How to store outdoor Christmas decoration

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Once the holiday vibe ends, you will have to deal with your Christmas decor. Disassembling and packing process may seem tedious, however, it doesn’t have to be like that. All you need to do is organize and store outdoor Christmas decoration for the next season properly. At Miami Movers For Less, you can find premium supplies and storage solutions. We operate as professional movers Miami residents highly recommend due to years of proven successful work. Therefore, you can expect to find only the best for your moving or storage needs!

christmas decor
Treat each decorative item with care.

Services we offer

Our service offer includes quality supplies, storage solutions, and some of the best moving services Miami has on offer. With us, any packing and storage process runs smoothly. With our crew at your service, you will have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and sound.

Get enough boxes and packing supplies to store your outdoor Christmas decoration safely

Decide how many Christmas decors you have. Then separate each of them into several categories such as:

  • Small decoration items – Start with smaller objects first. Collect them in one box to make sure they won’t get lost in the middle of packing.
  • Lights – Gather all the lights in one place, untangle them and fold carefully.
  • Paper decoration – Collect all paper/cardboard decorative items. Be careful in order not to rip them.
  • Bulky decoration – This usually includes decorative items that take time to disassemble and pack.

After you get the idea of the number of decorative items you own, you will know how many boxes and containers you need. However, keep in mind it’s important to use strong cardboard boxes and durable plastic containers. Your Christmas decor will sit in the spare room, basement, or storage until the next holiday season. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure the safety of all decorative items. So don’t hesitate from spending some extra money on top-notch moving boxes Miami movers usually include in their services. Chances are you won’t regret the quality you get. Moreover, quality boxes and other much-needed supplies are always a cost-effective solution.

a woman thinking how to store outdoor Christmas decoration
Obtain enough boxes and additional supplies, then pack and store outdoor Christmas decoration.

You should consider storage rental for outdoor Christmas decorations if you lack space at home

It’s safe to say that renting a storage unit is beneficial in many ways. Whether you are moving or just renovating your home, it’s good to store the items to keep them safe from potential damage. In case there’s not enough space to store your decor, give a chance to storage units Miami has on the market. Nowadays it’s possible to find many storage options at quite reasonable rates. Besides indoor self-storage units, you may also opt for on-site portable storage solutions. The best thing about a modern storage unit is the climate-control feature that ensures stored items remain in one piece.

Rent storage only at verified moving company or storage provider

Not every company or storage provider will have your best interest at heart. Therefore, only licensed companies should come into consideration when choosing the right storage unit. So take your time and check which one of them provides the best yet affordable storage service. However, make sure to schedule a meeting with the chosen company to see the units for yourself. Don’t sign anything in a hurry, since there are plenty of movers and storage providers that offer a better deal.

outdoor portable storage containers
Rent storage only at trusted companies or storage providers.

Pack your outdoor holiday decorations carefully

Packing will take time, so don’t rush and take care of each item properly. And remember – not every item should go in the same box. You will need boxes that differ in size, which will also be easier to lift and store. Organize the packing process first to avoid tripping over scattered boxes. The best way to pack holiday decorative items is by following these steps:

  1. Start with smaller and more sensitive ornaments. Put plastic wrap or wrapping paper to good use to reduce the waste. Wrap and tape each ornament carefully. Before you put them in the box or a container, make sure to add extra padding. Old (and clean) cloths or towels, and crumbs of packing paper come in handy.
  2. Wrap your Christmas decorative candles into cellophane to avoid color transfer to other items. That way you will also prevent the candles from changing their shape.  However, slim-taper candles are more prone to wrapping. Therefore they require a climate-controlled storage space where they will remain in a good condition until the next season.
  3. Disassemble bulky Christmas decor part by part. Wrap each part separately with packing paper and plastic wrap, then place them in a box or container.
  4. Don’t mix outdoor and indoor holiday decorations, but rather pack them separately.
  5. Seal all boxes and containers with strong packing tape cross-wise. Repeat this 2-3 times.
  6. Make sure to label each box and a plastic container with permanent markers. Designate a specific color for boxes and containers with outdoor Christmas decor. You will manage the boxes easier and know what’s inside each of them.
Pile of boxes in which you will store Christmas decoration
Do not forget to label your boxes with decorations

Get rid of damaged decorative items that serve no purpose

Avoid unnecessary clutter and get rid of any damaged decorative item that doesn’t serve any purpose or candles that are almost completely melted off. However, don’t just put them into a garbage bag and dump them into a bin. Do your best to minimize the waste left behind and inquire about the places where the items can be recycled. Paper, glass, and even electronic device parts are possible to recycle nowadays. Everything other than that should go straight to the trash.

Decluttering is an excellent way to reduce the amount of work that awaits you before you pack and store outdoor Christmas decoration.  The less garbage you drag along with you, the more space will be left. In addition, you can always get another set of Christmas lights or different ornaments before the next holiday season comes.

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