Moving in with your partner – tips and tricks

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Moving in with your significant other? Congrats! Moving in together is a big life transition for couples. Whether you’re a few months into dating or about to get married, moving in with your partner can be tricky. There are a lot of little things to work out before taking this major step forward in your relationship. Check out the tips and tricks for making your move go as smoothly as possible prepared for you by Miami Movers For Less. We are sure that you will find them more than helpful.  

Their place, your place, or a new place?

First things first: you and your partner will need to decide if you’ll move into their place, stay in yours or find a new place together? This might not be a hard decision if you both live in studio apartments and what you really need is something bigger. However, if one person already lives in a bigger place, you’ll still need to take into consideration other factors. These include commutes to work, accommodations for any pets, neighborhood amenities like parks, restaurants, shopping, etc. Talk about what’s important to you. If either of your places doesn’t make the cut, start your real estate search as soon as possible. You need to know where you’re moving and how big the place is before you hire residential movers FL residents recommend.

searching for movers online
Make sure you find reliable movers to help you

Decide what you’ll keep, toss or donate 

Before moving in with your partner, you’ll need to talk about what you plan to do with all of your belongings. Most likely you’ll find things that are duplicates between your two households or things that you don’t want anymore. Then there are the large items, like dressers and sofas that may not fit in the new place. Now’s the time to sort the stuff in both of your apartments and decide what you’re keeping, and what you’re selling, donating or tossing before the move. Bear in mind that everything you keep adds to the cost of your move and the amount of space you’ll need in the new place. If you’re hiring a moving company, the price you’ll be quoted will be based on weight. The heavier the load, the more expensive it’ll be to move.

Packing is an important step

Don’t underestimate packing when it comes to moving in with your partner. If you don’t pack your belongings properly, you risk damages. Use quality moving supplies and the best plastic containers for moving you can find to ensure the safety of your possessions. Try to pack most of your stuff a few days before the move, so that you aren’t in a hurry. Packing everything in an organized manner will also make unpacking much easier. That way you can:

  • make a checklist
  • label all of the boxes accurately
  • make sure you didn’t forget anything.

If you are not sure whether you can pack your items properly, you can always hire some good packing services Miami has to offer.

couple making a list
Make a checklist of your belongings before packing to keep everything neat and organized

DIY moving or hiring movers?

You’ll both need to decide whether you want to execute the move yourselves or hire professional movers. Consider your budget, preferences, and schedules. If you decide to hire professional moving services FL, make sure you enlist a reliable company. Don’t solely rely on the first company that appears after you search “cheap movers near me.” Do your research, ask your friends about recommendations, and compare prices. If you don’t have experience with relocations, or you simply don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself, hire movers. It can also help you be more environmentally-friendly, which should always be the goal.

Money and moving in with your partner

It’s extremely important to talk about money before the big move. The good news is that moving in together usually comes with a handful of financial benefits. Such benefits include (but are not limited to): shared rent, bills, utilities, and groceries. Additionally, you will save money you used to spend on transportation just to see each other a few times a week. However, moving in with your partner can still present a few financial hurdles. Set aside time to have a talk with your partner where you outline your complete financial picture. Inform your partner about your income, credit score, any debts or loans, assets like savings and investments, and other financial obligations. It’s very important that you decide on a monthly budget. You should also decide who pays and how when it comes to rent, mortgage, car payment, etc. Make sure your financial expectations are understood clearly.

planning a budget
Determine a monthly budget for you and your partner and stick to it in order to make living together easier

After the move

If you thought the moving process is the hard part when it comes to moving in together, just you wait. Getting used to your new living arrangement will probably be harder. But it’s very well worth it, and there is a solution to most problems. For example, purchasing two comforters could be the solution to any sleeping woes. There’s no need to shiver or sweat your way through the night, when you can simply use your own blanket. Also, remember to divide closet space before you start unpacking. That way you’ll have a plan for who gets what shelves or hanging spaces and avoid conflict down the road. It’s also a good idea to talk about interior design preferences before getting too far into decorating. If you can work together to find a style you and your partner both like, it’ll make living together more comfortable for everyone.

Movign in with your partner should be exciting 

Given all of the required planning and coordination of both your schedules, moving in with your partner can be a stressful time in your life. Just keep in mind that it should also be one of the happiest and most exciting as well! Remember to talk with your partner about your expectations and share your hopes, as well as your worries. Communication is key. Follow these tips and tricks and moving in together will go seamlessly.

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