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Living in Fort Lauderdale – a guide for young professionals

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Maybe you are moving to Florida from another part of the US. Or you just want to relocate to Fort Lauderdale. According to Miami Movers for Less, many young professionals are looking for their services lately. The reason is that, besides the traditional jobs in hospitality, the “Venice of America” can offer much more. Many new businesses have been emerging in this city, the job market is much richer than in some other parts of the country, and the city has many nice neighborhoods, suitable for young professionals. In case you are planning on living in Fort Lauderdale, you would probably like to know what to expect. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide, to help you. Learning about the new city will help you to find a good and affordable home for yourself.

Reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale

As a young professional, you can find jobs in many Florida cities. There are many new companies in other towns as well. However, in Fort Lauderdale, you can easily find excellent homes at very affordable prices. Also, the town offers numerous entertainment options. And, it has a rich nightlife. So, this is making it so attractive to young people.

Besides, you will have easy access to numerous interesting places:

  • Beaches – there, you can enjoy many oceanic activities.
  • Everglades & marsh – will enable you to explore the spectacular animal and plant life.
  • Intracoastal waterways – Fort Lauderdale has about a 3,000-mile Intracoastal waterway system. It runs through the whole city. So, by living in “Venice of America”, you will soon learn to use water taxis for commuting.


Living in Fort Lauderdale aerial view, United States.
Fort Lauderdale, due to its many water channels, is known as the “Venice of America.”

Main job opportunities in Fort Lauderdale

Tourism is still the most important branch of the Fort Lauderdale economy. So, there is a major yachting center in the city. And it has about 4,000 restaurants. Besides, the area is excellent for start-ups. Thus, there are many small enterprises in  Fort Lauderdale.

However, many new industries are constantly finding their way to the city. So, we could observe companies like the Bank of America, Barnett Bank, Tenet Healthcare, American Express, Motorola, and National Beverage Corporation opening their offices. And, they are just a part of many new companies emerging in the city. So, in case you are starting your career in one of those, just give a call to movers in Fort Lauderdale. They will relocate you to your new location fast and without any stress. 

Cost of living in Fort Lauderdale

Many think that Fort Lauderdale is an expensive place. That is due to its attractive location and plentiful amenities. Well, if you had the opportunity to visit, you already know. If not, we will present here what you should expect after relocation. Let us start with utilities. Under utilities, we consider the combined expenditure for energy, water, heating, and gas. Your average monthly bill will be about $164. And that is an excellent price, considering that you will have the A/C running all the time. 

Regarding transportation, you will need a car. The good thing is that the fuel prices are not so high. Also, you can use the water taxi. Residents of Florida spend about $5,616 per year on healthcare. On average Fort Lauderdale, grocery prices are just 3% higher than the national average. And, as we already said, the housing prices will defer from one to another neighbourhood. So, as a young professional in Fort Lauderdale, you can expect affordable living costs.

The best neighborhoods for young professionals

Living in Fort Lauderdale as a young professional, it would be best to choose one of those neighborhoods:

  • Downtown
  • Middle River Terrace
  • Rio Vista
  • River Oaks
  • Victoria Park


Red and White Boat on River.
You can easily commute using a water taxi.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale

General housing/security info:

  • median purchase price – $326,100
  • median monthly rent – $1,909
  • safety – good

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a trendy neighborhood for singles and young professionals. Living there, you will be able to easily reach many clubs, bars, and shopping centers. There you can easily rent various types of accommodation. You can also find some nice studio apartments. Or, you can opt for a condo apartment. Besides, maybe you will decide to buy a property. If so, besides apartments, there are available nice houses. And moving services Miami will help you relocate easily and comfortably to your new home.

Downtown is located between Rio Vista and the Tarpon River. Also, besides other amenities, there are several nice city parks. Some of them are Smoker Park, Bubier Park, and Stranahan Park. Also, from Downtown, you will be just ten minutes away from Las Olas Beach.

Middle River Terrace

  • median purchase price – $201,500
  • median monthly rent – $982
  • safety – high

Middle River Terrace is located just north of Downtown. This neighborhood is also very popular among young professionals. First, both renting and purchase prices are lower. Second, this is a very close-knit community. That is why crime rates are very low. Also, the area is rather quiet during the nighttime. Middle River Terrace is an ideal place for people looking for affordable ranch-style homes, and bungalows. Besides, this area offers very good public transportation possibilities.

Rio Vista

  • median purchase price – $467,533
  • median monthly rent – $1,061
  • safety – good

This is yet another good neighborhood for young professionals. It is a bit more costly than the surrounding areas. But, it is an excellent place for those who want to use boats and waterways. In Rio Vista, you can find luxury waterfront,  Mediterranean-style homes. Or, you may better like living in one of the apartment buildings. From them, you will have a stunning view of the ocean, New River, and Stranahan River.


Round Metal Patio Near Railings at Night.
You can choose to live in a condo apartment, with a nice view of the ocean.

River Oaks

  • median purchase price – $154,233
  • median monthly rent – $1,251
  • safety – good

River Oak is an excellent neighborhood for young professionals who love more peaceful places. But, who also want to stay close to the city. So, being just about ten minutes away from downtown, this is an ideal place for them. And, in case you like it too, by hiring the services of  local movers Florida, you can easily relocate to your dream neighborhood. Living in River Oaks, you will be able to enjoy walking through several nice parks. It also has easy access to waterways. In River Oaks, you will find the most affordable housing options. And, in case you like bungalows and ranch-style homes along the waterfront, this is the right place for you. 

Victoria Park

  • median purchase price – $521,022
  • median monthly rent – $1,209
  • safety – good

In case you are looking for a Spanish-style house, or a trendy condo, Victoria Park is the right neighborhood for you. The area is especially good for young professionals with families. However, the single ones will also enjoy this place. It offers its residents a wide selection of bars and restaurants. And a lot of entertainment possibilities.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale

Living in Fort Lauderdale as a young professional, you will have excellent career opportunities. So, our advice is to follow the official site of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. That can help you in finding even better job opportunities. And,  you could see that Fort Lauderdale is a good place to live. With so many nice neighborhoods, you will easily find the one that suits you the best. We also hope that our guide was helpful. And that it will help you in your first month in the new city. 

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