New Year’s resolutions for moving

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It’s likely that you had a relatively peaceful holiday season and have had plenty of time to pack and prepare for your relocation. People usually make resolutions and have big plans for the upcoming year. For this reason, your plan might involve moving to Miami. Consider thinking outside the box and coming up with some goals that will assist you with your packing and moving. This is beneficial when you are anticipating better days and setting your New Year’s resolutions for moving. There are plenty of resolutions you can make, starting from hiring moving companies Miami, how to prepare for a stress-free relocation, and what to do first after moving. Therefore, here are all the resolutions you should make before moving.

The list of New Year’s resolutions that will turn every move into a stress-free process

In the following lines we have prepared a list of New Year’s resolutions that, if you decide to embrace them, they will make your moving process simpler and easier. Here are our ideas:

  • I will take time to choose the best movers
  • This time, I will start preparing early
  • I will get rid of the unnecessary items before the move, not after
  • I will try to manage my time better
  • Too much stress is not helpful, I will try to stay more relaxed
  • I will take time to explore my new neighborhood before I get there
person carrying boxes while thinking about New Years resolutions for moving
You should find reliable movers for your relocation that will help you safely move all your items

Take time to choose the right moving company

Choosing the right moving company is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make. An unreliable moving company will not only leave you with a terrible impression, but it will also increase your concern and stress during an already stressful occasion. Believe it or not, not all moving businesses are made the same. Therefore, you should focus on finding some reliable moving companies Miami Dade residents already rated well. Those would be the following:

  • Reasonable quotes and prices
  • Experience and skills
  • Flexibility and a commitment to do the job properly
  • A high level of professionalism

You might be wondering why this is listed among New Year’s resolutions for moving. There is one good reason. You need to take your time to find proper movers. They will be responsible for your items so make sure to choose reliable movers.

Start preparing on time

Do not put off packing until the last minute if you know when you will be relocating. This theory also holds true when looking for reliable long distance movers Miami has to offer. The earlier you begin, the higher your chances are of getting a fair deal and the moving date you desire. When getting a head start, there is a certain order in which you want to pack your belongings. Items that are seasonal and those you are not using often should be packed first.

As your moving date approaches, you might be amazed at how packing can be easy if you start the process early. Everyone should make a resolution to be more organized in the new year but relocating is one of the ideal times to do so since it makes the process less hectic and stressful.

One of the New Year’s resolutions for moving would be to downsize

The new year is the ideal time to declutter and simplify since it marks a new beginning. Make the most of your impending relocation to go through your belongings to give, sell, or throw away everything you no longer need or use. You’ll need to pack much less as a result and save money on packing services Miami companies offer. Continue the way you left off after the winter holidays by giving in the new year. Send all the things you’ve collected in your donation pile to charity organizations or people who may use some additional assistance.

Giving your used clothing or household things to charity not only extends their usefulness but also benefits people in need. Hosting a garage sale is a fantastic option. You could dispose of everything in a landfill, but you could also recycle it by donating it, selling it online, or holding a garage sale.

stack of towels
A part of New Year’s resolutions for moving is to be more organized when organizing your relocation

Properly manage your time when moving

Managing your time well is always a good objective to have. You will be astonished at all the things you can do in a day, week, or month by effectively managing your time. Setting this objective for the new year and working toward it in all areas of packing, from selecting and hiring local movers Miami residents recommend, etc. When you are more organized and less stressed, you will feel particularly more motivated.

It is a great idea to keep track of the different time management lists using a visual reminder, such as a calendar or a smartphone. This also makes it simple to make minor changes to the lists so they better fit your hectic schedule. In addition, this change is not only beneficial when you are moving but also generally in life. Once you move to Miami, you can keep up with the same method of time management.

Reduce your level of stress

One of the New Year’s resolutions for moving should definitely be reducing the level of stress. If you are under a lot of pressure and stress, it can cause many serious health problems. For this reason, it is important to learn how to manage your stress as well. There is never a bad thing about lowering one’s stress levels. An impending relocation, whether it’s across town or just around the corner, may be highly stressful. Apply the time management and stress relief strategies that you find comfortable.

A regular yoga or workout regimen is a good option. Go outside for a walk or simply follow online workout videos. Thinking positively and viewing every transition as an opportunity rather than a task. You can also reduce stress if you change your old surroundings. Leave your items in some good storage Miami has to offer until you come up with a new design for your future home.

doing yoga as a part of New Years resolutions for moving
You should find a way to reduce stress when moving and generally in life

Explore the new area before the move

Take the opportunity to get out and explore your new city and neighborhood after you move or if you have a few days before your relocation. Moving is never simple, but you could be pleasantly surprised by all that your new home has to offer. You never know who you’ll run into, so get out and explore. Consider making resolutions that will help you better manage and cope with the challenges better.

