for the job, make sure your employer understands why you are applying for the role and explain why new state fits into your career path.

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