Storing your power tools – tips and tricks

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Power tool addict? Yeah, me too. I never believed this was possible, and I was the first one who made fun of people who stack power tools to the roof. However, as destiny would have it, I had to invest in some tools myself since certain parts of my house needed some extra touch. And here I am, 14 power tools in, I believe I have an issue. However, this is one issue that I solemnly enjoy. I mean, I get to make my own playground filled with tools that I  can actually use to make something cool. I fix things. The house has not been this well in a while. However, this game has a huge issue – storing your power tools.

Owning and collecting power tools is super fun, but storing your power tools is tremendously annoying. This is especially so when you have as many as I do. But, there is no avoiding it. They need to be stored, and they need to be stored in the right way. Otherwise, they can easily turn into a hazard. If you don’t have a place in your home then maybe you should look into renting the storage Miami recommends.

It is a fine line between safe and unsafe, and all it takes is one child reaching for a power tool. The things that could follow are unspeakable. Luckily, every power tool owner is responsible enough to approach storing your power tools with plenty of care.

Storing your power tools – high importance

Again, we couldn’t emphasize the importance of storing your power tools any more than this. There are several ways one could approach this task with the objective of not endangering anyone in the process. Owning power tools means that you need to be responsible enough. Power tools are dangerous. If found in the wrong hands they could bring more harm than usefulness.

This is why we have assembled a list of ways for storing your power tools. This list is not definite, nor is it something you need to follow to the letter. At worst, it will spark your imagination about how you could be storing your power tools. And this is something that you should really focus on as a responsible power tools owner. Do not disregard the importance of this.

Grab a clothing closet

Believe it or not, today owning a large closet is no impossible thing. As most people keep their power tools in a garage, it would be an idea for you to get such a closet and install it in the garage. Nobody ever said that closets are meant only for clothes. Within the closet, you have a place to hang stuff as well as shelves to place stuff.

It's easy to get a cheap closet in IKEA store which you can use for storing your power tools.
Get a closet that you can build yourself using the power tools, and then you can store them in it.

This is now easier than ever thanks to Ikea or stores that are just like Ikea. For very little money (i.e. 60 bucks) you could purchase a closet that you need to assemble yourself. Once you do you have your very own place where you can set all your power tools. Some cables can be left to hang whilst shelves can be populated with tools. Furthermore, given space you will have, you have an infinite potential of stuffing in nails that you could use as spots to hang stuff (if you have anything to hang).

Lastly, it would be quite easy to come up with a naming convention in order to know which tools go where, when you have to return them to their place. Building a closet like this takes approximately 30 minutes, and it could end up storing as many power tools as you’d like. Plus it is not much of an investment. You could always, however, build your own closet and simply buy wood for it. This would take a lot more time though. Or alternatively, you can consult moving companies Pompano Beach FL about their storage options and you can then rent one.

Drill a few holes in the wall

Or better yet, get a large wooden panel and make an inner wall out of it. This way you are able to drill an infinite number of holes and stick plenty of stuff on the wall itself. If you go to a Home Depot, or someplace similar, you could buy metal hooks that are pretty sturdy.

You don't need to work hard to organize your tools. Make some holes in the wall and put in some screws and you have a tool rack
Setting your tools up on the wall might be one of the easiest ways to organize them.

These hooks would be then drilled into this wooden panel and ensure that there is a rightful spot for every power tool you own. In turn, you could also buy pieces of wood and create some kind of a shell out of it (you certainly have the tools for the job). Then, these shelves could become a part of this wooden panel wall you have (for tools that are too large to dangle from a hook).

This could be one very cheap and fast way to store your power tools. Another benefit is the fact that you can expand the storage as much as you like, or as much as the wooden panel has space. It is infinitely customizable. Plus, if we compare it to the closet, it looks hella cool. The closet may look a little robust and not fitting, where this turns your wall into a power tool house!

Safety first

All in all, it is of the highest importance to remain safe at all times. Power tools are powerful and dangerous. They need to be taken care of with a lot of care.

The most likely reason you want to know about storing your power tools is to prevent injury, and that's perfectly normal.
Having your power tools laying loose can lead to an accident. So the best way to prevent any injury is to have them properly stored.

This is why you should invest some time and money in their storage. Close and wall storage are just a few examples that are the easiest and fastest to do. You can apply these examples and come up with your own, but please don’t leave your power tools randomly lying about. Or again, you can call a company that provides storage services and let them take care of your things.

Good luck!

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