How to negotiate with movers

One of the most powerful tools in life has always been negotiating. It is something that brings about the best outcome in any situation and also ensures the satisfaction of everyone involved. If you are skillful enough, you will be able to avoid conflicts and provide efficient solutions. This can be applied to all of your endeavors, including changing your place of residence. We always tend to find movers who are both reliable and cheap. This is something that is not impossible- as long as you know how to negotiate with movers. Keep on reading this article and you will learn some tips and tricks.

First of all, find out what is possible

Before you start making any plans, it is advisable to learn what is fair in the moving industry and what to expect from a moving company. So, when you start looking for movers, learn the cost of their services and make sure they can provide you with moving insurance. All you need to do is to visit the websites of different moving companies in your area and see what they have to offer. By doing this, you will be able to compare their tariffs, conditions, and types of moving services they provide. In addition to this, you can also read moving reviews. The customers are willing to share their experience and you will know whether to take them into consideration or not.

Do some research before you negotiate with movers
Do some research before you negotiate with movers

Get moving estimates from several movers

What will give you greater bargaining power is having multiple estimates. Therefore, make sure you ask for moving estimates from three or four movers. Feel free to ask one from movers Hallandale Beach– they are not only well-known but are also reliable. Make sure you are as specific as possible so that the estimates are more accurate. In addition to this, you should also point out if there are many stairs in your home or if the hallways are narrow. These are the things that can have an impact on your moving costs. So, do not let these things come as a surprise- be well prepared and there will be no need for you to worry.

Choose licensed and trustworthy movers only

After you have selected several movers, you should do a thorough background check on them. This means that you should check whether they are registered with FMCSA, if they have BBB accreditation or whether they are members of the AMSA. When you have finished that, check their complaint histories. One way to do this is to call the FMCSA and ask about complaints against the movers. Also, you can research the databases of,, and Yelp and learn about reported problems and disputes with movers. Another way of doing this is to ask the moving company about this. If they are reliable, they will send you these pieces of information.

When you negotiate with movers, ask about some conveniences

When you are visiting their website, you will probably come across some special deals. These deals can be of different sorts and it is possible that you can count on them on certain days only. However, even if there are no ongoing promotions at the moment, this is not the reason not to ask for some discount. Feel free to do this explicitly- the movers may be able to come up with a special offer. They would not like to lose you as a customer which means that they are willing also to negotiate. On the other hand, try not to use this in the wrong way- if they get a feeling that you are using them, they can easily change their mind.

When you are talking with a certain moving company, feel free to ask for a discount

You can save money on extra services

It is true that moving companies’ rates are fixed. However, this does not apply to additional services- feel free to negotiate with movers about them. For example, you can ask them to pack your belongings, load and unload your moving boxes. In this way, you will avoid carrying heavy things and you will also avoid packing and moving injuries. In addition to this, you can count on your movers to help you relocate some heavy or delicate items. This applies to pianos, paintings or some other works of art. A reliable and professional moving company will have with them the proper equipment for moving items like these.

Ask the moving company to match or beat competitors’ prices

Since there is a large number of moving companies on the market, they are all trying their best to win your trust. Also, they know that the price is often the decisive factor in their customers’ choice of a moving partner. For this reason, they may be willing to lower their quote in order not to lose you as a customer. Use this fact to your advantage and negotiate with movers. You can tell them that you are being offered the same service cheaper elsewhere. Since you have all those moving estimates, let them know the lowest bid you received. Ask them to match or beat that price- they will either try to do so or they will explain why their services are more expensive. Either way, this is something that is worth asking for- there is nothing to lose.

The moving company may decide to lower the moving costs if you tell them that you have received a lower offer

When you need to negotiate with movers, gather as much information as possible in order to get a lot of bargaining power. In addition to this, use clever tactics when it comes to additional services. In this way, you will be able to negotiate the best price for a moving service. The moving process will be much smoother and more affordable than ever.

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