The upsides of using long-term storage

Are you thinking about possessing your own storage unit? Well, in case you have a lot of belongings this is an excellent idea. As we are living in an era of consumerism, purchasing things become a style of living. We do not even understand how many things we have until we start decluttering our home. Making space for the new things is not only good for your living space but for the state of your mind, as well. In this article, we will give you insight into some positive sides of having long-term storage.

The starting point

There are many reasons why people decide to rent a storage unit. For some of them, that is just a way to put aside seasonal clothes or to make space for new things. But, in most cases storage unit is needed when people are moving to a new location. Having a lot of possessions might cause higher costs of moving. So, the fewer things you move, the lower expenses will be. If you are about to relocate to Miami, you are probably thinking about how to find a reliable yet affordable moving company. Hialeah movers are here to help you. As experts in this field, your relocation will be much easier. But, before you choose your moving company, take some time to go through your belongings. Select things you would like to move and see what you can do with other items.

Decluttering will save your relocation

Relocation is the perfect time for decluttering of your home. You will be surprised by how many things you have. Many of them are not used for a long time, and others are just out of the function. Roll up your sleeves and start sorting out your belongings. There will be things that you can recycle or donate to charities. You can also earn some money by organizing a garage sale. Great way to get rid of unnecessary stuff. For all other items that you would like to save, but not to move, a storage unit is what you need. Imagine you can have an extra room for the items that you are not using so often. Great, isn’t it? Well, that is one of the great advantages of storage units. You can have more space for moving around the house and generally more space for living in your home.

clothes on sale
Make a garage sale and earn some money

Benefits of owning a long-term storage

Advantages of having a storage unit are many and we will present the most important ones. So, let us see why having this in your property, or just renting it is such a great idea.

  • Protection of your belongings from environmental disasters – In a lack of place, we usually tend to form small shelter or even storage from yards and attics. Objects without protection, under the different kind of weather conditions, might get losses. Hence, if you store them in a climate-controlled unit, your worries will become past.
  • Ideal for a wide range of purpose– Storage holds many purposes, for both individuals and business users. It is ideal if you are relocating your home, so you need to downsize your belongings. Or you are moving your business, and you want to store office equipment and archives safely.
  • Security– The safety of your belonging is in the first place, so one of the greatest benefits is the security of the storage. Depending on the facility you choose, you can have 24/7 security measures. Some of them are monitoring systems, camera surveillance system, CCTV and even on-site security guards. You can have a unique access code and other kinds of lock systems. Everything that can provide the highest level of security from thefts.
security camera on the wall
Storage units have a camera surveillance system
  • Long-term storage is cost effective– Renting property for a long time can be cost beneficial as well. You might get better prices for a longer period of rent, than for one or two months. It will be, for sure, cheaper to store them, than to move them with you.
  • Accessibility– Some facilities are providing 24 hours of access, but not all of them. Do a bit of research and find the one that suits your need the best.

Different sizes of long-term storage units

Depending on the number of items that you have, you will be able to choose different sizes of long-term storage. From the small one, where you can store your garage gear or kids’ toys. To the biggest which are suitable for furniture and various household belongings. There are storage units for cars or other vehicles as well. You will have the possibility to choose between indoor and outdoor facilities. One more type is storage containers, preferable for short-term storage and for relocations. Nevertheless, they are also practical for a longer period.

One more very practical side is climate- controlled system that you might have if you choose the right facility. Delicate items that require special climate conditions will be happy to be here. With a temperature control system, protection from humidity and dust there is nothing more you’ll need.

How to prepare your things for a storage facility

Packing is an inevitable part of the moving process, as much as of the process of storing. Whatever you have in your possessions should have extra protection. Use the same packing material as you are using for relocation. Pay attention to fragile items, antique, or anything that is valuable for you. Bubble wrap and moving boxes will be your best friends in this mission. Plan for how you will pack everything in the unit. Try not to have free space between items because there is no need to overpay your facility. In case you do not have time for packing, you can have a helpful hand. Movers and packers Miami can provide the best packing services. And prepare your possessions for moving and storing, at the same time.


Box with fragile items
Label boxes which contain fragile items

Having long-term storage comes up to be a pretty helpful thing, as you can see. Knowing that you can rely on the storage unit and that your items will be safe, it is time for relocation planning. Start with searching for free onsite estimates and choosing the right moving company. Our company is always here to help you. Have a nice and smooth relocation.

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