Most eventful Miami neighborhoods to explore

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Time has come to give Miami a visit. One of, by all means, the most popular places on the planet. A Latin American population capital of the world is a wondrous magic show. With never-ending nightlife, sunny beaches, exotic lush environment, and diverse culture, you won’t have a moment of boredom. Maybe you are just passing through or planning to move to one of the areas. Whatever is the case, you should equip yourself with the scouting guide below. We bring you a few of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods to visit and explore.


Brickell is one of the largest financial districts in the US. With a dense population and promising economy, this place is one of Miami’s most promising neighborhoods. The fastest growing population is brought by business and entertainment alike. Luxurious hotels and condos are stretching all over the city. Best to visit Mary Brickell Village for the abundance of high esteemed restaurants, boutiques and all kinds of retail shops. This by-day busy city is not holding back when it comes to nightlife. Check out Red bar, Kindred Miami and Blackbird Ordinary for drinks and ladies’ nights. Or if you are a fan of cabaret, El Tucan is the place for you. Join us at Sidebar or Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar, grab the mic and show us what you got.

But we won’t forget to mention that Brickell was initially meant to be an area for huge mansions. Hence, the nickname Millionaire’s Row. Most of the residences are replaced with office towers and very few mansions remained. Even they are not proclaimed as historical landmarks, you can still take a tour and visit some of them. Visit most eventful Miami neighborhoods by starting with this one.

Brickell skyline
Brickell Bay sunset, Miami


One of the oldest settled areas in Miami is Great Downtown. A cultural and historical heart of Miami. This neighborhood is a financial and commercial center of South Florida as well. You will find tall buildings and skyscrapers filled with businesses and shopping malls. For art lovers, on the other hand, there is more than a few art galleries and museums. Along with Downtown Historic district, containing more than 60 historic structures. Bayside marketplace is something you shouldn’t miss. It is a retailer and dinner heaven on earth. And finally, astonishing Bayfront park. An urban and public place for a picnic, sports events and long walks on the waterfront.

If by any chance you are in the area, stop by and you will be amazed by this most eventful Miami neighborhood. And if you decide on moving to Downtown, please consult local movers Florida. A local moving company like Miami Movers for Less will be the best solution. They have the knowledge and experience on how to move your house or business most efficiently.

Miami beach – one of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods

After the TV show Miami Vice introduced and popularized, this area became one of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods. With many restaurants and rich party scene, it became one of the most elevated beach resorts in the US. Golden sands and palm trees are attracting young and elder alike. Its cultural diversity is housing many communities. There is an abundance of Latin Americans, Haitians, as well as Creole, Spanish and English residents. Historic Deco architectural vibe is making the surroundings unique as the ocean in the back of each picture you take. Be sure to check Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, on the 14th of March, it is a must see.

During a spring break, this place is swarming with college students. With so many places to visit and non-stop partying, this would be the best time of year for youngsters. Since this neighborhood is very much alive, you’ll probably ask if this is a place to raise a family. The answer is yes, many families are calling Miami Beach their home. And after you peek at its wonders, you might do the same. If you decide to move to Miami Beach we can recommend Miami Movers For Less. One of the best local moving companies that will handle your relocation with perfection. Since they are affordable yet reliable, they can be your best choice.

Miami Beach is one of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods, even it welcome board shows it
Welcome to Miami Beach


This one managed to position itself on the list of most eventful Miami neighborhoods because it is a family paradise. Aventura residential area is best known for the shopping madness. It is home to Aventura Mall, the largest shopping mall in Miami with around 300 stores. Visit this place with your family. A city is full of clothing stores and five-star restaurants. Also, due to the lush and green areas, Aventura became a destination for local and foreign visitors. Turnberry Isle is very popular since it has two championship golf courses, several exalted restaurants and, Forbes Four-Star Spa and Fitness Center.

With beautiful landscapes and the ocean that is a few steps away, this neighborhood is promising to everyone. That is why we would advise you to consider Aventura as a relocation candidate, once you are planning a move. Consult with local Miami moving and storage professionals and get your free estimate. Affordable move, professional approach and swift resolution are what will wait for you if you choose Miami Movers for Less. One of the best local movers in the business.


Wynwood transformed into an artistic utopia in the past decade. Better known as Hipster Paradise, full of diverse people and artistic souls. It is an entertaining environment rich with restaurants, nightclubs, and clothing stores. Heightened experience is brought by colorful murals that cover most of the buildings and establishments. Everything is vibrant and rich with life. One of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods for sure. Besides fantastic bars and coffee shops, you have many galleries to satisfy your hunger for art.

Once you visit, you won’t be able to resist the thought to move here. And if that is the case, we offer Miami Movers for Less. A moving company on the top of the moving game. They will pack, relocate and unpack your belongings swiftly and efficiently. This is only the beginning of Wynwood growth. Many investors are interested in the future of this neighborhood. Therefore, we can expect that previously industrial area continues expanding in all directions.

Friends having fun in a bar
Wynwood offers a large number of great bars and restaurants 

So, what are you waiting for?

To sum it up, the right place for all those who like shopping, restaurants, bars, diners and coffee shops. Along with sports events and art galleries, visit one of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods mentioned above. You will elevate your spirit once you witness a marvelous environment of Miami. You might end up living in one of the places we recommended. Good luck and have fun!

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