Moving from Pompano Beach to Weston: Transitioning to a Tranquil Suburban Lifestyle

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When considering moving from Pompano Beach to Weston, the options can seem overwhelming. Yet, when it comes to quality of life, safety, and amenities, two cities often emerge as top choices. Known for their beautiful surroundings and thriving communities, each city offers a unique lifestyle. However, if you find yourself contemplating a more tranquil and suburban atmosphere, you might find yourself intrigued by what Weston has to offer. In this article, we will explore why you might want to consider packing up your Pompano Beach life and why calling the right Weston movers could be the first step toward your new suburban haven.

Why People Move – Lifestyle Comparison

Before calling long distance movers in Florida and moving from Pompano Beach to Weston, you should learn a little bit about the two cities. Here are some of the things that you might find interesting.

farewell view when Pompano Beach
Pompano Beach is a bustling city – a much different place than Weston

Pompano Beach Overview

Nestled in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, Pompano Beach is known for its vibrant energy and stunning coastal views. This city is a beloved haven for both locals and tourists alike, offering an array of water activities such as boating, fishing, and diving. Pompano Beach boasts a dynamic cultural scene with numerous festivals and events and a historic downtown filled with unique shops and eateries. It’s not just the sun and sea that attract people, but the pulsating nightlife and the promise of a cosmopolitan lifestyle that keeps its residents engaged and entertained.

Moving to Weston

In contrast to the bustling vibes of Pompano Beach, Weston offers a more tranquil suburban lifestyle. Known as one of the best-planned and family-friendly cities in Florida, Weston is a peaceful enclave situated amongst Florida’s stunning natural beauty. Its carefully curated parks, bike trails, and recreational facilities promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Safety is a top priority, with Weston consistently ranking as one of the safest cities in the state.

Weston also champions a strong sense of community, with numerous community events and festivals, fostering an environment where neighbors know and care for each other. It is a city that emphasizes balance, offering the convenience of modern amenities with the tranquility of suburban living. If you crave a slower pace of life without compromising on the amenities and convenience, then finding the right movers in Pompano Beach FL to help you transition to Weston might just be the best decision you could make. The idea of swapping the vibrant city energy for a more serene suburban setting could indeed be an alluring proposition.

Cost of Living

When planning to relocate, one of the most crucial considerations is the cost of living. From rent to utilities, food to transportation, understanding these financial nuances is key. Here, we will compare these aspects in both Pompano Beach and Weston, using up-to-date data, to provide a comprehensive perspective to anyone contemplating a move facilitated by moving and storage Florida.

Median Home Value

If you are intending to call Broward County movers and purchase a home, you will find distinct differences between the housing markets of Pompano Beach and Weston. This stark contrast in median sale prices and trends demonstrates the unique attributes of each housing market. Prospective homeowners should consider these factors, along with their budget and lifestyle preferences, when thinking about moving from Pompano Beach to Weston.

apartments in Pompano Beach
Homes are much cheaper in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach’s housing market is somewhat competitive, with homes receiving an average of 2 offers before selling in about 52 days. This is a considerable increase from the previous year when homes were sold after approximately 42 days on the market. The median sale price of a home in Pompano Beach as of April 2023 was $329K, down 3.3% compared to last year. Similarly, the median sale price per square foot has seen a decline of 5.4% in the past year, standing at $274. In terms of volume, there were 210 homes sold in April 2023, a decrease from 282 homes sold during the same period last year.


On the other hand, the housing market in Weston is also somewhat competitive but has seen an impressive surge. The median sale price of a home in Weston as of April 2023 was $2.2M. This marks a significant increase of 28.6% since last year. However, the median sale price per square foot has seen a decrease of 13.5% since last year, standing at $524. In terms of sales, homes in Weston were on the market for an average of 31 days before selling. This is more than double the duration from last year. In April 2023, there were 10 homes sold, a minor decrease from 12 homes sold during the same period last year.

Rent and Utilities

In Pompano Beach, the average cost for rent and utilities combined is $1283 for a single person and $2160 for a family of four. These costs encompass rent, electricity, water, heating, cooling, and garbage services. While Pompano Beach is known for its sunny weather, it’s important to factor in the potentially higher costs of air conditioning during the summer months.

On the other hand, in Weston, the costs are significantly higher. Here, the average monthly cost of rent and utilities is $2114 for a single person and $3732 for a family of four.

Food Costs

When it comes to groceries, there’s not a substantial disparity between the costs in Pompano Beach and Weston, the difference is mostly due to local taxation and product availability. Eating out, on the other hand, proves to be pricier in Pompano Beach. This coastal city, popular among tourists, boasts a multitude of oceanfront dining options, pushing costs higher. Conversely, Weston’s food scene is more community-oriented, with establishments catering to locals, often at more budget-friendly prices. For Pompano Beach, the typical cost for a lunch menu is $16.6, a dinner for two at a restaurant is $60, while a fast food meal like McDonald’s is around $8.77. Additionally, the average price for a half-liter beer in a pub is $5.02, a cappuccino is $4.46, and a similar-size Pepsi or Coke is $2.17. Grocery staples like milk, bread, rice, eggs, cheese, chicken breast, round steak, and apples range from $1.06 to $14.1.

checking groceries after moving from Pompano Beach to Weston
You won’t feel a big difference in terms of food costs after moving from Pompano Beach to Weston

In contrast, Weston shows a higher average cost for eating out, with a lunch menu at $24, a dinner for two costing $79.5, and a fast food meal at $9.49. However, a half-liter beer in a pub, a cappuccino, and a Pepsi or Coke show little variation from Pompano Beach’s prices. Grocery items also display minor differences, with the costliest being rice at $6.6 and the cheapest being bread at $2.19. In sum, the decision between the two locales is not solely about price but also about the dining experiences and grocery offerings that align with one’s lifestyle.

