Packing outdoor Christmas decoration for moving

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Your stunning outdoor Christmas decoration requires special attention when you need to pack them. Usually, such seasonal collections include fragile ornaments. Also, you probably have artificial trees and multiple strings of lights. So, when packing outdoor Christmas decoration for moving, you need to be more careful. But no need for a big worry. With movers and packers Miami your precious decoration will be safely moved. And you will happily display it in front of your new house next year.

Packing outdoor Christmas decoration - Christmas decoration in boxes and with fillers in between.
When moving outdoor Christmas decorations, the right packing materials are essential.

When packing outdoor Christmas decoration for moving the proper packing supplies are essential

Intending to pack the outdoor Christmas decoration for moving, get the right packing materials. While preparing to pack, remember that packing services Miami has the right stock of various packing materials. So, you can use their high-quality seasons-storage supplies to safely move your outdoor ornaments. With inappropriate packing supplies, your outdoor decor may end up shattered, smashed, or broken.

How to properly pack the wooden displays?

Many people are using the flat, wooden displays of Santa and his reindeer. Do you have such an outdoor Christmas decoration? No problem. This and similar decorations can be safely moved.  Following a few simple steps is all you need to do.  You Santa and his reindeer are for sure decorated with a lot of light. So, that is the first step. Remove all the hanging objects and lighting from your decoration. The removed parts wrap safely in the bubble wraps. The easiest would be to wrap your flat, wooden display in bubble wrap. So protected, stuck it between mattresses in the moving truck.

How to pack your outdoor inflatables to save moving?

Inflatable outdoor decorations you will best preserve putting them in a covered bag, with hard sides. That will minimize the risk of getting them to rip or tear. The best would be to pack each inflatable separately. According to the experience of residential movers Miami, use some soft wrap for each inflatable outdoor decor. So wrapped, you can put them into the carrying bags. They don’t recommend using the carrying bins for this type of decoration. In bins, you will usually put the pointed or sharp decorations. And they can easily damage your inflatables.

A hand is holding one of the decorative bulbs, with many other lights in all colors at the background.
Pack the outdoor Christmas lighting carefully.

What should you do with smaller Christmas displays?

The best way to protect your smaller displays is to order mirror boxes. The moving companies usually have them. Such boxes can be adjusted to keep flat objects. They also showed great for custom fitting your outdoor decorations. 

Packing your outdoor Christmas lightening

The lighting, either indoor or outdoor is a string with small standard bulbs. It is recommended to carefully roll the string around an empty paper-towel tube or similar object. Wrap them and put them in sturdy boxes. Also, add a lot of wrapping, and fillers, to protect bulbs from breaking. And remember to mark the box as FRAGILE.

However, before you start packing the outdoor Christmas decorations, check the moving quotes Miami. If they are matching your moving budget, fine. If not, consider some other options. You could sell the existing decorations. And for the next Christmas use that money to buy decorations for your new home.

As you learned how to, now you can start packing

Packing outdoor Christmas decoration for moving is not so hard. So, now that you know how to pack various items, it should be easy. With proper packing materials and a bit of patience, you will do it right. Here are also 6 tips for packing and moving holiday decor. It can give you a few more ideas. And additional knowledge is always welcome.


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