Moving and storage tips for seniors with disabilities

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Helping a senior person with a disability move requires a lot of time and energy. Not only is it physically challenging, but it can be emotionally strenuous as well. Along with the change of address, people face many other difficulties when moving. Saying goodbye to the old home, the financial burden of moving, and organizational challenges can be very hard for the elderly.  But there are ways to overcome all obstacles and help your friends or family members move seamlessly. Miami Movers For Less offers some useful moving and storage tips for seniors with disabilities. Follow the advice from the professionals and ensure a smooth relocation.

Moving and storage tips for seniors with disabilities

If your senior family member with disabilities is looking to move to Miami, they will need your assistance. You will have to cover all moving aspects and help them take care of their paperwork and utility bills. Create a checklist with small manageable tasks and establish a moving timeline. Also, it is important to maintain the safety of all parties while moving. This is especially important for people with limited mobility. There are a few main aspects to keep in mind when helping an elderly person with a disability move:

  • downsizing
  • proper packing
  • hiring reliable movers
  • helping the person moving deal with stress
 box full of old photos
Help your elderly family members declutter and deal with emotions when moving


Getting rid of redundant stuff is a must when it comes to moving house. The end goal of downsizing is to enable faster and more successful relocation. The elderly are sentimentally attached to many items they rarely use. That is why renting the best storage units Miami offers is the perfect solution. Keeping redundant items in a storage unit may help seniors be less emotional about the relocation.

Proper packing

Assistance from a family member, friends, or a moving company is indispensable when it comes to packing. Seniors with disabilities need assistance with moving heavy boxes around or packing medical equipment. It is best to pack light so anyone can lift the boxes up. Also, an overnight bag may come in handy. With this bag within an arm’s reach, seniors will not have to look through a pile of boxes on the first night in a new home.

a person holding a box
Pack lightly and label the boxes properly

Hiring reliable movers

When searching for a moving company, try to find a company with good customer reviews. The best moving services in Miami are provided by a renowned company Miami Movers for Less. As experts in moving, they possess the right skills and equipment to cater to everyone’s relocation needs.

Dealing with emotions

Among countless moving and storage tips for seniors with disabilities, those about dealing with emotional stress are the most important. Include your seniors in the decision-making process around moving as much as you can. Give them a sense of autonomy that will help them overcome negative emotions caused by relocation. Also, help them enjoy all the perks for seniors that the state of Florida offers.

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