How to pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit?

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When you are moving, the best way to get rid of the stuff you no longer use, but you probably will in foreseeable future is to rent a storage unit. This is by far one of the best ways to get extra space for your items. Depending on what type of storage you rent, you will have all the necessary safety and everything else that a good storage unit should provide you with. Safety comes first of course, especially when it comes to storage units. Pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit and in that way make sure that everything is in order. A simple suggestion would definitely be Miami storage facilities.

Pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit

If you pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit, you can be all set. However, what packing supplies you should choose is the trickier part. No worries, that is why we are here. Let’s start from the beginning. What do you think would be the best material for boxes in which you would put your items? Cardboard boxes, or plastic bins? While making a choice keep in mind that sometimes you cannot choose easily if your storage unit can get God to forbid, flooded.

Cardboard boxes vs. Plastic Bins

Tale old as time when you need to pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit, what to choose? Cardboard boxes are cheaper option definitely, but in the long run, do you think that is the truth? Imagine the following scenario: Heavy rains, storm, floods. Somehow, some water manages to come through your storage unit. You have your items stored in a cardboard box. You can finish the rest of the story. Your items will definitely be damaged. On the other hand, if you choose plastic bins, you are all set. Not much to worry about, because your items will be way safer in a plastic bin than in a cardboard box. It is enough that if something happens you will have to clean your storage unit, and if so, it will be easier for you to know that at least your stuff is safe and dry.

plastic box
It is always better to use plastic over cardboard boxes


Some of the storages have shelves already inside. However, this is not the rule. You may rent storage where you will get only space and that is it. Nothing added to it. This is the moment when you have to figure out how to store your items if you don’t have anything to store them on. This is an easy solution. What you must do is to go to some DIY store and by some shelves that are very easy to put together. Therefore, have some money ready for this endeavor, this is nothing expensive but it sure can cost money, you cannot find it for free like you can find cardboard boxes.

shelves in the storage
Shelves can be very useful in your storage

Protect your belongings with the right packing supplies for your storage unit

When it comes to a question on how to pick the right packing supplies for your storage unit, you need to consider best ways to protect your belongings. This means that you need to have the following supplies:

This can be it, more or less. When it comes to plastic bins we already mentioned their advantages and why they are better the cardboard boxes. However, do not dismiss the cardboard boxes just yet.

Boxes are still useful as packing supplies for your storage unit

We will not dismiss boxes, just because plastic bins are better for keeping items in them. You can still use boxes for the items that you’re not overly attached, just in case. Also, once you put things inside a box, you should put that box on the highest shelf. So that in the case of a flood cardboard boxes do not get wet. Boxes are something that you can find in any large convenient store for free, and that is definitely not the case with the plastic bins. So, let’s say that boxes have their advantages, you just need to know how and where to use them.

What are blankets for, you ask?

You definitely need blankets for your items that you plan to store. In this way, you will protect your furniture from dust, and there can so much dust in the storage. Therefore, it is better to prevent then having to clean your furniture later. It is better to use blankets and not plastic covers because plastic can get really smelly after a while because of the mold, etc. So, have some blankets that you do not use, and make them useful.

Use your old blankets to protect your items

Packing paper

Packing paper is another great thing to have for your storage. The procedure is similar to when you are packing for a move, anything that is breakable makes sure to wrap in a packing paper. Also, make sure to label the boxes that contain fragile items and put them somewhere safe in some corner, where you know you won’t accidentally kick it when passing by.

Renting one of the storage units Miami, is the best decision to make when you need to move some things from your everyday space. You cannot sell those things and you cannot bring yourself to throw them away. Storage is such a great solution to that problem. Make sure to choose the right one. Keep always in mind that safety comes first, so rent storage with video surveillance, and maybe storage with adjustable temperature. It may be somewhat more expensive but in the long run, it is worth it.

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