How to write a helpful moving review

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It is just amazing what a helpful moving review can do for a moving company. In the sea of the moving companies, all of them just look alike. And one can really stand out in case they have good reviews. After all, the best evidence of a reliable and responsible moving company, that you can trust is a satisfied customer. You can always trust a moving company if a large number of customers states that there are happy with the quality of the service. Make sure your review does not sound generic and dull since it will seem fake and that can do more harm than help the moving company. Nobody likes fake reviews and if you take the advice your review will not seem fake but help both the moving company and the customers.

Why is helpful moving review important for a moving company?

You asked your friends and family for advice about the moving companies around you but they couldn’t help you? Maybe nobody moved for a while or they had a bad experience with a certain moving company so they just do not have one to recommend. Where do you go in this case? Well, you will go online and start going through the experiences of the other customers. And this is exactly why a helpful moving review can make all the difference for a moving company. You will listen to what the others say and act accordingly. And so will everybody else. So if you had a good experience with the moving company, leave a review.

Helpful moving review- a man and a laptop
The helpful moving review can make all the                difference for a moving company

There are multiple places you can leave a review

When it comes to leaving a review, you might have a dilemma about where should you leave it. You should live it in all the places you normally look for company reviews. So, leave it on the:

  • Movers website,
  • Their LinkedIn profile
  • Social network pages of the moving company
  • Chats and blogs about moving companies
  • Any other place you would look at for a helpful moving review.

The important thing to remember here is that if you are moving somewhere in Florida, make sure you write in relevant places for this location. The local movers Florida has to offer are not supposed to be reviewed in other states moving channels. Once you made sure you thought of all the places suitable for a review, you can go on to actually writing it. Again, make sure it does not sound fake since it can do more damage than benefit the mover.

When and where

Make sure to state the approximate time and date of the move. Say what state you were in, or even the exact city. Do not write things like the street where you live or lived, but saying where the move took place, approximately, can help people in that area decide if they want the same moving company. So if you moved in Weston, comment only in the places Weston movers are operating at.

Helpful moving review- a calendar
Make sure to let the other potential customers                  when did your move occur

Customer service was nice and patient?

Write if the moving service was nice or rude. Were they able to answer your questions or showed less interest? Maybe they seemed a bit rude but still answered all your questions? That might be a better option than having a nice customer service that is not able to help you.  Write the questions you asked and the answers you got so others can judge if that answer would satisfy them.

Were there any surprises?

If there were any unexpected situations or expenses that you had to deal with and pay, make sure you write them down. It is incredibly important since most people decide if they would use the same company again based on how fair the moving company was to them.

Hopefully, the movers were not late

In case the movers were running late, state how late they were. Did you have any problems because of it? Most people are moving out on the last day of the lease, so they can’t have a moving company being late. So this can be crucial for deciding if they want these or the other movers.

a clock on the wall
Hopefully, the movers were there on time

How was the staff?

Mover came and done the job since you are moved to the new home. But, what was the overall expression on them? Were they rude or kind? Did they treat your belongings with respect? Did you have any complaints and how did you resolve them? If you used a packing service, did the movers pack your belongings with care? This is also one of the most important segments of the helpful moving review. There are some people that just can’t tolerate rude and unpleasant movers.

After the staff, equipment must be a high-quality one

Take a look at the equipment your movers are using. Not only should it be the best equipment you can find, but it needs to be maintained too. If the equipment is old and movers are not being careful while using it, you can imagine how they will treat your belongings.

A mover moving glass window
Take a look at the equipment the movers are          using, even gloves should be looking new

Find out what part of your story is making it different from the others

Every story, even the story about the moving company you hired has some part that is different than everybody else’s. Find out what that is. A helpful moving review must seem real and the best way to get that is by personalizing your story. This can be the difference between people getting the same moving company and getting someone else. If you used storage service, say what did the storage unit looks like, is it maintained and does it seem safe.

Be completely honest and exact

This should be clear by now, the helpful moving review should help the moving company, but it should help the people that are moving as well. So say what did you find annoying or what bothered you. Make sure you are completely honest. Since the moving business is ever-growing, and there are many moving companies, some of them just happen to have a similar name. Make sure you write the name of your moving company correctly.

Moving can be stressful and getting the right moving agency is something you just need to do in order to avoid as much stress as possible. Helpful moving reviews will make sure you and everybody else are able to get just the moving company you need.

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