How to pack holiday decorations for storage?

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After the holiday season ends, we face another great trouble- how to pack holiday decorations for storage? It does not matter how much much ornaments and figures you have. The most important thing is to pack all of them properly and avoid having them damaged. This should especially be the case if you are using long-term storage. Yes, it will probably take some more time, but you will not have to worry about their condition for the next year. So, in order to help you go through this process as smoothly as possible, we have thought of some pieces of advice. All you need to do is to read this article and you will be prepared when the time comes.

Before you pack, organize your holiday decorations

There is nothing that can keep your decorations more safe and intact than organizing. It is possible that you will find some broken ornaments or some old ones you would no longer like to use. The same goes for the lights that no longer work. Make sure you throw all of these away. There is no need to put them back in a box- they will only take up much-needed space. On the other hand, if some decorations do work, but do not fit your style anymore, donate them. This will mean a lot to other children and their parents. On the other hand, you will have fewer items to pack which will be of great help, especially if you are moving during the holidays.

Broken Christmas ornaments
If there are some holiday ornaments that are broken or damaged, do not pack them- throw them away

Whey you pack holiday decorations for storage, separate them by use and type

You should not skip this step because of a simple reason- later, you will be able to find exactly what you need. Make sure you do this properly and you will avoid unpacking ornaments when you want to hang up your outside lights. An important thing to bear in mind when separating your decorations is to avoid thinking about how you will pack them later. This is something that will come to you naturally when the next phase starts. For example, you can use categories like these: Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, gift packing supplies, etc. It is probable that you will not notice the benefits immediately. This is something that will have to wait until the next year.

The next step is to untangle strings and strands

Avoid leaving your string lights in a pile. If this happens, you will have more work to do when you unpack them. In addition to this, you will increase the chance that bulbs will get broken or that wires will get bent out of shape. So, in order to avoid this from happening, we have some tips for you. For example, you can wrap your lights around pieces of disposable cardboard. By doing this, the lights will be ready to use the very moment you need them. Also, pay attention to how much space you use on storing them. In case you are moving soon, it is advisable to keep your lights as condensed as possible. You can be sure that movers Boca Raton will take good care of them during the transport.

Christmas lights
If you would like to prevent your Christmas lights from getting damaged, pack them properly

Get your storage containers and boxes

After you have organized and separated your holiday decorations, now is a fine time to pack them. Feel free to use boxes and containers you already have. If you have plastic boxes, it is advisable to use them for fragile ornaments. They will provide a bigger barrier between your items and the environment. Of course, you should feel free to use them for all the other decorations, if you have a sufficient number of them. In case you think this will not be enough, you can always get some free moving boxes. These are cardboard boxes which you can use for some less fragile items. For example, you can put in them the Christmas lights, garland, and even wreaths. Of course, it is needless to say that you should pack the piles of decorations as you have organized them.

Pay special attention to the fragile items

Another thing to bear in mind when you pack holiday decorations for storage is to be careful with the fragile parts. You should wrap them up with packing paper, for example. Of course, there is also another option for you. You need to make sure that there is no empty space between the items. In order to perform this task, you will also need some packing paper or bubble wrap and put it between the items. This will prevent them from moving around and getting damaged. This is something that is a must if you are relocating. By doing this, there will be no need for you to worry about what condition you will find them in after the move. Of course, yet another way to make you feel more secure is asking for moving insurance.

Christmas balls
Make sure you put some additional effort into packing fragile ornaments

The holiday season is always exciting and we are looking forward to it because we know that it will bring joy into our homes. However, when all of that passes, we need to think about how to pack holiday decorations for storage. This is not a simple task, especially if you know that now everything is mixed up and tangled. The good thing is that we have provided you with some pieces of advice we hope you will find helpful. Take them into consideration, put them into practice and you will see how everything will be much easier. You will probably be wondering why you have not done this all the previous years.

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