Relocating a pool table across the country

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Relocating a pool table is probably as hard as it gets when it comes to moving. The only thing that vaguely comes in comparison is relocating a piano. It is difficult to discern which one wins the race of the most difficult item to relocate. Certainly, if it weren’t a competition, both are tremendously difficult tasks. In fact, they are so difficult, that they are rarely done by non-professionals.

Relocating a pool table is one of the most difficutl tasks you can face when moving.
Moving tables are beasts to move.

The best possible thing you could strive to do is to make sure you do not commit to relocating a pool table on your own. Likewise, relocating a piano on your own is equally absurd. Neither of these two tasks should be done without the assistance of a trained professional the likes of which can be found amongst moving companies Sunny Isles BeachThe number of things that could go wrong with you relocating a pool table across the country is simply not worth the mention. Hence the strategy of such relocation is simple – don’t do it alone. Besides, there is no need to consider such actions anymore. Today you have an abundance of professional moving companies. Use this potential to make your relocation an enjoyable process as to compared to a dreadful one that it currently feels like.

Back to the topic – how do you move a piano across the country? Simple. Hire professionals to do it for you. A costlier decision, but one that is worth it.

Relocating a pool table – doing it on your own

Having all the previous things said, doing it alone is not impossible. It is, however, highly difficult and very risky. You should not want to rush blindly into it. If your desire is to do it on your own, you should not do it with haste. Unless, of course, you don’t really care about what happens to the pool table. In this scenario, you could do it at any speed that you’d like. But this hardly ever the case. This is precisely why you wish to take your time in planning the relocation. Carefully assess the pool table and how many people you are going to need to help you. Then, analyze how exactly you plan on bringing it to the transportation vehicle without having to put it apart, and without damaging it. Even though possible, always consider hiring professional moving services. 

The worst thing about the pool table is that they are as fragile as they are big.
They are as fragile as they are big.

Remember, pool tables are extremely heavy, so unless you are Sir Gregor Clegane, you will most likely have very little luck carrying it on your own. But this is why you are bringing friends in to help. Without them, you might never be able to relocate a pool table across the country on your own. With their help, you might stand a chance. There are three most important bits to look at when doing it on your own:

  • Bringing the pool table to the truck and loading it in
  • Transportation
  • Unloading and bringing it into the new home

These three combined are a nightmare to behold, if not planned right. So, let’s discuss the plan slightly, shall we?

Carrying and relocating a pool table

Carrying it around just like that is not something we’d recommend that you do. There are numerous techniques on how you can carry very heavy things around. Aside from being heavy, pool tables are fragile and you can’t be really hitting them left and right. It needs to be done carefully. Considering that neither you or your mates have any training or carrying the equipment you should handle the thing by sheer numbers.

This means that you should have as many hands as you can fit carrying that pool table. This is the only way to be certain that it will be done properly. If you can have 6 people to carry it at once, do it. And take little baby penguin steps. If it takes ages to do, so be it. Do not rush it. Rushing something like this, without any experience or equipment, is the most certain way to doom the project. You don’t wish to break the pool table or have anyone get hurt in the process. This is why the key strategy is plenty of baby steps and a lot of time without rushing it.


This little bit is quite straight forward. There is no special technique to it. Unfortunately, depending on the transportation vehicle used, the pool table is going to be the only thing that fits inside. One very important disclaimer – do not place things atop the pool table to try to save space. There should be absolutely nothing covering that green surface of a pool table. This surface can be damaged easily, and the pool table is never meant to be a shelf of sorts.

The best thing you could do is rely on professionals to relocate your pool table.
The better choice is to hire professional moving assistance for this relocation.

You and your mates are going to have to ride with the pool table in the back. This is to ensure that the table does not move across the vehicle, but is rather held in a firm and safe position. Any tumbling off the table and you can be sure that it is ruined. Not to mention if it actually falls over.

Relocating a pool table – hire professional assistance

Or, you could simply not do any of this but rather hire movers Hallandale Beach to do all this for you. A tad more expensive, agreed, but what if you damage your pool table? What is the more expensive option then? Carefully calculate your risks and your investments. To me, it is always best to play it safe. To you, it might be all about saving money.

Whichever you decide, do not underestimate a pool table. It will have your work cut out for you.

Best of luck!

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