How to choose the right climate controlled storage?

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Climate controlled storage facilities provides you with clean, stable and safe environment units where the temperature is maintained as well as levels of moisture and humidity. Depending on the items you want to store, you need to choose the right climate controlled storage. For example, storing your electronics in standard storage may work for a short time, but if you want to reduce the risk of damages, moisture and humidity than the climate controlled storage unit is a perfect choice. Here are a few questions our Miami movers collect during the years of relocating people around Florida. These questions will help you understand and choose the right climate controlled storage.

Do you want to store humidity sensitive items?

Almost everyone is concerned about the humidity when it comes to storing items. Humidity can cause serious damages such as cracking in wooden furniture. When you want to store items such as art, documents, photographs or collectibles you need to be sure there is no high humidity level in the storage. It can cause severe damages leading to mold which can negatively affect different types of fabrics.

Wooden table should be stored in climate controlled storage unit
Your wooden furniture is sensitive, so choose the right climate-controlled storage unit to store it

Are you storing high value or sentimental importance items?

When you need safe storage space for high-value items or sentimental items you need specialist care and a place where your possessions are properly packed and stored. Climate controlled storage Miami will provide you with more effective protection for high-value items. If you are worried about the cost of storing in this type of storage units, remember that the cost is less than if the items are ruined.

Are your items sensitive to temperature changes?

If you want to store collectibles such as wine, antiques or art, you have to be aware that these items are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. So, you need to rent a storage unit that can maintain the ideal storage temperature. If you own any collectibles, then, climate-controlled storage is a good choice for you. But, if you are not sure how to pick the best storage unit, Miami Movers For Less are always available to give you help and all necessary information. Just give us a call.

Wine in storage unit
If you want to store collectibles such as wine you need a safe and climate controlled storage space


What kind of items should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit? Take a look.

  • Wooden furniture

When your furniture is exposed to the moisture over time, it can crack, rot, or warp. So, everyone who wants to store wooden furniture, climate-controlled storage is necessary.

  • Household appliances

Do you want to store your dishwasher, washing mashing or dryer? All these appliances need climate-controlled storage. You don’t want to store it in the standard storage unit and risk cracking and rust.

  • Collections such as coins, stamps, comics, wine, etc.

You like to collect because you want to preserve your items for years to come. Temperature control has a big influence on this. Everything from coins, stamps, and comics to wine collections requires a safe and climate controlled storage unit.

  • Musical instruments

Musical instruments are very delicate. They need to be handled with great care. So, temperature control is a must in a storage unit where you want to store your musical instruments. Instead, you are risking serious damages on your piano by extreme temperatures and humidity. Or, strings on your guitar can be damaged or snap when kept in the wrong conditions.

  • Artwork

A storage unit with temperature control is a great place for the artwork and art supplies.

  • Clothing

The right type of climate controlled storage unit will keep your clothes in good shape. It will prevent damages and yellowing. In other storage facilities, your clothing can catch the mold.

  • Business documents & Inventory 

All business owners will recommend storage units with temperature control especially if you need to store a lot of documents, files, etc. It is very important to save the quality of your business items from risks to fade and discolor. With exposure to moisture, your business items can suffer serious damages. To keep your business belongings safe, climate controlled storage is your best choice.

  • Photos

When storing photos, climate controlled storage is a must. Keep your photos in albums, and in boxes this the most appropriate way to save them from damages or the prints can blend.

  • Electronics

If you want to store your TV, recording equipment or some other electronic appliance, you must be very careful when you are picking the storage unit. Your expensive electronics requires a safe and climate controlled space. When they are stored properly, you are reducing the chance of damages.

The truth is, temperature control in storage unit is beneficial for many different items and many different reasons.

Avoid scams and hire a reliable storage company!

There are just a few groups of items that need climate controlled space to be stored. The truth is, climate controlled storage is beneficial for many different items and many different reasons. If you are not sure which unit to choose, contact a storage facility operator and determine exactly what kind of storage is right for you. Just make sure to pick the right and reliable storage company to avoid possible storage scams.

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