How to make your home more kid-friendly

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When you move into a home, you have the opportunity to decorate it the way you want. If you’ve never lived alone, this seems like an excellent opportunity to be creative. However, once you have children, having expensive furniture doesn’t sound like a great idea anymore. Since they like to draw on walls and spill liquids, it makes more sense to opt for some better solutions. Moreover, kids hurt themselves more than adults, and in their own home. For this reason, you need to go the extra mile, whether when renovating your current home or relocating to a new one. When you move to Miami with your kids, you need to make sure that they are just as comfortable and safe in their new home as you are. That is why we have gathered the best ideas on how to make your home more kid-friendly.

Add storage to make your home more kid-friendly

For children of any ages, storage space is imperative. With all the toys, clothes, books, and other things, it can be challenging to find the room. To make your child more organized, it is a good idea to maximize the space they have in their room. For example, you can find lift-top tables with cupboards underneath. Here they can store smaller toys or books, or even pencils and other drawing materials. On the other hand, they should also have some space in different rooms of the home as well. In the hallway, for example, you can install small drawers or ‘cubbies’, where they can put the toys they play with the most. This is also an excellent way to teach them to put their things away. You can make it into a game, and they will enjoy it nonetheless.

Cupboards will make your home more kid-friendly.
Use cupboards in your bathroom as well, to store your kids’ things.

Keeping your kids organized with storage will also be helpful when you decide to move. The more sorted their things are, the easier it will be to pack them. Furthermore, you can make the whole process easier by hiring movers Boca Raton to help you out. That way, you will have enough time and energy to focus on your kids.

Consider using rounded furniture

When your kids start to walk, they will want to explore every inch of your home. They will practically be unstoppable when they realize what they can do. However, toddlers and even older kids are prone to accidents and bumping into things. Since there is no way to avoid this altogether, you should consider what your furniture looks like. If there are any sharp edges, such as on tables, cupboards, or shelves, you will want to replace them to make your home more kid-friendly. It’s better to prevent injuries than to have to rush to the emergency room.

Even though it might not seem that way, you can decorate your home with high-end pieces that are also safe for your children. You don’t have to give up the aesthetic you enjoy. Just do some research on your own, and you will surely find several excellent ideas.

Make your home more kid-friendly by keeping them close

Your children will want to spend time with you in your home. However, when you work from home or are busy with a task, it might not seem like the appropriate time. Well, we have a solution. For those with an office and a desk in their home, it is a good move to install smaller countertops for your kids. That way, they can sit with you in the room without bothering you. Give them something to do, such as crayons and some paper, or you can make a game of your own. Installing these tops will also help you when you stage your home for a sale, as many families will be happy to find an already kid-friendly home.

White kitchen with counter top and sink.
The kitchen is a great place to spend time with your kids.

This idea is excellent for the kitchen as well. Involving your kids in the cooking process can be problematic if they can’t reach the top of the counter. So making an area with lower tops will allow you to spend more time together and teach them something while doing so.

There is a solution for drawings on the walls

Kids like to draw, there is no dispute about that. They will draw on every surface they can get their hands on. More often than not, this surface will be a wall in the living room or their room. Instead of spending money and time on repainting every time they make a work of art, you should consider a more permanent solution to make your home more kid-friendly. This comes in the form of semi-gloss paint. Unlike regular paint, this type allows for easy washing. Your kids can draw with crayons, chalk, or even markers, and all you will need to remove it is a wet rag.

Child drawing with crayons.
Let your child be creative in a way that is safe for your walls.

Aside from painting the walls in your kids’ rooms with semi-gloss paint, you should do so with other walls in the house as well. Especially the ones that are exposed, such as the living room walls. You can find this paint in many different colors so that you can make it work with the decor.

Protect your kids from falls by making your home more kid-friendly

Surely the biggest concern of all parents is the safety of their children. You want to ensure that your child not only feels comfortable but secure as well. Small kids are prone to accidents such as falling out of the windows. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to install window guards on all windows on the second floor. The bars on the guard will prevent them from falling out.

Moreover, find a window guard that you can easily remove in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Additionally, if you want to make your home more kid-friendly, you need to ensure that your child doesn’t fall down the stairs in your home. You can do this by placing baby-gates at the top and bottom of each staircase.


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