Miami vs Coral Springs: Cost of Living Comparison

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Choosing a place to relocate is everything but a simple task. Relocation is a detailed process that involves many tasks that require excellent organizational skills, and plenty of free time. Due to that, it’s not a surprise that many people choose the help of Miami moving and storage companies. That way, their relocation will be smooth, successful, and stress-free. However, there are certain tasks you need to complete by yourself. One of the most important ones is to compare the costs of living in your current hometown and the place you wish to relocate to. This is why, in today’s article, we are going to compare living in Miami vs Coral Springs. Hopefully, it will help you reach a decision.

What you need to consider when comparing the costs of living in Miami vs Coral Springs

First of all, you will need to know what your budget can handle. The best way to do this is to consult with your accountant. Together, you can form a moving budget and decide whether you have sufficient funds for buying a home, or whether would it be best to rent one. They can also help you get a clear picture of how much money you will be able to spend monthly on specific living costs. Thar being said, it would also help if you were to put on paper how much money are you spending now on living costs.

tall buildings and palms
When comparing the living costs in two cities, you need to consider things like real estate prices, utilities, transportation, healthcare, school tuition, food and groceries, moving costs, and other miscellaneous costs.

Factors you should compare

After you’ve done that, it’s time to compare the costs of living in Miami vs Coral Springs. But what exactly should you be looking at? There are numerous important things you need to take into consideration when relocating with the help of local movers Miami from one place to another. And that is the following:

  • Real estate prices – Deciding whether you should buy a home or rent one largely depends on the prices of real estate in both cities.
  • Utilities – The costs of utilities can also be quite essential for forming your budget when researching the costs of living in Miami vs Coral Springs.
  • Food and groceries – Depending on your food choices, you should also see whether it would cost more to buy groceries in your new hometown.
  • Transportation – Calculating the costs of your transportation needs is crucial. You need to see how much will it cost to travel to work and whether it is better to use public transport.
  • Health – Research close clinics and hospitals, and take a look at their prices.
  • Your children’s needs – If you are relocating with a family, you need to take into consideration the costs of school tuition and other necessities.
  • Other costs – These miscellaneous costs may include your hobbies, your children’s hobbies, and other similar things.
  • Moving costs – Don’t forget to factor in the prices of relocation, since your budget can be significantly lowered by them if you are not careful and prepared.

Comparing the housing prices in Miami vs Coral Springs

Before you hire Coral Springs movers and start packing for your relocation, there is a more important thing you first need to do. In order to relocate smoothly, you will need to have a place to relocate to. That means you will have to secure a new home first. Now, the question is, what is the price difference between Miami and Coral Springs when it comes to real estate?

Housing prices in Miami

First of all, the median home price in Miami is $369,100, which is quite above the national average of $244,900. However, 70% of Miami’s 440,807 residents choose to rent their homes, since the median rent is slightly above the national average. If you wish to rent a home here, you would need $1,361. Of course, that wouldn’t be a significant problem since the median household income here is $47,860. Nevertheless, it all depends on which neighborhood in Miami you live in.

a home whose value is greater in Miami vs Coral Springs
Being a homeowner in Coral Springs will cost more than having a house in Miami. But with large household incomes in Coral Springs, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Housing prices in Coral Springs

However, when it comes to Coral Springs, the financial map looks a bit different. The 133,693 residents of Coral Springs also prefer to rent their homes, but rent is a bit more expensive than in Miami. For an apartment in Coral Springs, you would have to set aside $1,645. As for being a homeowner here, you would need $393,300. That is to say, the median values of homes are 0.9% higher in Coral Springs than they are in Miami. However, the residents of Coral Springs have a higher median household income than the ones in Miami. It is one of the reasons people hire the best commercial movers Miami offers to relocate their businesses here. Therefore, it is much easier to pay rent or purchase a home with an income of $81,944.

The utilities costs

Utilities are essential costs that you don’t have much of an impact on. Paying for water, electricity, cable, internet, garbage disposal, and others is a must, whether you live in Miami or have contacted some interstate moving companies Miami has to offer to relocate you elsewhere.  When it comes to utilities in Miami vs Coral Springs, both cities have utility costs that are lower than the national average. However, the costs in Coral Springs are 1.7% higher than in Miami. But there could be a few tips and tricks you can implement here to lower your costs. Although you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to water and electricity, you can choose from numerous Internet or cable providers. You can compare their prices and choose the most affordable option, which will lower your living costs in Coral Springs.

a person watching soccer on TV
Although the utility costs are higher in Coral Springs than in Miami, you can always lower them by choosing a more affordable cable or Internet provider.

