Tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami

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Why should you opt for hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami? Well, there are plenty of reasons. For one, typical NYE celebrations which involve the big night out can come with a bit of stress. That stress may be caused by transportation, expenses like prix fixe menus and party tickets, even road closures or long bathroom lines. As per your move, movers Miami were there to make your relocation as stress-free and seamless as possible. But, you can’t hire anyone to do the same for the NYE party. Unless, of course, you host it yourself. Hosting an at-home NYE party is cost-efficient, cozy, convenient. Plus, it’ll save you and your company from the aforementioned troubles which are inevitable when going out (no matter where in Miami you live). Therefore, check out the following tips for throwing a memorable party and start the New Year off right!

Send festive invitations to everyone

Considering residential movers Miami have recently helped you move to Miami, informing your friends to “save the date” early is key. This step is made all the more simple by sending invites! Let your friends know in advance about your party and everything it entails. Have your invites mention if the guest should bring some liqer or a dish. As well as how they can confirm if they’re coming. With all the COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home warnings, your friends will certainly be thrilled to receive an invite. Nowadays, you can find beautiful invitation templates online. Plus, there’s an option to personalize them to you and the vibe of your party.

A glass of wine and a calendar showing 31 Dec in a home of someone hosting a New Year's Eve party in Miami
Make sure your new place in Miami is radiating a holiday atmosphere.

Create a fun ambiance that fits the holiday mood

Now is the time to get your holiday decorations out of storage Miami and make the best of them! So, set the tone by creating the right environment for your guests to both get comfortable and relaxed. Here are some of the ideas to decorate your new Miami place that will set the mood:

  • dim the lights – fill the rooms with the soft glow of candles, a cozy fire, or by stringing up fairy lights.
  • make the house smell festive – make sure the candles you choose are scented and smell like Christmas.
  • have a countdown wall – whether it’s a traditional oversized wall clock or an online countdown clock projection this is a sure way to get everyone into the celebratory mood.
  • make a playlist in advance – avoid the arguments and by trying to anticipate the mood at different times of the evening create a playlist everyone will love.
  • don’t forget the sparklers and/or confetti poppers – once the clock strikes midnight, sparklers or confetti poppers are a fun and inexpensive idea to go with a champagne toast.

If hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami, plan a memorable meal as well as beverages

Remember how useful it was getting your moving quotes Miami prior to your move? Well, planning ahead of time how much of a budget you have for the food and drinks will save you horrible headaches in the future. If the money is tight you can always ask your friends to contribute. We’ve already mentioned that you can ask them to bring not just a bottle or two, but a dish, as well to your NYE party in Miami. Whether you choose to involve your guests or not, make sure your table is memorable. Therefore, decorate the drinks by adding some edible glitter or hot gluing a few gold pom-poms onto wooden skewers. Or, even consider serving boozy desserts.

Three friends sitting on a couch toasting to their friend who is hosting a New Year's Eve party in Miami
Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami will be all the more memorable if your friends take part in organizing it too.

Provide as many activities as you can

New Year’s Eve parties usually tend to last longer. Hence, you should break up the monotony by planning some fun activities in advance. You don’t want to force anyone to wait for something to happen. Rather, have plenty of fun in store to keep the party going all night. Or at least until midnight for that matter. Here are some of the ideas for a little bit of organized fun:

  • prepare party games – set up board games or cards and station them around the room so guests can spontaneously start playing if they want to. Or, if you’re not a big fan of traditional games, you could play the Never Have I Ever or “Drink If” game.
  • get the karaoke machine ready – just don’t force it, it’ll arise naturally when the time is right.
  • clear out an area designated for dancing – this way those who are entering the extremely intense dancing phase of the night will be out of the way of other people.
  • make a New Year’s resolution jar – have everyone write down their resolutions or a prediction for the New Year. Then put them inside a jar. Finally, guess who wrote which resolution.

Don’t forget to create memories while hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami

You already know everyone attending your party is going to be taking tons of photos all night. Thus, make sure you set up an Instagram-friendly balloon wall with a gold fringe backdrop. Or even a photo booth station. This will make the first New Year’s Eve party you host in Miami unforgettable. Additionally, you can keep disposable or Polaroid cameras around for instant pictures!

Photographs and champagne glasses on the table made a mess while hosting a New Year's Eve party in Miami
Think of different ways to create mementos that your guests can keep after the party.

Finally, be a good neighbor

It’s good etiquette to let your neighbors know that you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party in Miami. This is especially true for apartment buildings. By letting them know that they’ve been considered, your neighbors will be more understanding of higher volumes of noise. Moreover, since you’ve recently moved in, you could even invite them over. Use this as a great opportunity to enter the new year with a new friend.

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