You will also manage moving better in addition to your own goals or unique objectives. If you want to move to Miami, now is the best time. You have plenty of time to prepare and move before the summer. In addition, if you explore the area before moving, you can see if you want to live in Miami or Miami Beach. These two are distinct municipalities, not the same city. Therefore, take a look at both.

What to expect from Miami?

Living in Florida has several advantages, including the absence of income taxes. Federal taxes are the only thing residents must pay. This implies that Miami residents who are on a fixed income can save thousands of dollars. Both Social Security and retirement benefits are tax-free. You will nonetheless be responsible for paying property and sales taxes. But compared to what other people spend in other cities, what you’ll pay is not that much. Local property taxes vary, but people often save money by paying in advance.

The median home value is $589K while the average rent is around $1,623. The only problem is the median household income of $45,250 which is significantly lower than the national average of $54,132. Still, you can find a relatively affordable house in this city and have your moving boxes Miami delivered there.

Miami night panorama
Miami is an interesting place filled with fun places, restaurants, bars, etc.

Interesting culture, entertainment, food scene, etc.

With a sizable population of citizens from Cuba, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Haiti, Miami is a genuine melting pot of cultures. Their music, food, celebrations, and other cultural elements are deeply ingrained in the personality of the city. In addition, Miami offers a wide variety of entertainment opportunities. There are several theaters, galleries, museums, and performing arts institutes in the city, which has a thriving and impressive art scene.

Miami has a number of green parks that are ideal for exercising outside, playing sports, practicing yoga, sailing, surfing, and much more. You also cannot ignore the large selection of oceanfront clubs, bars, and live performances to enjoy. Furthermore, Miami has an excellent cuisine scene because of its wide range of ethnic influences. In Miami, you may sample tostones, empanadas, or a traditional Cuban sandwich for the first time.

New Year’s resolutions for moving to Miami Beach

Miami and Miami Beach act as two different municipalities with their own governing bodies. According to statistics on living expenses, Downtown Miami will cost more to live in than Miami Beach. Even if a one-bedroom apartment in Miami will provide you with a little bit more room, Miami Beach will give you more for your money. The price of larger, more luxurious residences with three or more bedrooms is more in Miami Beach than it is in Miami.

The median home value is $441,500 while the average rent is $1500. In addition, the median household income is $57,500. Miami also offers more reasonably priced health and fitness facilities. You should take all of this into account when moving. After all, this way you will also know if you should hire some good moving companies Miami Beach has to offer or some reliable movers in Miami. Search available places in both cities to see the current situation.

houses next to the beach
Miami Beach is all about beaches and a luxurious lifestyle

The cultural scene in Miami Beach

Even though the difference between Miami and Miami Beach is easy to miss, locals like to point out all the distinctive features. Miami has more influence from Latin culture while Miami Beach is more about the beach lifestyle. Regarding Miami Beach’s cultural scene, it is very unique. In 1915, people made a beachfront retreat for the rich, and that is when the breezy glamour began.

In the 1930s and 1940s, affluent people and celebrities were enticed to a beautiful getaway by the sea such as art deco giants, the Delano, and The Raleigh. Later, Miami Beach started to attract Jewish retirees and winter vacationers in 1949. Fortunately, Gianni Versace’s entrance with his Ocean Drive residence turned the tide and gave Miami Beach its reputation. Miami Beach currently has many upscale hotels and residences. This is the reason Miami Beach is more expensive than Miami.

The downsides of moving to Miami and Miami Beach

Florida cities with a high cost of living are Miami and Miami Beach. Finding an affordable place is difficult because of overcrowding. The cost of living is 60% more expensive than the national average. As a result, if you intend to move here, you must be sure you can support yourself there. If you’re relocating for a job, your income should cover the costs of city life.

Along with a rise in housing expenses, Miami and Miami Beach are one of the most expensive locations in the nation to insure your car. In addition, Miami can be the ideal destination for you if you want to get away from winter. But there is also another drawback to this. Miami is quite warm and humid. You might have to pay higher electrical bills than usual to deal with the heat.

aerial view of the beach
It is expensive to live in Miami

How to make your final decision?

Those are the most helpful New Year’s resolutions for moving you could make. Of course, you should try and add a few of your own as well. However, the difficult part is to actually keep up with all the resolutions made. Still, don’t give up. It might be hard at the beginning but once it becomes a routine, you will see many benefits.

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