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Our moving business is taking all necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of our customers and moving crews while providing any of our moving and storage services. We are taking extensive sanitation and cleanliness measures to prevent any further spread of the virus. Our team will be using the following practices to ensure the same level of first-class, five star moving processes that you are used to receiving from us:

  • We will be providing all moving estimates online, virtually, via phone or email from this point on.
  • The wellbeing of all parties involved comes first. Any members of our staff displaying even the slightest symptoms of flu will be sent home until further notice. Any customers that feel ill should immediately notify us so that we might re-schedule, postpone, or cancel the move so as to prevent any unwanted risks.
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  • We take the appeal of social distancing measures seriously, hence limiting any unneeded contact with customers while this pandemic is in effect. We offer our sincerest apologies for not being able to demonstrate the professionalism and respect toward customers with our usual introductory handshake.
  • Upon arrival of our moving crew, we kindly ask that you give them the space required for them to protect the home with all safeguards like floor runners, and door jams (Extra Charge). They need the appropriate space to safelyand efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • Try to open doorways and windows when available and appropriate, to increase air circulation and ventilation.
  • All the cabs and boxes of in our trucks are sanitized, as well as all blankets, pads, tools and equipment after each and every move. We do this to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
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  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, email and text.

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How to choose the right storage size

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Whether you are decluttering your home or preparing for a relocation you might end up with one question. What to do with all the items that you would like to save, yet not to move? The most reasonable answer is to store them in a storage unit. Your belongings will be safe and protected and in the reach of your hand anytime. What matters the most is deciding which one is the most suitable for the capacity of your possessions. To choose the right storage size, we will give you some guides and tips. We hope you will find it useful.

The never ending cycle

Since we live in an era where materialism and consumerism are widely growing, purchasing became a way of living. But the unbeatable fact is that people tend to possess items more and more. In many cases that results with overloading our homes with the things. The most frequent occasion when we realize how much belongings we have is when we are relocating our home. That is the time when home decluttering is necessary. By sorting things in order you will be able to distinguish which one are those you would like near you.  All the other items, whatever the size, you can pack and store. So, let us see what you should consider so that you can choose the right storage size.

People with shopping bags
Everyday shopping became a lifestyle

How to find a good and affordable storage unit

In the sea of storage facilities that you can find nowadays, it is important to avoid storage scams. You can easily do that by researching the Internet. Customers review can give you a better picture of the storage unit market. Compare the prices and services that they provide. But most importantly is that they are the one on which you can rely. If you are looking for professional yet affordable storage units in Miami, we are at your disposal. Miami Movers for Less is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Hence, the services we are providing are specialized and affordable. It will be never easier to choose the right storage unit. With plenty of storage options, you will find something that suits your need the best.

Inventory list can be your saver

Sorting your belongings for storing, might be emotional. Especially if some of those belongings are family inheritance. On the other hand, there are always things that you are not using, or that you do not need anymore. Organizing a garage sale will help you a lot in getting away from unnecessary items. After deciding what is for storing, you should make an inventory list and pack. Write down the quantity and dimensions of boxes, but also the content of it. That will be the biggest guide to choose the right storage size. The fewer things you have; the smaller storage you’ll need. And the price will be cheaper as well.

Pack your possessions before you choose the right storage size

Packing is energy and time-consuming, but important too. Items that are in boxes will be protected from humidity, dust or any kind of damages. Finding packing material, moving boxes of different size and shape can be exhausting. Many moving companies are providing different kind of moving services, such as packing. A trained team will pack your belongings with the utmost care and protect them. So that they can stay safe and in the original state in your storage.

In order to choose the right storage size you should now the quantity and measures of boxes
Pack your belongings in boxes to protect them from humidity, dust, and damages

Tips for measuring your possessions

Getting the precise measure of your belongings is hard. But, some ways might be useful. For example, you can mark your floor with tape and move all boxes to that space. Like you would do in the storage unit. In case the certain size space is too big or too small you can re-measure out a different size. And try again until you find the right size. You will know you’re on the right path if you can put all the items in that space, with a bit of extra room. If you are using a moving truck, there is another good way to estimate how much total space you will need. In a 25-foot truck, you can fit items into 10’x20’ unit, in 20-foot truck items for 10’x15’ unit. And with a 15-foot moving truck, it is equivalent to 10’x10’ storage unit.

To choose the right storage size you should know the types of storage units

There are many types of storage units that you can find. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor unit, what you should pay attention to is the accessibility and security. They should have video surveillance and unique code for entering. That way you will be sure that you have protection from possible thefts. Check also the conditions that they are providing. For some items, you will need a climate- controlled facility. You might pay a bit more, but safety is the most important.

Types of storage unit sizes

To have a better picture and easily choose the right storage size we will give you the insight in storage unit dimensions.

Small storage unit

5’x5’ unit– This 25 square feet unit is like a small closet. It is suitable for storing a dresser, seasonal and personal items, children toys, small mattress set, and several boxes. People are often using for gardening equipment or sporting gear. It might be also a good place for business records, as you will have space for around 35 file boxes.

5’x10’ unit– With 50 square feet, it is equivalent to a small walk-in closet. It can feet TV, queen size mattress set and several boxes. You can put furniture from a one-bedroom apartment or dorm room.

Storage with folders and small boxes
Small storage units are suitable for business records

Medium storage unit

10’x10’ unit– The unit of 100 square feet is about the size of a half of one-car garage. This dimension of the facility is perfect for a two-bedroom apartment- mattresses sets, nightstands, dressers. It can also fit an entire family room with items such as sofa, bookshelves, coffee table, chairs. It can be also used for storing a motorcycle or a jet ski.

10’x15’ unit– It has the size of 150 square feet and it is similar to a slightly smaller one-car garage. It is suitable for three bedrooms or large items such as pianos, couches, tables, big- screen TVs. This size is most common for storing a full apartment’s worth of belongings.

Large storage unit

10’x20’ unit– In 200 square feet unit, you can store entire multiple bedroom houses with large furniture and several boxes. It can feet three of four-bedroom apartments with workout equipment, dining room set, a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. It can be also used for business equipment and for storing a car or other vehicles.

10’x30’ unit– With 300 square feet size, this is the largest unit that you can have. Ideal for storing pretty much everything you need. Including a vehicle or a boat. Such a large storage unit can hold everything from a two-bedroom apartment plus a car. Or fully furnished five-bedroom home. Perfect for commercial and equipment store.

Outdoor storage unit
There are many different types of large storage units

Knowing all the facts mentioned above, it is time for you to make the decision. In case you have doubts, do not hesitate to seek professional help. By choosing one of the best moving companies in Florida, you can easily find a solution. With extensive experience, we can provide you the best services. And help you to choose the right storage size for your belongings. So start making your inventory list, a storage unit is waiting for you.

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