How to prepare meals for long distance move

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So, you decided to move long distance. As much as you may be excited, you have to remind yourself that a long-distance move doesn’t happen overnight. In the midst of towers of moving boxes and a list of tasks, you also need to take care of yourself. Proper nutrition is something many overlook for the duration of their move. That’s why we are presenting you with another useful guide on how to prepare meals for long distance move. As a result, you’ll stay healthy along the way and get enough energy for each task ahead of you. Also, make sure to contact us once you decide when you would like to move. Rest assured you can count on our expertise since we operate as one of the most trusted long distance movers Florida has to offer.

A moving journey will seem much easier once you learn how to prepare easy meals for a long-distance relocation

Forget about long cooking sessions while preparing for a long-distance move. First, you won’t have time or desire to cook longer than 30min. You will be too hungry and order a take-out instead. The downside is the food waste, which you want to avoid. So consider take-out food only as a last resort and instead prepare simple meals rich in protein.

a person reading how to prepare meals for long distance move
Prepare meals for a long distance move on time.

If you are still wondering “Why should I learn to prepare meals for the move in the first place?”, take a look at the benefits of simple cooking and meal-prep:

  • Fewer dishes to wash.
  • Many simple meals actually contain much more nutrients.
  • Less stress around cooking.
  • Meal prep is a popular time-saving solution.

Create a pre-move grocery list

Plan your grocery budget and make a list of food you (and your family) would eat. In general, moving services Miami companies offer largely contribute to total moving expenses. However, you never know if you will need extra money for repairs or something else. That’s why making a budget for grocery shopping will help you keep track of your finances much better.

Make sure to use up leftover food

Check the content of your fridge. See if there’s any expired food and throw it away. Other leftover veggies and meats are perfect for simple yet delicious meals. Meat is easy to prepare with some spices and vegetables. This comes in handy especially if you plan to exercise in the mornings before you tackle your moving duties.

Avoid too many candy bars and opt for fruits instead

Oranges, pears, and apples can be kept outside the fridge. You can always take them with you and have them for a snack. In addition, it’s a good idea to mix orange and apple slices together.

mandarins in a bowl
Fruits are an excellent snack option.

Mix canned meals with eggs and vegetables to get a quick meal for a long-distance move

Eggs and canned fish are rich in protein and Omega3. Vegetables have various vitamins and minerals your body will need. So be creative and make some delicious mixings. Canned tuna goes well with hard-boiled eggs, onions, or other vegetables you want. Experiment with simple yet nutritive foods that will give you enough energy to complete all moving tasks.

Rice is another common food choice for those who are relocating long-distance. It goes well with vegetables, fish, and meat. Plus, it gives you enough carbs for the day. If you aren’t much of a fan of rice, then try a baked potato. Sweet potato is another popular source of carbs that keeps you satiated.

Use plastic containers to prepare meals for an upcoming long distance move

Although glass containers seem much better, they aren’t the safest option. Glass containers are heavier and more prone to breaking. On the other hand, plastic ones are lighter and disposable. Most fitness gurus recommend quality small containers where your food will survive for at least two or even three days. Fortunately, there are many simple and budget-friendly meal prep ideas you can find online.

Pack your dishes and use plastic plates and cutlery instead

Plastic plates and cutlery are easy to dispose of. Although not seemingly environmentally friendly, plastic items are recyclable. So make sure not to dump them with the rest of the garbage. Instead, find out where are the bins designated for recyclable materials.

Choose smoothies as a pick-up snack

A simple blender will do the job. Just mix some yogurt, bananas, spinach, or peanut butter and mix it all together. It’s an excellent snack rich in fiber that will keep you going during the day. If you prefer more fruit-based smoothies, just browse numerous recipes online.

a pink smoothie and strawberries as an example of how to prepare meals for long distance move
Smoothies come in handy during long-distance relocations.

Take time to find the right moving company to move you long distance

Since your relocation will take some time, it’s good to hire a reliable moving team first and foremost. Keep in mind that long-distance relocations are demanding and tedious, so having a trustworthy moving crew at your side is much-needed. There are so many tasks you don’t have to do on your own, such as heavy loads. When you choose reputable movers and packers in Miami that are capable to move you hassle-free, the entire endeavor will feel more at ease.

In addition to quality long-distance moving service, you will also need a clean and secured storage environment for your belongings. So take time to research Miami storage facilities and find the one that seems best for you. However, don’t rush with choice. Check if the storage size is the one you need.

Serve some snacks to movers as well

Your movers will be thankful when you offer a plate with fruits and quick snacks. Before you prepare meals for a long-distance move, think of simple bruschetta for the moving crew you hired. Add some oranges and apple slices as well. Offer them instant coffee or juices. It’s a good way to immediately establish friendly relations with the crew. They will appreciate your effort to make the job easier for them. Also, encourage them to take breaks in-between moving tasks.

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