How to prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation

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Packing for a move requires time, energy, and skills. So, if you decide to complete this part on your own, just make sure you start on time and get the necessary packing supplies. Do not worry, you will not go through this entire process by yourself. Miami Moving and Storage is going to teach you how to prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation. Should you rely on these pieces of advice, you will find your belongings undamaged once you start opening the boxes.

Things that you need to think about in order to ensure the safety of your items

There are many things that you need to think about when packing on your own. It is not all about stuffing your items into boxes. To ensure the safety of your items, you need to:

  • Make sure that your moving supplies are in perfect condition
  • Use bubble wrap to keep the most fragile items safe
  • Use boxes of appropriate sizes
  • Leave no empty space inside the boxes
  • Get rid of the unnecessary items

Your moving supplies should be in good condition

Some people use old boxes they have had for a long time. This may not be a great option because, in most cases, these boxes are damaged. As a result, the items packed inside boxes of this kind can easily get damaged or broken. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure the boxes you are using are in good condition.

Woman sitting surrounded by boxes trying to prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation
Your cardboard boxes should be in perfect condition – get new ones if possible and you will benefit from this

You can use the ones you already have but if they are as good as new. If it happens that you start going down this road and you realize that this is too much for you, do not worry. You can always find some good local movers Florida offers that are going to take care of this part for you. Of course, they are going to bring packing supplies of their own and make sure all of the items are properly packed.

Use bubble wrap to prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation

Of course, you can use packing paper. However, when some more fragile items are in question, it is advisable that you wrap them with bubble wrap. This is one of the most popular methods for packing for a reason. This is a packing material that protects your belongings even if there are certain movements during transportation. In addition to this, even if you decide to store items of this kind, you will also not have to worry about their safety. Just make sure you do everything by the book and rely on some safe storage Miami can offer. Your belongings are going to remain in great condition because they will be wrapped in plastic that will keep them safe from various in-storage conditions like dirt, moisture, pests, etc.

The boxes you use should be of the right size

What you should avoid is packing too many items in one box. Especially when the items in question are heavy, fragile, and valuable. Of course, you can use larger boxes for linen, blankets, pillows, etc. However, when we talk about pieces of artwork and items from similar categories, make sure you use smaller boxes.

Girl surrounded by boxes of different sizes
In order to prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation, you should get boxes of different sizes

Another thing that is also highly important is that you label the boxes properly. If there are some fragile items inside, make sure you point this out. By doing this, you will help your movers and they will load the moving truck with no great effort.

There should not be free space in a box

When you put some items in a box and there is still some space, do not tape the box. Fill that space with something that is at hand. For example, you can simply use crumpled packing paper. This will solve the problem and prevent the items from moving around and getting damaged. Of course, if you run out of packing paper, you can use kitchen towels, pillowcases, regular towels, or rolls of bubble wrap. Basically, feel free to use anything of this kind that is going to meet your needs. Your items are going to be safe and they will remain in perfect condition even when you are moving to Florida from a different state.

Lower the number of fragile items that you will bring with you

If you do not bring too many items with you, the chances that they are going to get damaged are lower. So, bear this in mind and find a solution that is best for you in a situation of this kind. For example, you can store some of those items. They will remain in a safe place until you come and pick them up. Also, you can give some of those items away. Your friends and relatives will surely be more than happy when they recieve a gift.

Sign for a garage sale
Organize a garage sale and you will lower the number of fragile items you should pack and bring with you

Another option for you is to organize a garage sale. In this way, you will easily lower the number of items that you will bring with you and you will also increase your budget. There will be no need to pack and transport more belongings than you want. So, if this sounds promising, just pick a date and notify your neighbors.

If you are not sure that you can do it, call professional movers

You are now familiar with some of the ways in which you can prevent damaging your belongings during a relocation. Do your best to enjoy your moving process – feel free even to count on a professional moving company. Considering the fact that they have a lot of experience, you can be sure that they are not going to let you down. Remember to think about your own health and do your best to think positively.

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