Costs of transportation

Transportation is one of the most crucial things you need to consider when relocating. It is going to be a big part of your life and will impact your budget significantly. If you want to relocate to Coral Springs with the help of professional long distance movers Florida has to offer, you will have to calculate the distance between your workplace and your home. The gas prices have recently gone up, so if you are traveling to work with your own car, the cost can really add up.

The transportation costs in both Coral Springs and Miami are much higher than the national average. However, the costs in Coral Springs are 6.9% cheaper than in Miami. This why it’s essential to calculate whether it will be better to travel to work using public transportation or your own vehicle. If it turns out that it is much more convenient and affordable to use public transport, you can always keep your vehicles in one of the Miami storage facilities, where they will be safe and kept in perfect condition.

a parked black car
Transportation costs are going to take a significant chunk out of your budget, so it would be best to calculate whether it is more affordable to travel by your own car or to use public transport.

The price of food and groceries

Since the costs of food and groceries are inevitable expenses, there isn’t a big difference between the costs in Miami vs Coral Springs. The food prices in both cities are higher than the national average prices. Of course, the prices will be even higher depending on your diet and food preferences. If you choose vegan food and you are conscious about the environment and your health and eat organically produced foods, these prices are going to be higher. Nevertheless, the cost of food and groceries in Coral Springs is 0.6% higher than in Miami. However, if you wish to lower these costs, you can always opt for cooking at home and cutting down on eating out in fancy restaurants. That way, you will have freshly prepared meal that is good for your overall health, and you will reduce your living costs at the same time.

people having dinner and talking about Miami vs Coral Springs
Even though food and groceries are quite expensive in Miami vs Coral Springs, you can always opt for a home-cooked meal to reduce your living costs.

Healthcare costs

One of the first things you need to do after relocating is to search for nearby hospitals and clinics. Of course, healthcare comes with a certain price. So it would be best to get as much information as you can in advance. It can get pretty expensive, so it would be best to always set aside some money for this. Even though Coral Springs has much more affordable healthcare than Miami. You would pay 4.6% less. But, it can still get quite expensive. What you can also do is see what hospitals and clinics are nearest to your home, and compare their prices.

Taking care of your children’s needs

If you are moving to Coral Springs with a family with children, you might want to take into consideration the costs that will come from their education. As you need to consider all their needs, it would be good to include their hobbies in this as well. Keep in mind that Coral Springs has some of the best private and public schools in Florida. And compared to Miami, they can be more expensive. However, since we always want the best for our children, it might not be a problem for many parents. Therefore, we recommend researching the prices of some of the best private schools in Coral Springs like American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus, and Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale Campus. As for public schools, some of the best ones are A.D. Henderson University School & FAU Highschool, and The College Academy at Broward College.

Other costs

When it comes to miscellaneous costs, it’s pretty difficult to determine them. The overall price of living, no matter where you are, mostly depends on your lifestyle and habits. This is why the costs of living in Coral Springs can significantly vary from person to person. However, if you wish to calculate a rough number, you will have to include costs like these as well. This mostly refers to the costs of your hobbies and lifestyle. For example, your monthly membership for the gym, shopping, recreational activities for your children, restaurant dinners, theatre tickets, and whatever else you may like.

a man on a tredmil thinking about Miami vs Coral Springs
Don’t forget to calculate minor lifestyle costs like your monthly gym membership since they also influence your finances.

Don’t forget about the moving costs

The costs of moving to another city will also significantly impact your finances. This is why you need to find a trustworthy moving company that is also affordable. Experts recommend always selecting at least three moving companies to do research on. The best way to determine whether they are professional and trustworthy, and can handle your relocation with expertise is to read their moving reviews and compare their prices. The best way to determine the price of relocation is to get moving quotes Miami relocation companies so generously offer online for free. That way, you will surely know how much you need to spend on relocation. And there will be no additional surprise costs.

Final words

Hopefully, our article about the comparison of living costs in Miami vs Coral Springs has been helpful to you. The most important thing you need to remember is that the prices cannot be determined exactly. Most costs will depend on your lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, we listed some of the most important things you need to consider. That way, when you are planning your budget and comparing the living costs of two cities like Miami and Coral Springs, you need to calculate real estate prices, food and groceries, transportation, healthcare, costs of educating your children, other lifestyle costs, and of course, moving costs.


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