The advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL

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In case you have decided to move to Coral Gables FL then you are in for a treat. This definitely could be a very good decision to make because of various reasons. There has to be at least one good reason you already have since you are here, reading this article. Stick to that reason and find more right here. The advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL are numerous and we will only try to scratch the surface of the big number of reasons. So, stay tuned and enjoy. Maybe there will be even mentioned some flaws, if Coral Gables FL has them, stay tuned to find out. For any moving inquires the best thing to do is to check out the most experienced moving companies Coral Gables has to offer so that your moving process goes without any issues.

What is like in Coral Gables FL

When you decide to move to some other place where you have never been to before, you ought to find out about that place as much as possible. When it comes to Coral Gables GL there are a lot of things to learn before you move. If you get the chance it would be great to first go to visit this place, and just then to make an informing moving decision. On the other hand, there are things that you can find out online as well. So, let’s start with the great characteristic of Coral Gables, it is really safe here. Raising a family or coming here to retire is a real deal. Crime rates are really low, so much so that people tend not to lock their house sometimes, which is not really a good idea because you never know what might happen.

Coral Gables City Hall
This is a great place for families

The advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL are numerous

When you have decided to move to Coral Gables you are probably very well aware of the advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL. The advantages are definitely numerous. Another advantage is definitely the fact that the University of Miami is right there in Coral Gables. This is a very good thing if you are a student or you are a parent of a student. It is not bad to have a good University somewhere in the neighborhood. When you are moving you are bound to find out about some very important things, like nearby schools, not only about what is there interesting to see, and where can you go out.

Coral Gables has the looks

It is not all about the looks, people always say and they are definitely right. However, Coral Gables has it all. It has the spirit of history still there and it has good looks as well. There is so much of the so needed green space that people forgot they even need. Beautiful places to take a walk, and play golf. Just to relax and get back to nature. Coral Gables offers you just that with a modern twist to it. While you are enjoying your walk you can always sit down in some coffee place right there in those lovely green fields and golf courses. This is definitely a perfect place for families or for retirement.

a building in Coral Gables
There are some beautiful places to visit

Miami spirit

One of the advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL is definitely that there is a spirit of the Miami, but it is not Miami. This is said in a way that by moving to Coral Gables you get the best from the Miami and the worst is still there, in Miami. Worst in a sense that in Coral Gables you do not get crazy, irritable traffic, and you don’t have to go to work at least hour and a half before the working hours start, just so that you can get there in time. Coral Gables is a calm place where you can get anywhere by car in a matter of half an hour. Speaking of work, Coral Gables is the epicenter of so many diverse companies where you can follow your career path. So, add this to you moving checklist of the things too see and check out.

Free transportation

Yes, you have read it right. There is such a thing as free transportation. Definitely another of the advantages of moving to Coral Gables FL. This is something that has been done by the city authorities to help the community to have a better drive to work or downtown. A big number of people are using this transportation on a daily basis. It is not perfect of course because it doesn’t go through the whole city, but it can get you the Metro line. Not too bad, right?

a man in front of the trolley
Transportation is free of charge

Beach, beach, beach

Can you even imagine Florida without imagining the big blue waters? Not really, at least most of the people can’t, and most of the people usually when asked about Florida, think about beaches, relaxation and some other really nice things. There is a reason for it. Florida has so many amazing beaches to even count. However, Coral Gables is close to a great beach where you can go to get a tan or for a swim. It takes about ten, fifteen minutes to get to Miami Beach by car. So, just another, of so many advantages of moving to Coral Gables. There you go:

  • It is safe, crime rates are very low
  • It has one of the best Universities in Florida
  • Nature
  • Great career opportunities
  • The possibility of free transportation

Moving to Coral Gables is one of the best decisions you can make. There is absolutely nothing to even worry about since there are long distance movers Florida for any moving inquiries and questions you may have. You are all set, enjoy one of the greatest decisions you have made.

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