How to pack your items the Tetris way

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When it comes to moving, packing is definitely one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts. And although you will soon enjoy your life in a new place or relax on a sunny beach, you are reminded that you still have one of the worst duties to complete. Namely, packing your belongings. It might cause tension and make you feel helpless and stressed. And trying to fit your possessions into one or two bags is impossible. So, if you want to transport your items safely from one place to another, maybe it would be best to learn how to pack your items the Tetris way. And if you run into an obstacle that you cannot overcome, professional Miami moving and storage companies will be there to assist you.

What is a Tetris effect and how it can help you pack for the move?

Although it might be strange to get moving advice from a video game, Tetris might be a good place to start. Tetris is a video game that requires matching tiles. It was created in the 1980s by a Russian designer and is extremely popular today, too. The best part of this game is the fact that it aids users in organizing and objects things together. It does so similarly to how you would fit puzzle pieces together. Its organization is especially helpful if you’re employing some local movers Florida has to offer only for transportation purposes and you need to pack your stuff on your own. So, here are a few ways of packing to consider when trying out this method.

a man playing a Tetris game
Tetris can help you be more efficient when preparing for a move

How to pack your items the Tetris way?

No matter whether you want to execute a DIY move or ask for professional help, the Tetris effect can be equally useful. Once you have planned the packing process, you need to take care of the last step. Namely, making sure you have the necessary tools is essential. When renting professional tools, there might be the option to rent a trolley or add a hydraulic lift to the back of your truck. You will not have to worry about such things, however, in case you hire some of the best long distance movers Miami has to offer because they can quickly pack your house in the Tetris way. Moreover, they will take good care of your delicate belongings as well. If, on the other hand, you decide to pack on your own, try to pack your items like shapes in the Tetris game.

  1. Stuff your boxes the Tetris way
  2. Load the truck the Tetris way
  3. Make sure your belongings are secured

How to pack your stuff using this method?

Before you start packing, make sure to load your box how a Tetris player would stack the tiles. There are certain steps you will need to follow. Namely, what you can do first is examine how you can combine the shapes of your items. That can help you fit them well inside the box. In case you want to maximize room and stability, stack your things as tightly as you can. One of the most important things to remember is to avoid any spaces where your things might shift and move during the process of transportation. When you need to pack your items, the most crucial aspect is maximizing space.

a man thinking about how to pack your items the Tetris way
Imagining that you are playing a game will help you pack your items the Tetris way

How to load a truck the Tetris way

If you want to load your belongings by yourself, you’ll need to start using your “Tetris” brain at this point. Load your biggest and heaviest furniture pieces and items such as sofas, beds, coffee tables, refrigerators, tv cabinets, mattresses, washing machines, etc first. What all movers would suggest is that these should be loaded at the far back of the truck and evenly distributed on both axes.

Namely, you will need to picture how each piece will fit inside the truck. Also, you will need to think about the empty area that will be left behind. There is no reason to worry if the furniture doesn’t fit together properly or if there are some small gaps. You can use these areas later to put some smaller items. Additionally, another tip that can help you load the truck is rolling up your carpet, rugs, blankets, and towels. These are useful for filling up empty areas and securing objects in place. Still, keep in mind that if you hire some professional moving companies Miami Dade offers, you will not have to worry about this part of the process.

3. When everything is done, secure your belongings well

Once you have finished packing and loading your furniture and other bulky items, you will need to perform another round of securing your items. Moving straps might be of use in this process. In order to guarantee a piece of furniture stays in place and is securely tight, make sure to wrap the straps around the necessary components of each piece. Moreover, it could be a good idea to tie off individual boxes as you add more layers. This will help you keep your items secure during the process of transportation. Since efficiency is crucial in this situation, make sure to avoid making space compromises. Trying to pack your items properly will definitely make your packing process smooth and quick.

a laptop, book and a phone secured with a chain
Securing your belongings is very important when you and packing and preparing them for the transfer

Final thoughts

Once you have fully prepared to successfully pack and store your belongings, you will be able to enjoy the relocation and relax. Packing your items will be easy if you pack your items the Tetris way. First, make sure to keep heavy stuff and items you won’t use anytime soon in the back. When it comes to lighter or more often used items, make sure to put them in the front. Of course, hiring professional movers to help you handle your relocation easily is advisable. Moreover, you will have more time to spend with your loved ones.

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