Transportation Costs

In Pompano Beach, the public transportation system is more developed and slightly more affordable due to the city’s urban characteristics and its closeness to various other cities in Florida. On the other hand, driving in Pompano Beach may result in higher parking expenses, especially in more crowded districts. On the contrary, Weston, which was built with a suburban, auto-focused infrastructure, offers fewer public transportation services. Yet, its effective urban design and the minimal traffic congestion in the city make for efficient roadways, which could result in lower fuel expenditures for local commutes.

In terms of specific costs, a local transport ticket in Pompano Beach costs $2.2. A monthly ticket is priced at $58.3. And a taxi ride for 8 km or 5 miles would be around $16.9. Still, anyone who is moving to Florida knows that this state has some of the lowest fuel costs at the moment. In Pompano Beach, in particular, the fuel cost is approximately $3.62 for a liter or 0.26 gallon. Weston’s prices are quite similar, with a local transport ticket costing $2.21, a monthly ticket at $58, and an 8 km or 5 miles taxi ride priced at $17.1. However, the fuel cost is a bit higher, at $4 per gallon. Therefore, the choice between these two locations depends on your preferred mode of transportation and lifestyle considerations.

girl pouring fuel
Florida generally has low fuel costs

Healthcare Costs

While Florida’s healthcare costs are generally higher than the national average, it is essential to remember that these costs can fluctuate depending on factors like insurance coverage and individual healthcare needs. This applies to both Pompano Beach and Weston. In Pompano Beach, potential residents may be attracted by the robust healthcare system, which includes an above-average number of physicians and several high-performing hospitals, such as Northwest Medical Center-Margate, Broward Health North, and Broward Health Coral Springs. The area also offers scenic beaches and cultural attractions like the Pompano Beach Pier, Sample-McDougald House, and Butterfly World, the world’s largest butterfly house. Seniors, particularly, can benefit from home care agencies and local partners like Meals on Wheels and Broward County Transit.

Furthermore, Pompano Beach’s home care costs are quite reasonable when compared with other parts of South Florida and the United States. Residents pay about 18% less than the national average and 12% less than Florida’s average. However, costs vary, with places like Naples and Port St. Lucie having the highest costs in the region.  On the other hand, Weston’s healthcare costs, particularly nursing home care, range from approximately $225 to $505 per day. That is an average of around $292 per day. This translates to an annual cost of around $106,580. Additionally, the cost per square foot for a healthcare facility in Weston tends to hover around $254, contingent upon the location and size of the property.


Both communities have unique attributes in terms of their safety and crime rates. Pompano Beach has a total crime index of 8 out of 100, with 100 being the safest. This figure indicates that the city is safer than 8% of U.S. neighborhoods. This promises a certain level of safety, although it lags behind many other communities. With a total of 3,816 reported crimes, the crime rate in Pompano Beach stands at 34.27 incidents per 1,000 residents. 

crime scene
Weston is a smaller place and, therefore, safer

On the other hand, Weston’s safety profile is significantly more reassuring. With a total crime index of 77 out of 100, Weston is safer than 77% of U.S. neighborhoods. This represents a considerable advantage over many communities, including Pompano Beach. This high safety rating is further evidenced by the lower number of reported crimes—331 in total, translating to a crime rate of just 4.92 incidents per 1,000 residents. The disparity between these two locations’ crime rates does not necessarily make one city better than the other. Instead, it underscores the different characteristics of each area. Pompano Beach’s vibrant, bustling nature may naturally lead to a higher crime rate. On the other hand, Weston’s more laid-back, residential character lends itself to lower crime rates.


Education is the key factor for anyone planning to hire local movers in Florida for moving from Pompano Beach to Weston with kids. Let’s compare Pompano Beach and Weston on this parameter.

Pompano Beach offers a wide range of public, private, and charter schools. Some schools stand out for their high academic standards, such as the Pompano Beach Institute of International Studies. However, the performance varies across schools. Parents are advised to research extensively to find a suitable fit for their children. In contrast, Weston boasts some of the highest-rated schools in Broward County. Schools here consistently earn top ratings on thanks to their strong academic and extracurricular programs. This makes the city a strong contender for families prioritizing education.

kids in school
Both places offer good education opportunities

Job Opportunities

In terms of job opportunities, Pompano Beach has a thriving job market. The city is a hub for the manufacturing, marine, tourism, and entertainment industries. The median salary stands at around $66,000 per year, making it a decent place for professionals in these fields. Weston presents a different landscape when it comes to job opportunities. The city has a robust job market primarily in professional, scientific, & technical services, health care & social assistance, and retail trade sectors. The highest-paying industries are Utilities, Public Administration, and Information. Here the median salary is significantly higher than in Pompano Beach, standing at $79,000 per year. As you can see, both cities offer unique benefits. Your decision would depend on your individual priorities and preferences.

Moving from Pompano Beach to Weston – Final Words

Moving from Pompano Beach to Weston can be a delightful experience. Weston offers superior schools, safer neighborhoods, and higher salaries, making it an appealing option for families or professionals seeking a quieter pace of life. However, it’s crucial to consider personal preferences, housing affordability, and lifestyle before packing up your moving boxes Miami movers gave you. Regardless of your final choice, an informed decision is key to ensuring a smooth and satisfying relocation.

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