Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines: Tips and Guide

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Embarking on a journey from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. This move isn’t just about changing locations; it’s about embracing a world brimming with fresh opportunities and experiences. Nestled in the heart of Florida, Pembroke Pines is a gem that promises a vibrant lifestyle, rich in diversity and culture. As you plan your transition, remember that choosing the right moving companies in Florida can make a significant difference. These professionals offer expertise and resources to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free. So, as you prepare for moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines, envision the endless possibilities awaiting you in your new home. Pembroke Pines isn’t just a destination; it’s the start of a new journey filled with promise and potential.

Cost of Living

Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines offers a unique perspective on the cost of living changes. And, as local movers in Florida will attest, understanding these financial nuances is key to a successful relocation. Pembroke Pines presents itself as a city balancing quality with affordability. Here’s a closer look at how these two cities compare.

family shopping after moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines
Enjoy lower cost of living after moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines

Comparison with Boca Raton

In Pembroke Pines, the cost of living index stands at 110.5, indicating expenses are 10.5% higher than the U.S. average but 7.2% lower than Florida’s average. A typical home here costs around $457,100, which is 35.2% more than the national average but notably less than in Boca Raton, where a similar home costs approximately $546,300. This is 61.6% above the national average, reflecting a significant price jump​​​​. For rentals, a two-bedroom unit in Pembroke Pines averages $2,220 monthly, around 55.2% higher than the national average. In comparison, Boca Raton’s rental costs are even steeper, with the same type of unit averaging $2,330 per month, 62.9% above the national average. This demonstrates a notable difference in housing costs, a critical factor for many considering the move​​​​.

In terms of income requirements, living comfortably in Pembroke Pines necessitates an annual income of $87,480 for a family and $71,200 for a single person. These figures are relatively lower than Boca Raton’s requirement of $104,760 for a family and $76,000 for a single individual, underscoring Pembroke Pines’ more attainable cost of living​​​​. Given these numbers, Pembroke Pines emerges as a more budget-friendly choice, particularly for those eyeing real estate or rental options.

Job Market Overview

Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines unveils a dynamic employment landscape. Pembroke Pines stands out as a city of growth and potential, particularly for job seekers.

Opportunities in Key Sectors

Pembroke Pines has exhibited a positive job growth trend, increasing by 12.1% over the past decade. The current unemployment rate is 5.6%, reflecting a diverse job market. The city’s future job growth is projected at an encouraging 37.6%, showcasing its potential as a thriving employment hub​​​​. In Boca Raton, the job market has also been robust, with a 20.1% increase in job growth over the past ten years. Key sectors driving Boca Raton’s economy include professional, scientific, and technical services; healthcare and social assistance; retail trade; administrative, support, waste management, and remediation services; and accommodation and food services. These industries highlight the city’s diverse economic structure and the range of opportunities available for professionals​​​.

For those considering a move, Pembroke Pines offers a promising job market comparable to Boca Raton, with unique opportunities in various sectors. Understanding these dynamics is crucial, and Palm Beach County movers can provide valuable insights and assistance, making the transition smoother for those seeking new employment opportunities.

handshake after moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines
Pembroke Pines has a promising job market compared to your current city

Safety in the City

Are you contemplating the safety of your future neighborhood in Pembroke Pines? How does it measure up against Boca Raton? Safety is more than just a statistic; it’s about the peace of mind you feel when you walk down the street, the confidence you have in your children’s security, and the overall sense of community well-being. Here, we’ll explore not just the numbers but what they truly mean for you as a resident.

Crime Rates and Safety Measures

Pembroke Pines has a crime rate of 15 crimes per thousand residents, which is higher than the national average but lower than the average for similarly sized cities. This suggests that, while crime exists as it does in any city, Pembroke Pines is relatively safer than other cities of comparable size. The chance of becoming a victim of violent or property crime here is 1 in 66. Specifically, the violent crime rate is 1 per thousand inhabitants, comparable to the national average, while the property crime rate is 14 per thousand​​. In contrast, Boca Raton has a higher crime rate of 22 per thousand residents, exceeding both the national average and Pembroke Pines’ rate. The likelihood of becoming a victim of violent or property crime in Boca Raton is 1 in 45.

Boca Raton’s violent crime rate is 2 per thousand inhabitants, and its property crime rate stands at 20 per thousand, indicating a higher prevalence of both types of crime compared to Pembroke Pines​​. For those contemplating a move, this comparison reveals that Pembroke Pines offers a more reassuring safety profile. This information is particularly valuable for those working with movers in Pembroke Pines, as it underscores the importance of understanding the local safety dynamics as part of the relocation process.

Education System

As you gather moving quotes Miami movers offer, have you wondered about the educational opportunities awaiting in Pembroke Pines? Selecting a new home is more than just a physical move; it’s about ensuring a bright future for your family. Pembroke Pines’ schools stand as beacons of academic achievement, offering diverse and quality educational options. Let’s uncover what makes these schools a cornerstone of the community, setting the stage for your family’s educational journey in this vibrant city.

School Quality and Options

Pembroke Pines boasts an impressive array of educational institutions. For instance, Somerset Academy Elementary South Campus ranks 99th out of 2242, exemplifying the high standards of elementary education in the city​​. Similarly, Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary School stands out, ranking 167th among 2242 schools, highlighting the quality of charter education available​​.

kids in class
Your kids will enjoy quality education after relocating from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines

At the middle school level, City/Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School ranks 113th out of 1185, showcasing the city’s commitment to providing quality middle school education​​. For high school students, Somerset Arts Conservatory and City/Pembroke Pines Charter High School rank 40th and 127th out of 792, respectively, reflecting a strong emphasis on arts and comprehensive education​​​​. West Broward High School, another notable institution, ranks 128th, further solidifying Pembroke Pines’ reputation for educational excellence​​. These rankings demonstrate the city’s commitment to high-quality education across all levels.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Selecting the right neighborhood is a pivotal decision in crafting your ideal lifestyle. Pembroke Pines, a city celebrated for its diversity and vibrancy, offers a range of neighborhoods each with unique charms and amenities. Let’s explore some of the top neighborhoods, offering insights to assist you if you are moving to Florida from another state or coming from Boca Raton.

