Should you hire professionals for your local move?

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There is one question that we receive quite frequently, and hence we decided to address it with a short post about it. People ask us often – should you hire professionals for your local move? What is so specific about a local move that makes it different from the other moves? Well, this question is not simple. Of course, we would strive to say yes! But, we can’t say this with certainty. There are several criteria that will dictate whether you should hire professionals for your local move.

So what are these criteria? What makes the answer positive or negative? We will discuss a few scenarios, a few consequences and just some plain facts about local moves and the other moves you’d probably face. So, let’s get into this discussion, hopefully making the topic a bit clearer for all our readers!

man and woman moving
You can always perform a DIY move if it comes to it, but hiring professionals will be way easier on you.

Hire professionals for your local move? Do, or do not.

There is one universal fact about any relocation, be it local or long distance. If you can afford it you should always hire professionals for your local move. Having professionals take care of everything for you is simply a beautiful luxury. It doesn’t matter if it is just to a building next door, or the other side of town, it is lovely to enjoy a cup of coffee while someone else does all the heavy lifting. This is what local movers Florida are here for! However, there are a few details about local moves that make them slightly more suitable for a DIY (do it yourself) relocation. Now, local moves can be all sorts. It is very different if you are moving to an apartment next door, or if you are moving to a building close to yours. These are all moves that can be considered ‘local‘.

Basically, the proximity of the new destination is the element that will influence this relocation the most. Moving on your own is always risky, and if you can avoid this risk you should. People always consider the fact that they can save a few bucks with the relocation, and this is a valid reason if I ever heard one. But people rarely know the back office of accidents that could occur with each relocation. Picture you dropping your expensive washing machine down a flight of stairs. It could result in a much bigger loss as opposed to hiring a professional with all the right tools for the job to do it for you. Hence, you should weigh your options carefully.

Moving next door

Moving to an apartment right next door poses very little risk. This is potentially the only example I could use to tell you – you should do it on your own. There is very little risk, other than dropping something heavy on your foot. But if you are careful with what you are carrying you should be absolutely fine. Invite a few friends over and make sure that you carefully carry everything. More importantly, don’t be in a rush about it. If you would like to contact us and talk about your relocation, if you are uncertain about it, give us a call! We’d gladly discuss all the details with you.

But, in summation – if the local move is this local, you will not need to hire professionals for your local move. This is a simple one, and if you are careful and take your time you should do just fine!

Moving next door might seem easy but it might get complicated!

Moving to a nearby building

On the other hand, if you are relocating to a nearby building you might want to consider to hire professionals for your local move. This move can be a bit riskier, and in spite of the fact that it is close – the same rules apply as if it was a long-distance move. You still need to take everything out of your apartment and carry down a certain flight of stairs. Once done, you need to transport it to the new destination and carry it all the way up.  This is definitely something you should hire movers Pompano Beach FL for. Given all the potential accidents that could happen – it is not worth the risk. Granted, you’d be saving a few bucks, but you’d have to put in a lot of muscle and time to complete the job properly.

buildings in a city
Moving to another building is something you might wish to hire professional help for.

Do not hire professionals for your local move if you are moving only clothes

The cargo that is being moved also dictates whether or not you need professional assistance. The most common example is with people who are living under rent. In most cases, people under rent do not own huge pieces of furniture as the apartment they are renting already has everything. In this case, you will only be moving smaller electronics and clothes, something you can definitely handle on your own without any special risks. Even if you were to drop a bag of clothes down a flight of stairs, nothing can get damaged. Also, there are no extremely heavy items that you need tools to carry.

Saving a few dollars for this type of relocation would be a smart call. However, in all other cases, our strong advice is not to risk it. In all our experience, it usually proves to be not worth it. Go with the pros, enjoy the process and don’t allow it to turn into a nightmare. This is just our 5 cents on the matter. We are more than willing to hear your thoughts on it!

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