Moving & Deliveries during COVID-19 Quarantine

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Mar 17 – 31

Dear residents and business owners in Miami,

We wanted to let you know, that we will be operating regular moving services and deliveries:

  • We will exercise maximum caution.
  • Our movers will not be allowed to work with even the slightest symptoms of seasonal flu.
  • All our movers wear Anti-Virus Masks.

Few suggestions for our moving customers to exercise prior to the arrival of movers:

  1. Prepare soap in a separate bathroom for visitors and our movers
  2. Open windows and balcony doors to ventilate
  3. Almost everyone is already out of masks. Closest delivery is the end of April on Amazon.
  4. Medical gloves cannot be used for moving. they break in minutes offering absolutely no protection.

The main thing we can do is to minimize interaction with multiple people in a closed-off and non-ventilated environment.

*During this difficult time, we will be waiving all Truck Fees for moves in Miami Downtown and Brickell.

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