How to pack for your interstate move

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Packing can be a hell of a job. Especially when you have to pack for your interstate move. Having to be extra careful can take a toll on a person. Interstate moving is much more complicated than moving short distances. But do not worry because we got your back when it comes to packing.

Decluttering comes first before you pack for your interstate move

It is not wise to pack all of your belongings when you are moving. This is your chance to start fresh, without the burden of some past times. Decluttering is necessary and liberating, but also one tough job. This requires all of the family to join because all of you need to get rid of your own things. And second, because you need your family to keep it real with you about what needs to be tossed away. Do this before calling interstate moving companies Miami. We tend to be too emotional when it comes to throwing away something that is a cherished memory but also a burden.

Clutter on the table you need to get rid of before you pack for your interstate move
Declutter your home before you pack for your interstate move

Declutter in the same manner as packing, room by room. That would be the easiest way and the most organized one. Starting points of decluttering should be your home storage areas like attic and basement. Storage areas in our home hold the most thrash and unused items. After you are done tossing unusable items, you can organize a garage sale for items you do not need but they still can be used. After you have decluttered everything you may proceed to pack for your interstate move.

Room by room packing

We mentioned room by room decluttering and the packing must be done in the same manner. Now, your storage areas are free of clutter and you can store what you pack in there. By doing this your home will be free for you to function properly while you wrap everything up. Coral Springs movers can help you with this. Pack the storage areas first and everything you rarely use. Pack for your interstate move by starting with:

  1. Home improvement and gardening tools
  2. Appliances you rarely use
  3. Off-season clothes
  4. Outdoor furniture
gardening tools
Start by packing the items you rarely use like the gardening tools

Packing this way gives you the benefit of functioning according to your schedule longer. You do not have to miss work for a week to pack. Pack little by little every day and room by room. Going back to your schedule after taking a break only for packing can be a nightmare. So take fewer days free of work when you are finishing with final steps and basic items. Room by room packing will also make it easier for you to unpack after you moved.


Use quality packing supplies

Your belongings need to be protected for longer periods. Quality packing supplies are a must when you pack for your interstate move. Investing in more expensive packing supplies will be much cheaper than making up something that was broken in transport. The money you made from the garage sale can be used for this. Keep that extra money for some plastic containers you will definitely need when you’re packing. Labeling is your savior here. Apart from labeling which room the container belongs to, you also need to label your fragile items. Make the movers know what they need to be extra careful of.

cardboard boxes used when you pack for your interstate move
Always opt to use new cardboard boxes

If you have a wine collection to move it can be even more tricky. Moving wine collections requires special packing techniques and supplies. Also, since you are moving interstate, communicate with your moving company about that. Renting cooling trucks will be a lifesaver in this situation. Wine is really expensive and you do not want to buy every single bottle again after you move. And we know some of them are irreplaceable to you. So invest in a truck with cooling storage, some insurance and quality packing supplies.


Get your family involved

Apart from involving your family with decluttering, you also need to do it when you pack for your interstate move. A few sets of hands are better than one. Before you start packing, come up with a solid plan. Work around your daily obligations to take some time to pack little by little each day. A solid plan would divide tasks between family members and include a time table to do them.

mother with her doughter
You can involve your whole family in the packing process to speed things up

Packing starts just a few weeks before the move, approximately 8. Every week a different set of tasks needs to be done by your family to optimize the move completely. Apart from packing, there are more things you need to settle. Include them in your plan.

Ask for help from friends when you pack for your interstate move

If you have a lot of stuff and a really big home you may need extra help. You can, however, hire professional packing companies to do this. It will be swift and painless for you. If you prefer doing this part on your own, you may want to call for help. Same as moving in a short notice, moving interstate with a lot of stuff is a huge burden. Apart from engaging your family to pack for your interstate move you can call some friends too.

Friends talking
You can always ask your friends for help

Make a little party out of this action. Since you do need to empty out your fridge and pantry, make some meals for your hard-working friends. Search online some delicious recipes to make from stuff you already have in your home. Wrap it up and serve when the job is done. Have a few drinks and relax. Not everything needs to bee all work and no fun at all. This is a perfect opportunity to bond over some work, a meal and some memories you may find when packing. Remember to also be there for your friends as well. Some of them will move as well and it is on you to give a helping hand, the same as they did with you. It’s like we already said, it is not only work, it’s having fun as well. To pack for your interstate move means a lot of worries. But with your organizing skills and out help, anything can be done. No worries, take it slow and good luck!

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