Top Neighborhoods in Pembroke Pines

As you consider moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines, these neighborhoods stand out as top choices for a new beginning in Florida.

  • SilverLakes: This master-planned community in the western part of Pembroke Pines is known for its stunning waterfront properties and A-rated schools. It’s a top pick for families and professionals.
  • Pembroke Falls: Featuring a mix of home styles and resort-style amenities, this neighborhood is perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle. Its location near major highways makes commuting convenient, adding to its appeal​​.
  • Chapel Trail: A family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools, beautiful parks, and nature preserves. It offers a variety of home styles and sizes, making it a versatile choice for many​​.
  • Grand Palms: Ideal for golf enthusiasts, this gated community features a 27-hole championship golf course and Mediterranean-style homes. It’s a luxurious choice for those seeking an upscale lifestyle​​.
  • Walnut Creek: A gated community offering a range of home styles and resort-style amenities. Its convenient location and active social environment make it a popular choice​​.
  • Pembroke Shores: Known for its tree-lined streets and family-friendly atmosphere, Pembroke Shores offers a variety of home styles and close proximity to shopping and dining​​.
  • TownGate: A master-planned community with a variety of home styles and resort-style amenities. Its convenient location is a major plus for residents​​.
  • Spring Valley: Another family-friendly neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a variety of home styles. It’s ideal for those who value a close-knit community feel​​.
  • Encantada: This gated community is known for its variety of home styles and resort-style amenities. It’s perfect for those seeking an active and social lifestyle​​.
  • Raintree: A newer community that offers modern amenities and a variety of home styles. It’s ideal for those looking for a contemporary living environment​​.
pembroke pines from above
There are many great neighborhoods in Pembroke Pines

Commuting in Pembroke Pines

Embarking on a new journey, especially when moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines, brings the question of commuting to the forefront. It’s not just about the distance but the quality of your daily journey. Pembroke Pines presents a blend of convenience and connectivity, making your commute not just a routine but a part of your lifestyle choice.

Transportation Options

Pembroke Pines prides itself on diverse transportation options. The city is intertwined with approximately 600 miles of roadways. Also, numerous sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use paths ensure ease of movement within the community. The Miami-Dade Transit bus system services the city, complemented by Broward County’s Tri-Rail commuter rail system, which has four stations in the area. For broader travel needs, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is just a 20-minute drive away. The city’s commitment to improving mobility is evident in its ongoing development of a city-wide transportation master plan, aiming to enhance connectivity and alleviate congestion​​.

In terms of commute times, the average one-way commute in Pembroke Pines is about 31.5 minutes. That is slightly longer than the US average. The majority of residents (86.3%) prefer driving solo, while others opt for carpooling (7.0%) or working from home (4.2%). A smaller portion (1.2%) utilizes mass transit, reflecting the city’s growing emphasis on diverse transportation modes​​​​.

carpooling in Florida
Most residents here own a car

Lifestyle and Recreation

Are you dreaming of a lifestyle filled with sunny skies and a tapestry of cultural and recreational activities? Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines might just be your ticket to this vibrant lifestyle. While Pembroke Pines may not have the adrenaline-pumping attractions of larger cities, it more than makes up for it with its serene, family-friendly experiences. This balance makes the city an ideal destination for those seeking quality time without the hustle and bustle of more crowded tourist spots​​. So, as you plan your move with interstate moving companies Florida, rest assured that Pembroke Pines offers a quality of life that’s rich in experiences, culture, and community spirit. It’s not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Pembroke Pines shines as a city that brilliantly balances natural beauty with cultural richness. Its parks are more than just green spaces; they’re sanctuaries for both activity and relaxation. Imagine spending your weekends on golf courses, tennis courts, or basketball courts. For a more tranquil experience, the serene boardwalk through a nature preserve offers a peaceful retreat. These parks are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike, offering a blend of active and leisurely pursuits​​. The city’s commitment to arts and culture is vividly displayed at the Frank Art Gallery. Here, art isn’t just displayed; it’s an immersive experience, showcasing diverse and thought-provoking exhibitions. The city also features unique art installations, such as sculptures by Benoit Menasche and Felix Gonzalez.

art gallery
Visit the Frank Art Gallery in Pembroke Pines

For those seeking a blend of adventure and mental stimulation, Pembroke Pines offers engaging escape rooms like Polly’s Problematic Predicament. This escape room challenges your wits and creativity, making it a perfect outing for groups looking for something out of the ordinary​​. Pembroke Pines also offers unique recreational opportunities. The city hosts soccer fields and toddler-friendly playgrounds, ensuring that every family member finds something to enjoy. In a surprising twist, you can even skate alongside dolphins at a local skating rink, combining the thrill of skating with the joy of interacting with these intelligent marine creatures​.

A New Horizon Awaits: Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines

Moving from Boca Raton to Pembroke Pines will bring a tapestry of lifestyle benefits, from cost-effective living to enriched educational opportunities. Its safer neighborhoods and convenient commute enhance everyday life, while cultural richness and recreational diversity bring joy and vibrancy. Also, choosing Boca Raton movers for your relocation journey to Pembroke Pines means embracing a welcoming and exhilarating community. Pembroke Pines isn’t just a new address; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling life.

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