Packing tips for busy moms

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Regardless of how hectic and chaotic moving can be, there are things that can make it even more complicated. And having children is definitely one of them. Finding a new place to live, packing your entire household, transferring it to another location and then adjusting to your new lifestyle – it all sounds so nightmarishly difficult. But having to do it all with a child or even several children is something any parent dreads, for sure. But there are ways to make it simpler. Especially the most time-consuming part of any relocation: packing. So do we have some useful packing tips for busy moms? Yes, we do. So keep reading and you’ll soon find out how to simplify your relocation with children and make packing less complicated.

A woman and her child
As a mom, you have probably mastered the art of multi-tasking

You need to get well-organized, ASAP

Being a mom usually means that your organizational skills are improving by the day. Even if you are not an organizational wizard, having children means handling many different responsibilities. And naturally, learning the very important skill of multi-tasking. This means that by now you must be well aware of the fact that our packing tips for busy moms need to start with a reminder for you to stay well-organized throughout your relocation. Your kids will probably make the whole process more complicated, but if you plan everything in advance and stick to your plans, there’s no reason why your moving day should go downhill. Packing included.

So before you start packing, make a plan. This is something all professional and experienced movers such as Hialeah movers do. Organize your packing in a way that will cause the least disturbance to your children’s everyday routine. This will help everybody stay relaxed. The lack of packing and moving anxiety is definitely something you will appreciate when moving with children!

Think of the ways to keep your kids occupied during packing

Children hate being idle. So one of the most useful packing tips for busy moms is to keep your kids busy while you search for moving services Miami. Give them one task each and make them compete over who does the best job. This will keep them busy as well as help you delegate some of the work. You can even assign some of the packing tasks to your older kids. They can pack their toys and personal belongings. If you plan out an entire day of various tasks for your kids, they will not only help you pack but also lack time to interrupt you while you are working. And a continuous packing process without impromptu breaks is the best way to have everything ready and packed in time.

a child playing with toys
Most kids will have fun packing their own toys and other belongings

A box called “open-me-first” is the packing tip for busy moms you will definitely want to try

Here’s an idea for you. Each member of your family should have a box labeled “open me first”. This box would contain the personal belongings of each of your household members that you are definitely going to need the moment your relocation is complete. This will save you a lot of time. Why? It’s just so frustrating having to dig your way through a pile of unpacked boxes just so you could find your child’s favorite toy. And we all know how difficult it can be for some kids to fall asleep the first night after moving. If you each have your own box of basic necessities, you’ll feel more comfortable on the first day in your new home. So what could you pack in this type of box?

  • as already mentioned, your kids’ favorite toys or whatever helps them fall asleep
  • your basic toiletries
  • a change of clothes an/or pajamas
  • a book/an Ipad

Do ask for help – you are going to need it

Don’t be shy once you realize you’ll need someone to give you a hand – either with packing or with babysitting. There’s no doubt that preparing to move to Miami with your little ones is no picnic. So make sure you ask a family member or a friend to help you pack. Or to take your kids to the park while you do the packing. It’s a small favor that will mean the world to you. 

two girls laughing
Your close friends or family members could help you by babysitting your children while you pack

You won’t be needing packing tips for busy moms if you hire professional movers

It’s quite simple, actually. If you feel like you have too much on your plate, taking care of your children and packing simultaneously – you can hire professionals to do your packing for you. There are movers who offer professional packing services which means you can relax and let them take over. Finding reliable and reputable movers shouldn’t be too hard. You can read online reviews or ask your friends for a recommendation. The experienced team of movers will make sure your packing and moving turn into a stress-free experience. So there’s really no reason to hesitate to ask professionals to take over. One of the most important packing tips for busy moms is: learn how to delegate.

In the end, what matters is that our packing tips for busy moms actually make your packing process easier. So whichever way of packing you find suits you the most – do it. Your children will most likely be as excited about the relocation as you are, if not more. So if you give them something to do, they might feel better. Most kids like to help their mothers, especially younger children. Just take your time, start preparing in time and always have a detailed packing plan. And if you decide to hire professionals to take care of your packing, you won’t regret it.

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